Saturday, March 31, 2007

So there was these almond tins...

So months ago, I mean literally I think it was like 6 months ago there was this online promotion where you could request a tiny little tin of almonds. A bunch of the Stamp Shack (or was it back on PCMB?) girls did and of course I was one. Well I got the tin a few weeks ago and decided to alter it. I covered the edges with ribbon and then paper on the top and bottom and a bit of stamping. Then made this set of tiny cards for it. I think they'd be good ones to slip in someone's pocket when they are not looking so they find a cute note. The bird and fish stamps are Just Johanna. The phrases I got in my March Self Addressed kit. I believe they are purple onion. The pattern paper is by The Angel Company. These cards are 2"x2.5" so not as ittsy bitsy as the new "inchies" but they are still tiny. So, what do you think?
Oh and don't forget to play for a hamtastic prize!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Inchie, cutsie quarters and an eightie

So I've heard that "inchies" are all the rage. We were discussing them over at the Stamp Shack because Sherri is NUTS for them all the sudden when Nancy challanged her to make 1/4 inch ones. Well I never met a dare I didn't like so I made the two 1/4 inch ones, (snowflake and fish face) Then Sherri said I really should go smaller so that's where the heart came from. The heart and snail are colored with watercolor pencil.

it's hard to take pictures of something so small!

Time for hamtastic blog candy

So you may have seen my Hamtastic Cards. Well I have an extra of the small "weeeeee!" set and I decided that I'd give it to you. Yes, you! So you know what you are trying to win it's the pig and the word "weeeee!". This is a Gift With Purchase set from The Angel Company. It's unmounted and comes with creative cling (EZ Mount) foam to use with an acrylic block.

So what I want to know is... What will be the next thing you buy for your craft? As you may know I'm trying not to spend money right now so I have no idea what I'll be getting next. I'd like to live vicariously through you!

I'll keep this open all weekend and draw a winner Monday. Tell everyone you know who might want a hamtastic prize. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cat's Meow and Glamour Puss

I visited my LSS today and Jodie told me she ordered a pile of Pink Cat stamps which inspired me to come right home and make more cards using them. I think I will give these to her to put with the stamps when they come in. I used all papers and ribbon she sells so that helps. :)
These kitties are colored with watercolor pencil and water. I punched holes in the one card so you can see the smaller cats peeking out. The one you can only see it's butt and tail. (sorta like on my hamtastic card yesterday)
Oh and great news for any of you in Jacksonville, Jodie is ordering the giga scalloped shapes! Hurray! She ordered them today. I have no idea when they will come in. She said they wern't back ordered or anything but I wonder... Anyhow that's great news for us. I decided that in my efforts to support my LSS I will purchase one of each! I recomend all the rest of you J-Ville girls to do the same.
Oh and on that note I'm teaching my gamsol class again this month so if you missed it you can take it. (I mean in April)

Sweet Fish

Well if you know me at all you are probably suprised I bought the Rustic Chic papers from TAC. I don't know why, they just really look great to me. They are NOT my normal style of bright colors and clean lines, but I have been eyeing them for almost a year now. So finally I just got them. I'm still afraid of them though and only used this tiny slip on my card. The other stamps are a Just Johanna fish, Swirly Gigs set by TAC and "sweet" is from my March SA kit. I think purple onion makes the stamps in the SA kits... Anyhow I colored with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. I didn't really blend, just got rid of the pencil marks.

On a totally unrelated note I'm NUTS for this song lately. I just can't get enough. I was all about his song Sexy Back for ages. I really do not WANT to like Justin Timberlake... it just happened. Sneaky!

Oh and back to cards... Jodie said she liked the House Mouse cards so that's good. :) She also ordered the giga scalloped punches for the store. She ordered them from her supplier right there in front of me and didn't seem to have a problem so who knows? Maybe she will actually get them in? If so she's holding one of each for me. For some reason I can justify buying them from the store ya know? Gotta support your LSS!

(links to these companies and the store are on my side bar)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So a friend has hamtastic news so I had to ham make her this card. Haa haa, I couldn't stop with the ham puns tonight! That cute pig is a TAC stamp, you can ONLY get it this month with a $30 order so if you MUST have him then call your TAC gal super quick. See all that tearing and inking? Well it was an accident! I tore the first layer and was gonna have it just be that short but it looked funky so I decided to add layer after layer of torn till I was happy. Oh and the "you go girl" stamp is a Michael's dollar bin find.
I liked that pig so much I decided to have another go. He comes with the weeeeeee! stamp as well in his tiny set. (He's FREE with a $30 purchase) All the other stuff is from the petals wheel and the polkadots and paisley set by SU.

I colored both piggies with watercolor pencils. I'm feeling the WC pencils today I guess.

You know..I think I have another of this pig! hmmm I might have to do a blog contest if people are wanting the pig. I feel some candy coming on!

Feeling Springy

I received this frog in the mail as an image. I'm not 100% sure but I believe it's Penny Black. If someone knows for sure please let us know. I colored him with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. I did the glossy accent stuff over the heart. It's for Brian I was snarky last night and this is to make up for it.
I drew this bunny, but he's HEAVILY inspired by the bunnies over at Whipper Snapper see that one, "scribbles rabbit". So you should go buy that rabbit if you like this. :) I did my new favorite cheat of the scallop circle. Paper Pleasing Ideas Tutorial Here. I colored the bunny with watercolor pencils and water. I haven't used those in a while. The pink background is done with the Petals Jumbo Wheel (SU) and versamark. Dotted ribbon is May Arts (who by the way will ONLY sell wholesale and you can't even look at thier stuff online without a special code and I'm totally bummed, but will have to keep getting it at my LSS who carries it) and the pink ribbon is SU.

I hope I don't go to jail for copying that bunny...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

About my blog list.

Ok, I decided I want every cute blog I run across to be in there. Of course I am sure I miss more than half of them! If you want to be added please, please, please post or email me at and I will be happy to add you. I love to go down the list every day or two and see all the stuff everyone is making. :)

And of course if you are on the list and don't want to be you just let me know and I'll take you right off! But just know I still think you are cute!

Snappy and Happy

These are super simple, I'm having a terrible day and wanted to make a few quick cards to see if it would cheer me up.
... not so much

House Mouse and a Penny Black Cat

This is for Scrap n' Stamp. I stamped the image with versamark on the white paper then took chalk and colored it. The lines ended up being the color I was using this way which I t hought was neat and soft. Other than that it's a simple window card. I was going to do some doodleing around the window but Brian felt silver was better and I think he was right. (He's REALLY clever) Oh this technique of coloring is super fast! It took me like 3 minutes to color this whole thing and normally these type stamps take a while for me.
This is also for the store, it's the same image colored with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. Simple card. I felt the image was too big for the layout I wanted so I just cut it down a bunch to make it fit. :)
This is also for the store. This one is one of my all time favorite House Mouse images. I'm not a huge fan of House Mouse, but just look how cute this guy is! I put glass effects over the cherries and colored everything with gamsol and prismacolor pencils.

This one is a funky color combo because I colored the image ages ago and wasn't thinking about papers I had or anything when I did. I had a time finding something that would go wiht it! Crazy yellow, red, magenta and blue at the same time! What was I thinking? Who knows. Anyhow thank heavens I had some of this paper from the Pocket Full of Posies DCWV pack and was able to convince myself it worked ok.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Check this out! (faking the beloved scallop punch)

Ok, so blog hopping today I found THIS on Paper Pleasing Ideas. This is one of my favorites and I could just kiss Julie today! You must go read that link, she tells us how to make our own scalloped circles perfectly for those of us who are not ready to shell out the $20 for a punch yet. (I'm sure the day will come)
So I made the circle, actually I made 3 because I kept changing my mind about the colors I wanted to use, but anyhow then I did some masking and stamped the Delight in Life flower over and over. Colored it with prisma's and gamsol and cut it with the coluzzle as well and layered. I outlined one of the flowers in a black glaze pen as well as did the penwork on the scallop. Good news, these bumps are a bit larger and it made the penwork even easier. Then I cut a window in my card and mounted the scallop piece on the inside of the card so it shows in the window. I'm not sure about the ribbon that's tied on, I might take it back off but there it is for now.
I remade this card 4 times, it took hours! It's totally NOT worth hours, but what ya gonna do? I'm sure I'm not the only one who strayed so far from their original idea that it's nothing like what they had in mind. Anyhow I'm not totally in love, I think windows freak me out, but it was fun to play and do some things I haven't done before.
On a related note my friend Linzy sent me what appears to be hundreds of scallop punchies today! I'm way excited. I hope that these together with the ability to sorta make my own will get me though for another month or so till I decide if I want to buy them. It's funny how much thought I'm putting into this $20 purchase isn't it? heehee.
Ok, huggeronies,

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garage Sale at the LSS

What's all that junk Erin??

Glad you asked! So April 14th my LSS (That's Local Stamp Store), Scrap n' Stamp is having a garage sale. You call ahead and get a number then price all your old stuff you don't use anymore and they sell it in the sale for you. They take 15% and you get a check a few days later for the rest. It's perfect because you don't have to even be there! So I went through my stuff, not thinking I'd have much, I sold in the last one 6 months ago then sold a bunch of my stamps on The Stamp Shack in January. But turns out the amount of crap I have is endless! It took me a few hours last night to price everything. I usually make about $150 - $200 in these sales so it's worth it for me! Course I usually spend about $50 too! ;)

My big thing is I price everything CHEAP. All this garbage I have here, only two things are $3 everything else is less, most is less than a dollar! I always price like this and make tons of money, basicly I don't want any of it back ya know?

So isn't that fun! Oh and I'm not considering selling any of this stuff online, I just wanted you to see what a pile of stuff I have! :)

Bella and a Surfing Penguin!

Here is a bella card I made. :) I used the SU Petals Wheel in versamark ink on the yellow background and colored Bella with my tombow markers. I added a bit of stickles for some glam. (she's a glamorous girl ya know) I used a white gel pen to add the dots around the rose cardstock.
This penguin is from the SU set Penguin Paradise. I LOVE this set. I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Alas I haven't been able to find it at a reasonable price online. I may have to pay an unreasonable price, but in the mean time my awesome SU demo stamped me pages and pages of images of it! :) Thanks again Mary!

So he's colored with my markers again and then stickles all over the water. LOTS of stickles, it's a sparkle fest. Other than that it's pretty straight forward. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finishing off the night...

Well I did something crazy,I took all the leftover stuff from my March Self Addressed kit and made it into this one card and a mini album. The mini album came in the kit so it was asking for it! Of course I have NO use for such a thing. I have so many and also I never develop film anyhow... I'm not sure what I'll do with it, gift it or something I'm sure, but it is super cute. I'll try to get pics of it soon. I also made this roundy card. I stitched two of the circles together to make the card, for some reason they gave us these flat, no fold cards, I need cards that open! So anyhow I did that and cut flowers out of the pattern paper and stamped and that's pretty much it. I also put a scrap of that white flower paper in the envelope as a liner.
This card is all paper. I only stamped the "a little note" which is a very cute stamp. I saw this sheet of pattern paper and just knew right away I had to get it and make this simple card for a friend I have who loves birds. I cut flowers from another place on the paper and pop dotted them and added glitter. That's pretty much it, super simple. I hope this girl likes it. :)

More Happy Hoppers

For this bee one I colored them with prismas and gamsol. I really wanted to use these softer type colors on it. For some reason these colors remind me of being a child. They are "Sunshine Haze" colors to me. (based on this terrible poem I wrote as a child. If you really want I'll share it but you probably don't want to know.
I decided to do this baby bunny as a girl baby because, well, I only have boys. I'm about blued out forever! You'll see I did sneak a blue ribbon in! I was totally unsure what to do with this but was inspired by the round cards in the March Self Addressed kit to do something round for a change. The pattern paper is chatterbox. I stamped the bunny on glossy cardstock and colored her with tombow markers.

Happy Hoppers

So Jodie who is one of the owners of the LSS here let me take home a whole pile of these Happy Hoppers stamps to make samples with. I have to return them to her of course when I'm done. The other ones are baby and I haven't thought of any great ideas for those yet. Oh in case you didn't know these bunnies are the newest thing from House Mouse. :)
I stamped this guy on this weird card stuff that comes in my DH's sports card packs. It's basicly chipboard, but it's white and glossy on one side, that's the side I used. I colored him with tombow markers. I used Crystal Effects on the bubbles. After it was dry I went back and did a second layer on just a few bubbles for even more dimension. I drew the squiggle outline in as well. The ribbon is May Arts.
This one I colored with prismacolor pencils. It's pretty simple, the ribbon is May Arts too. They sell that there so I'm trying to use what they sell ya know?

This last one I did on glossy cardstock, and colored with the tombows again. I LOVE to color on glossy with the markers. I used the glossy accents on the balloons. I did use the SU ribbon slot punch on the top, which the store does not sell but I think it's ok. Oh and the red ribbon is SU and the yellow is Michaels, but I looked and the store sells red plain and yellow dot so people can make the same card with what they do sell right in there.

Blood and Glory

So first I'll tell about the blood. I crafted late into the night last night and didn't clean up! I know it's terrible, I'm usually very good about at least cleaning off my desk. And I ALWAYS put the protector thingie on my scissors. Well not last night and wouldn't you know it. I go to take these pics to share with you and they flip right off my desk and INTO my toe! It hurt like heck and I had to pull them out. The bleding has stopped now, but for a while there I thought I was gonna have to get stitches. :(

Now for the glory. (You have to give me sympathy glory because I got injured bringing you these!)
Ok, this is a bella from my swap I did. I colored her with Prismacolor pencils and used the Glossy Accents on the balloons. I cut the scallop with my scissors. (not the ones that got stuck in my toe though) The ribbon is May Arts, they have the best ribbon, it's sold in my LSS so I'm happy about that. I tried to get it online but you have to be a retialer to buy it from their website. Anyhow that's the story on this bella card.
This one I colored with tombow markers. Simple stuff really. I used the Pocket Full of Posies Mat Stack paper on it. The "treat yourself" is from the March Self Addressed Kit. LOVE those kits.

On both I drew in the floor line you see. I'm a nut for that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super cool tutorial

Ok, first you take your circle punch and punch a circle on a scrap, then move it over about half a circle and punch another...
Use the negative to trace, do not trace the whole thing, only go up the sides until they start to curve back in.
Like this, see what I mean now?
Ok, then draw you some legs coming off. This particular girl has a big butt and little legs, but that's the style now right?
Finish off with optional thong.

I believe with slight variation this could be the breasts of a girl too...

Ok, now you know this is all silly for fun. I'll go back to making nice cards now. heehee.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Here's 3 more with the Polka Dot & Paisley set. I'm really loving it. It's so funny because as I've told you I ONLY got it so I could get the crab at half off! I know I'm a nut!

Let's see, the top one I accidentally inked my wheel in brown ink and decided to just go with it. I was temped to add some pink of course, but challanged myself NOT to do it.

The other two are of course very similar. I felt that they were just asking for some rhinestones. These particular ones are from the Dollar Tree, they are supposed to be for "blinging" your cell phone, they are self adhesive. Of course I would never put rhinestones on my phone, but I will put them on a card.

All these scalloped edges are thanks to Linzy who RAKed me with punchies from her scalloped punches. THANK YOU AGAIN. I'm trying to resist. See if you get the giga punch you should really get the mega to layer in there, and then do you want to layer with the mega scallop or the mega straight edge, then of course, do you want circle, square or oval... it goes on and on, and they are TWENTY DOLLARS each, so before you know it you've spent $120 to get all the punches you want and that's not gonna happen! So I'm trying to decide on ONE shape I'd like. I think probably circle for me, but I'm still thinking on it.

Great Mail = FUN

So we got 4 packages today and two envelopes! Brian got two of the packages and it was super cool stuff for him (ie boring sports collectable crap) I got my backordered SU paper and a TAC order (but not for me, for customers) and my friend Linzy sent me punchies of the giga oval and circle. Also I got a nice card and check :) from a TAC customer.
So you know what I had to do at naptime! YUP make cards of course. I'm really happy that the crab is playing well with the yummy papers I got. I love that card. The second card I'm not as sure about. I'm gonna blame Ethan who woke up from his nap and was "helping" me with it. (Ethan's just 9 months old his helping was wanting to nurse, then eating crayons and making a cute mess with that) Anyhow it's ok, I'll keep it, but I'm not in love.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Easter... and do you like my banner?

Well here is a little Easter Card. My friend Sherri (check out her blog, link is on the right) sent me these images of the adorable sheep and chicks. I loved and had to have this Art Warehouse ribbon when I saw it at the LSS a while back. Don't know what else to say, I colored the sheep with markers, used versamark and my new SU petal wheel to do the yellow background and versamark and the polka dot stamp from Polka Dots and Paisley on the purple. Pattern paper is from the "Spring Mat Stack" by Die Cuts With a View.

I made another card today. I started with a sketch of someone's card I saw online. I cut my original image wrong. It stunk because it was from a swap and I only had the one... anyhow so I dug out a bella and made it from there, changed the colors to go with the bella and finished up the card. I was happy, then pulled the original back out to see how similar it was... GUESS WHAT? SAME STINKIN CARD. They used a different bella, but I even changed to the same cuttlebug and they used dott ribbon and solid paper under it, I used dot paper and solid ribbon. It was WAY too similar to put on here and even pretend it was original. I will try later to see if I can find her card online again and might post it with a link, but as I have a quick print of it and a sketch I'm not sure I'll be able to.

AND finally, what do you think of the new banner? It was made for me by Angie. I'm so excited to have one. She was so sweet to me and let me make changes to it two times. She needs to go into the banner making business. Also I changed the background color because after a few people told me it was hard to read I tried to read it myself and had a hard time! So I said, well then I'll change it but keep it similar in style and this is what we have. I won't be changing again for a long time, I don't like people to keep changing everything around on me! ;)

More crabbyness

Here is another crab card with the Crab and Company set. This time I colored him with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. Everything else is basic, hmm chocolate chip, apricot and that carribean color from the "in style" colors. Oh and that cameo coral color too. I LOVE that color.

After this card was done I decided to clean up and go to bed. It was after midnight after all! Well one thing lead to another and before I knew what happened I had resorted all my papers! I read someone who sorts their SU cardstock scraps back into the full sheets of SU cardstock, so it will always be there when they reach for a color. This really makes sense to me. I've been sorting all my scraps by color for a while and it hasn't been making me use them that much. Generally I grab my SU color wheel and start with that (although I make changes as my mood suits me) so I don't go digging in scraps, I just keep cutting full sheets because I know just what color it is. I am hopeing this will work better for me. It took about 2 hours so I was so thankful when my kids slept in this morning!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Crab and Company

Ok, I love the Crab and Company every bit as much as I expected I would. Funny story about these colors, I really wanted them together and Brian, (who has a keen sense of design) insisted they didn't go. I kept going though and when it was done Brian admitted they worked together. It's the Real Red, Chocolate Chip and that Carribean something from the new colors. (SU colors) Anyhow I think I like it because it's like the red crab on a sandy beach with water... God thinks of the BEST color combos! Also the red and brown papers just came in my order so I had to use them. I was out of both. :( I think I'd better order more of this blue shade before it gets retired.
I don't think there is anything interesting to add, colored with markers, google eyes of course, the ribbon is SU... My brads are not centered right, I'm pretending it doesn't bother me. *wink*

Wow I love this set!

So there was (or still is) a special with Stampin' Up! where if you get the Polka Dots and Paisley set and the wheel that goes with it and the pattern paper that goes you can pick one set in the Spring Mini and get it half off. Well I really wanted the Crab and Co. Set. I mean I REALLY wanted it, but it seemed too pricy for me. So I saw the special online, had my awesome rep email me the details and went to splitcoast to check out what people are doing with the PD&P set. Turns out it's a GREAT set and I did have to have it afterall! So I ordered it and got my crabs half off.
You'd have thought the first thing I'd do would be to make a crab card right? NO! I just couldn't stop myself from breaking out this set first!
Ok, to the details:
First I took the petals wheel and used versamark on it to stamp it over all the pink, apricot and blue papers. Next I used markers to stamp the flower and the flower outline. I used a blue for the phrase, but it was too dark so I did the thing where you stamp it on a scrap then stamp it again on your project. (What's that called again?)
On the apricot piece I used the paisley stamp with brown ink, then colored over the dot part of it with pink suffle pen. On the pink card base I used the dots from the set with brown ink. I matted everything with brown and tied some ribbon over the blue and slapped it all on my card.
I'm very happy with how this one turned out. My designer papers that go with the set were back ordered so it was fun to have to sorta make my own. LOVE that big wheel too, it's my first. I'm gonna go look in the catty for more right now.
The pink and pink ribbon is from my LSS they have tons of ribbons and it's all 50cent a yard! Fancy fat ribbon, 50cent, skinny plain ribbon 50cent! You gotta love that! All my favorites are from one company I need to get the name and see if they have online ordering. Maybe I'll do my own cool ribbon share. (the fat polkadot ribbon on my dog cards are that company too.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Doggie Cards!

These doggies are by Pink Cat Studio. I LOVE their cat stamps and I like these dogs but I'm not quite as in love with them as my cats. I know the cards are almost the same, I ment to cut it as a circle, then thought, oh well I'll use the oval too so I just finished it out and made the same card. I cut the scallop with fancy edge scissors, it was a pain in my butt and they cut all funky and frayed in places, but I like the finished product pretty well.
Ok, I need help. I masked with a post it note to get them on the a muse oval and that worked fine except see how there is some white around the masked part? I did cut the mask super close in, right on the black line, that white is where the stamp was lifted off slightly by the height of a single post it note! So what the heck do I do about that? It's totally unacceptable to me because I'm anal about these things. Do I just cut my masks on the inside of the line so it doesn't do that? Or is there some other magical trick I should know. I did use a foam stamping pad one one, and then tried it without on the other... errrrrrr!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Everyone is doing it... (My post about CASEing)

So why not me?

This post is about CASEing or whatever you want to call it. So here's my deal with this.

If you don't know CASEing is "Copy And Steal (or Share) Everything", also known as "scraplift".

First of all I have nothing but respect for those ladies whose blogs I look at. I hope that is clear in my post. I will always try to give credit when I am taking more than a reasonable amount of a design. Now elements from a design, I think those are free to take. Like right now I'm seeing a lot of putting your sentiment on a little tab that sticks out from behind your main image. I LOVE that and am going to use it without apology or credit given to anyone. Or sketching around the edge of your stuff, who thought of that? Who knows? Anyhow Erin's gonna do it! Now my pig in a herd of cows card, I feel that crosses the line of what you can do without giving credit so I linked the inspiration. You will see I did try to change up some of it, different layout, slightly different colors. I did use pink and black, I challange anyone to say they thought of using pink and black on a cow and pig card, perhaps we shall credit God with that color combo? (this is joking, no one has harrassed me about it, I'm giving an example) If I ever did do exactly the same card I wouldn't show it on my blog, what's the point, it's already out there, on the first person's blog! I also sketch layouts from people's cards and later do them, change up a bit and make totally different cards with element placement the same or similar. I really think that's ok to do.

As for MY blog:
If you see something you like here you go right ahead and CASE it! Take it all I really don't mind. You can or cannot link to me when you post it on the net. I really, truly don't mind. Also if you are a demonstrator or class teacher and want to use something I did I don't care about that either. I'd rather you not make my exact card and try to get it published or enter it in a contest, as I do those things and it might looks funky if we send the same card, but I'm not gonna flame you or anything! Oh and if you are inspired by something I did that I noted who I got the idea from please give THAT person credit. Because I don't care, but they probably do care, and that's why I credited them in the first place.

And that's all I have to say about CASEing and such. I'm sure you've all heard enough about it on every other blog you visit but thought I'd put in my 2cent on my own blog.


Swaps done!

This is the last pack of "card candy" for my swap. This time I used the SU set "unfrogettable" for some Pond Accents. (Brian named this one, isn't he clever?) I had to use googlie eyes of course, they were just asking for it! Faux crystals on the flowers. I used markers and waterbrush to watercolor the images. This color scheme I pulled off my SU color wheel. I added in the black because I almost always add in black don't I?
Oh I need input, what does everyone think of the picture size. This one here I chose "medium" I was doing small for a few days. I had been getting feedback that the pictures were too big. You can click them and get a bigger view but maybe no one wants to click them? Anyhow if you have a preference let me know. :)
So now that I'm done with my swaps I wonder what I will do. I think I might make a stack of cards and send them out to see if they get published. I'm also still thinking about applying for the Just Johanna design team. There are lots of options. Of course I could always just stamp for fun! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting these swaps done!

Here is another card candy for the swap I'm in over at the Shack. I'm loving these, they look soo cool when then are done. This is probably my current favorite stamp set, Delight in Life from the SU Sell-A-Bration. It's shameful that I'm a TAC demo and my current favorite is a SU set, but you gotta love all stamps I say! ;) I have to make one more set of this card candy and I'll be done with my swaps I'm in right now. Oh and the "delightful accents" is done with my new Karen Foster snap together letters, I was able to spell out the whole thing at one time, I LOVE those. Also I used some faux crystals on it but I'm not sure you can tell.
I did another cool project yesterday but I can't share it! Shuggy has a cool contest on her blog where you posted your info and she sent out a package of stuff. Everyone got the same stuff. We are all to make something out of the stuff. There were rules about what extra you could add and having to use everything in your packet and all. Anyhow you email it to her and she has a panel of judges and needs it to be secret who did what so I can't share it here. BUT I'll link over when she posts them and you can see mine and all the other entries. I can't wait to see what a bunch of people did with the same stuff. I'm pretty happy with my entry. Course Angie (that's Shuggy's name) is super cute and cool so it was all awesome stuff in the packet, easy to work with.
You know I just thought of what might be a fun challange, what about only using one stamp set, plus any phrases for a certain amount of time, Like a week or even a weekend and seeing what you can come up with? I might do that.
Did I tell you I'm not buying anything until the end of April! I know it's crazy. Now keep in mind I have an out, I think the LSS has a Garage Sale next month where people sell their used stuff. If that happens you better believe I'm buying whatever I want at that. Hmm did I already tell you all this? Probably I'll stop boring you now.
My other big news is I'm thinking about trying for the Just Johanna Design Team. I'm still deciding. So if you are on that team currently and want to give me advice here I am looking for it! ;)
Well that's all for now, I have a HUGE church activity I am doing tonight, we are making food for 45 people and I'm giving the talk party and directing the activity and generally running the show, although I have AWESOME ladies supporting me tonight so it's not like it's ALL on me. But I'm starting to freak a bit so if you are the praying type please send one out for me!
OH! I found out my frind Cinda reads this! I haven't seen her in a while and happened to bump into her at the LSS the other day. I was in a hurry so I'm sure I seemed rude, I hugged her and ran, but I ment to say, "How's Ander?, do you have pics? (which you know she did she was cropping and if you have a cute baby and are cropping you know you have pics of him)" but I didn't and I'm sorry!
Ok, bye now really! huggeroonies!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Johanna Swap complete

Ok, I'm going to TRY to get the spacing right. This first one uses paper from the Pocket Full of Posies DCWV pack. (it's at Joanns and yes, you need one) The "a little note" is from my March Self Addressed kit. (LOVE IT) aand the little swirly stuff coming in is a stamp I found in a drawer that I don't know who makes it. Bird and moped are Just Johanna

All this paper and ribbon are from my March Self Addressed kit, also the "you're sweet" is from that kit. Fish are Just Johanna. I LOVE this fish. :)

The pattern paper is from the Pocket Full of Posies paper pack by DCWV, the "zoom" I did with the Karen Foster snap together letters. These are super cool there are mutiples of the letters and you form whol words and snap them together. :) Oh the tiny bit of flower on the light purple is TAC. This one is my least favorite out of the bunch.

This paper is also from that same DCWV pack and the oxo is from the same Karen Foster set. It's a simple card but I think it's cute.

So there you have it, these along with the other two Just Johanna cards I posted a while back are my Just Johanna swap with Debbie! I hope she likes them and the other swappers like them.