Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sewing updates

I made another apron today. It's red, white and blue. The white is tiny stars. It's a very long apron. It's also nice and wide, with extra long ties. A skinny chick could wear it, but a normal or even "big" girl could too. I lined it with a vintage pillowcase. Good for the environment you know.
I also laid out all the squares I've done so far for the Quilt A Long. I need about twice this many to finish it but I can get an idea of how the quilt is coming along. I will be using white sashing, so this really gives an idea.
I was very worried that I had too much black in the quilt, but now that I see it laid out I think I want more black. Which is good because I really like black. And STILL I need more red. It's really something, I keep putting more and more red and still not having enough.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gina K Kids

I am in love with all the Kindred Spirits Stamps at Gina K. Ok I'm in love with all the Gina K stamps. And the paper. And accessories. And service. Ok you get the point. Gina K Fan here.

Well two weeks ago before I got sick I went to a crop. My good friend Roniece accidentally packed the cards I made in her stuff! But not this one:

I colored teh adorable image with copics. See how I really need a copic airbrush? It took forever to get the sky to look good to me and I'm still not thrilled with it. Please note that I made the bag of bread be Wonderbread by coloring dots on it. I think it's a super cute touch. (You can say that about your own card right?) I may still add a phrase on the front. I'm trying to NOT put phrases on all my cards lately though. I'll need a general card and flip through my 30 themed cards, birthday, mother, get well, encouragement blah blah blah and not find any that are just friendly cards I can write a note in ya know? So I am considering waiting on adding the greeting on cards.

I also wanted to show you how I store my Gina K sets. They come with these awesome plastic things. Gina sells a cool binder that holds them. I'm cheap. So I just trim them down a bit and then put them in the large Stampin' Up plastic cases that seem to breed in my craft room. Four large Gina K sets fit in one. I have a stack of these that are all Gina K. Then ONE for all others... I have a disproportionate amount of Gina K stamps.

Then they shut up all neat like this:

It's nothing fancy, just a little tip. If you have the Gina K binders though tell me about them because they look REALLY nice and I DO have a large Gina K collection...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Aprons

My boys have been bugging me to make them new aprons. They think whatever I'm sewing they need one too. So today at Joannes Fat Quarters were 99cents so I let them each pick two. Here is Stephen in his. And here is the adult apron of today. I really need a dress form thingie to hang these on when I try to sell them. Where do I get one of those? Even a store manaquin would work.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two more aprons

So this apron thing. Are you sick of it yet? *don't really tell me if you are, your silence speaks volumes*
Well I'm NOT sick of it. So today I made TWO new aprons. Now each apron I've made has been totally different. Different construction, different lengths, widths, ties. I'm just playing around, seeing what I like. No patterns or anything.

This Ikea fabric one was the fastest EVER. It was lickity split. It's not lined though, the Ikea fabric is home dec weight and so it's thick like canvas. I think that doesn't need a lining. I did carefully turn the edges and such so no raw edges either. I did the waistband/ties in a new cool way. I think it is THE new way for me. If any single person cares I'll take pics and do a tutorial later. Then I have this one. This has a seperate waist band. that seperate waistband is interfaced. I've got a bit of a tummy and things want to roll on me. I HATE that. This wide interfaced waist band does not roll. Wide waistbands also make me FEEL skinnier. Also the tie comes all the way to the front. (Ikea one does too)

See how this one angles in to the top and the Ikea one does not? Well this one looks cuter flat on my table, but the Ikea one is just as cute ON. So I'm not sure about that either.
Also I lined this one with some vintage linens. I think this is clever and green of me. And cheap. So I think I'm going to be using that idea on some of my other aprons.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Apron

Can you believe all this apron action?
Here is the newest one. Wilbur likes it. Here is is layed out.
I'm especially proud of this pocket which is deep and double stitched and lined, and does not interrupt the patern of the fabric.
It's all fully lined. Because I thought it should be.
I think I'm going to make a few more then sell them on Etsy. Or try to sell them on Etsy at least. :) Then use the money to buy more fabrics. Because I'm ADDICTED TO FABRIC.

Monday, May 25, 2009

More 9 patch.

I'm still sick. I thought I was over it. Alas, no. Also I have pinkeye. Delightful.

But last night I just had to do a little bit of sewing. And this morning I had to do a bunch more.

Do you see that Tula Pink??? I'm sooo lucky I got it in a swap. SWOON. There are other swap treats in there too. It's so fun!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A winner

The winner of the Apron is...

Davis Family said...
Yes, Yes I do! I need it. I love them and I need it! lolLove ya girl!Em

Em I have your address already! I'll mail you the apron in the next few days.

Bad news though, I'm NOT better, I'm sicker, can't breathe, and pink eye on top! Delightful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Attack of the Apron Muse

I was minding my own business, cutting squares for my 9 Patch quilt when this red fabric came to my attention. It screamed at me that it was ment to be an apron. I discussed how lovely and red it is and how I'm needing more reds in my quilt, but the fabric said NO it must be an apron. I opened it up, and there was enough. So, not being one to argue with fabric:
It's hard to really see the black ad white print. It's tiny bubble type dots. I love it. And I love it with the red. Which is red with tiny white dots and tiny white flowers arranged in circles.
This fancy little trim I've had for a while I think it was Kim who sent it to me. It went straight into the "too special to use" pile. But today I thought it was just right.
So here is the thing. I really don't need an apron. I think I have about 20. I only use one. Do YOU need an apron? A cute one like this? If you think you could use this apron drop me a line. I'll pick a name sometime on Sunday and mail this out to you. International entries welcome.
Oh you can also just tell me about how much you love the apron but that you don't need an apron. I don't mind that either. :)

Sick again

I know it seems like I'm sick all the time. It's because I'm a huge baby and I tell you every time I'm sick. Even if I'm just a smidge sick.

But this week. NOT just a smidge. Oh My Heck. Let's see. Saturday I went to a crop. It was AWESOME. I had a blast. Made 4 cards, I'll show them soon. Went to breakfast after the crop which was great too. Talking, laughing and such.

Sunday work up with sore throat. Could be lack of sleep and talking too much, no biggie. My friend Roniece joined us for church Sunday which made it really special. I felt a little off at church, but ok.

Get home and make dinner. Feeling odd now. Clean the kitchen and hit the bed. Sleep for hours.

And hours.

Wake up around 7pm, feeling HORRIBLE. High fever, can't swallow anything, dizzy. Just nasty sick.

Go back to bed. More sleeping.

Monday Wake up, sicker. Yes, Even more sick. Sinus pressure, fainting feeling, fever staying at 105. Back to bed.

Repeat that a few times. Sicker each time. fever saying at 105.

Add in some angry emails from my mom and bff Kim telling me to go to the Dr.

Call Dr. Lay on couch
Go to Dr.
It's a virus. Nothing they can do. Need rest and fluids. Oh I've been drinking gallons of water, but not eating food. Dr doesn't care about the food. Just drink a lot.
Back home, sleep.

My AWESOME friend Annette comes to pick up kids at 9am. I go to bed
Wake up at 2pm. Feel pretty ok. No fever. Super crazy sinus pressure, but no fever.

Get kids back at 6pm (told you she's awesome).

From then Just slow improvement. Today I'm a bit snotty, coughing a bit, but I've been awake for four hours and I feel fine.

Isn't it amazing how GOOD it feels to feel good after being sick?

Oh and I don't think it was swine flu. Just regular flu.

And that's why no cards this week. I'm sure you understand.

ETA Oh and I didn't loose any weight not eating for 4 days. Delightful.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More on quilting. And a card!

So last night I had to lay out the quilt blocks and see how it's coming. I really like it. There are one or two that will be getting the axe because they are all wrong or don't have enough contrast. Also I need a LOT more red. I really like red. Also this is 30 blocks. I need over 180 of them total for the huge quilt I'm making. and I made a super cute card! I LOVE this image. I love this card.

I colored with first one single layer of copic marker, then pencils and gamsol for shading. The stamps are by Gina K. The white paper is also Gina's paper. It's such a dream to stamp and color on. This is the layering weight.
I don't know who makes the yellow and blue papers. Probaby Stampin' UP but maybe Papertrey. I don't know because a few months ago I organized all my scraps into file folders. Since then I've not had to actually pull and cut any full sized sheets except a bit of white. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One-A-Day... not.

Ok this quilt a long I'm doing, I'm supposed to make ONE of these nine patches per day. Just one. Um... Today I made 13 of them. Granted I didn't make any on Friday or Saturday because I was out of town, but still. I can't stop sewing these things up!

ps, I promise next time I go in my craft room I'll make a card, I have new stamps you know! *wink*

Monday, May 11, 2009

A whole lot of quilt blocks

I did so many quilt block lately. I don't even think this is all of them. I just counted and I've done 28.

Monday, May 04, 2009

More for the Quilt a Long

There is a thread on the Flickr group for the Block a Day Quilt a Long about how to store the blocks as we work. I had not really thought about it as mine were all laid out so I could see them. But it turns out this cool wood box I found at a thrift store ages ago works perfectly! And here are my newest blocks:

This one is my favorite yet.
no, wait, this one is my favorite yet...

I'm not sure if the link works if you are not a member of the group. But HERE is the whole group pool if you just can't get enough of these 9 Patch blocks.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stamping Bella

I love the new Kito line at Stamping Bella. I was in my LSS the other day, getting some copic markers refilled, and Jodie brought it up. She was doing an order. I said, "Add me a few!" They came in Friday, I picked them up last night, here they are:
In other news:
I'm totally healthy. Whatever flu-type issues I had last week are gone.
In bad news I saw a car accident yesterday that is haunting me. I can't get over it, everytime I close my eyes I see it again. I've screamed, cried, tried to research it on the google to see how the people are doing (no news story yet). I've never seen anything like it. I pray I never see anything like that again.

Friday, May 01, 2009

More Blocks

I did some more work for Amanda Jean's One a Day Quilt a Long.
Here are all my current block together, Eight of them! I'm doing some thing new to me and pressing seams open. I read that some folks like it. I love how flat my blocks all look.
And here the blocks are one by one.
Black/Teddy Bears
I also went through all my fabrics and pulled all what I want to use, then cut it up to the 2.5" blocks. So now each day when I'm ready to throw together blocks it's easy peasy! We are doing a swap that goes with this too, where we are swapping fabric from our stashes to make more variety in our quilts. I have my packages ready for that too.
In other news:
I'm sick. I woke up at around 1am just wet with sweat. I thought I was going to die. 103 fever. Took medicine, put the fan in the living room on high and laid there till I fell asleep. Oh also threw up and sore throat. Well now I feel ok. I'm not great, fever is down but my internal temp is still funky, I'm hot then cold. Then again. But no more upset tummy. my thorat is sore, but I'm not coughing. Mom, I DO NOT HAVE SWINE FLU. It's just some general funk.