Sunday, August 30, 2009

Papertrey Assortment

I stamped a ton of Papertrey cards recently. This one (above) is going to be my Christmas card this year I think. It's super easy to make (I've now made 11 of them) and I think it's really lovely.
This is for a kid I know. Don't want to give too many details, I think his mom reads my blog.

This is for another kid I know. I think his mom reads the blog too. This one has a pull out thingie for the sentiment.

I am deeply in love with this card. I layered the big flower, I stamped and colored it three times, then cut it and used foam tape to put it back together.

This fun card uses the Papertrey Ink set I got free at CHA because I spent so much freaking money there with them. But it is a lovely set. :)
In other news: My oldest son starts school Tuesday! He goes to Orientation tomorrow. It's just 4 year old preschool, but still.

Friday, August 28, 2009

More fun with Guidelines

I can't stop messing with my Guidelines I and Guidelines II sets by Papertrey Ink. These (above) are some backgrounds I have not used yet. This is a little Christmas card. I am actually loveing this pink/green combo for Christmas. This one has a Cornish Heritage Farms phrase too. And it has this fancy inside.

Here is a symapthy card. I could have done this for Christmas too. This phrase is from Mega Mixed Messages.
Here is a really fancy "just because" card. This has some yummy ribbon and the Top Note SU die. Also has a phrase from Mixed Messages.

Here is another Christmas card. The saying is supposed to be red embossed. If anyone has red embossing poweder that will look RED on dark cardstock let me know. The phrase is by Cornish Heritage Farms.

I love this green/pink card. These inks are new to me Momento inks. I only had black until the other day. Delish! I think I might have to just collect all the momento inks. It's so hard for me to find inks I really like. I'm very particular. Anyhow the phrase on this one is from the special Papertrey set you had to get at the CHA Craft Supershow.

I actually have a TON more cards and other stuff to show but I think this will have to do for now. I have been stamping a ton. One reason is that my craft room is so cleaned out. I got rid of a ton of stuff, got some new storage, so all the remaining stuff is put away cleverly. I also got new lighting in there. All in all it's a wonderful crafting experience in there right now. Not to mention all the new stamps I have! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

DQS7 finished

Sorry this photo is so teensy. You can click it to make it bigger. I finished my Doll Quilt Swap Seven quilt. I really like how it turned out. You should have seen me arranging these squares of Tula Pink fabric over and over to figure out what would be the perfect arrangement. This is kinda fun because sometimes I see it as the 9 patches I actually made (three across, three down, no sashing) And sometimes I see it as the white crosswork part, and sometimes I see the groups of two or four smaller blocks. So that's all pretty fun.
I hope my partner likes it. I plan to get it out tomorrow to her.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Cards with new stamps

I am in serious love with all my new stamps.

This star one is with Star Prints by Papertrey. This has the most adorable set ever made. It's by My Favorite Things. It's all anthropomorhpic fruit. DELIGHTFUL.
This is the same fruit set by MFT only this time I colored them with copics.
And this last might be my favorite. These stamps are by a new-to-me company Kodomo. They are Japanese. I LOVE this octopus. No suprise, I always love a good octopus. I watercolored this with watercolor crayons. The little character thingie says "Octopus". Which is pronounced something that sounds similar to "Taco" as in this story:
Me: What does this say
Lady selling stamps: Taco
Lady: yes, taco *only now I think I'm hearing it wrong and it's like taco but not quite taco*
Roniece: is laughing really hard because we joked that the stamp said something like "octopus platter $7.99" and now I keep asking if it says "taco" and she generally loves it when I make a fool of myself.
Me: *confused look*
Other lady in the booth: It means Octopus, it's Japanese. *she says that to inform me, like I don't know Japanese art and such when I see it? Doesn't she know about my deep love affair with Japanese fabrics? Oh no, I'm just some random Taco shouting girl at the show*
Me: Oh Octopus! Perfect
Lady: You still want it?
Me: Oh yes!
Honesty it could have said "Erin is a moron" and I'd still have bought the set just to get the octopus. I had to buy him these friends (the fish) to swim with.

Fun with Guidelines

I am totally and deeply in love with the Guidelines I and Guidelines II sets by Papertrey. Here are a few notecards I made with them.

And this is hard to see but it's a white on white stamped envelope.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Cornish Heritage Farms Fun

I want to share all the stuff I got at the Craft Super Show this weekend. I've even made a whole STACK of cards with my goodies. But I still have this CHF stuff to show you first!

This is a Mushroom Lane house. I LOVE these stamps but never bought one. For one I could not figure out which one I'd get. For two I wasn't sure I REALLY needed one. But I recently was blessed to have some credit at CHF so I figured it was time to take the plunge. This stamp is SERIOUSLY fun to color! And then I used my borrowed (thanks Roniece) Top Note Die by SU to make this card:
All stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms.