Saturday, September 20, 2008


I recently broke my stupid No Buy to purchase these: It's 100 zippers. I love 100 zippers. I want 500 zippers! I love zippers. Got them HERE. They shipped the next day, priority mail, got them super fast. And you can see I got even prettier colors than their pic. Maybe they should use MY pic instead?
And arn't they the most lovely colors? I really think so. Only one is black. Not that I'd have minded more black, I like black. But these are more fun really. My favorite is this one peach one. Peach is a great color. I'm ignoreing those horrid purple ones. Some day I will need a purple zip and I'll have it. Joy!

Yesterday I hosted Kids Crafts Playgroup. I'm going to do it once a month. We made paper bag hand puppets. Here they are: The hand belongs to Stephen who cannot keep himself out of most shots.

My mom updated Thrift Finds more with no good teasers but a comment that I'll be happy with her crafty haul. She did let me know that the two BOLTS of interfacing was gone. They were $2 a bolt. I can't really think about that too much or I will get all ungrateful and jealous. Someone in the Treasure Coast is rocking some awesomely cheap interfacing. Lets all hope they make something lovely and that it blesses their lives.


Thanh said...

Hahahahaha! But Im still so pround of you Erin... it wasnt stamps!

Kim H. said...

oh my what pretty zippers! You need a bucket for them :WINK:

Dana (*danavee*) said...

ergh. ENABLER! I just bought 100 zippers for an awesome price too... and it kept me out of JoAnn's, which would have cost WAY more. So thanks, I think!

Beth H said...

No worries...I had the same intention a while back and then our Hancocks was going out of business and all the zippers were 10 cents!! I stocked up too...all sizes and colors.

Dana (*danavee*) said...

I got my zippers today... they're fab! Now if I could just figure out which one of these metal doohickies is the zipper foot. ;-)

Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog! You made my day!