Friday, May 01, 2009

More Blocks

I did some more work for Amanda Jean's One a Day Quilt a Long.
Here are all my current block together, Eight of them! I'm doing some thing new to me and pressing seams open. I read that some folks like it. I love how flat my blocks all look.
And here the blocks are one by one.
Black/Teddy Bears
I also went through all my fabrics and pulled all what I want to use, then cut it up to the 2.5" blocks. So now each day when I'm ready to throw together blocks it's easy peasy! We are doing a swap that goes with this too, where we are swapping fabric from our stashes to make more variety in our quilts. I have my packages ready for that too.
In other news:
I'm sick. I woke up at around 1am just wet with sweat. I thought I was going to die. 103 fever. Took medicine, put the fan in the living room on high and laid there till I fell asleep. Oh also threw up and sore throat. Well now I feel ok. I'm not great, fever is down but my internal temp is still funky, I'm hot then cold. Then again. But no more upset tummy. my thorat is sore, but I'm not coughing. Mom, I DO NOT HAVE SWINE FLU. It's just some general funk.

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Cinda said...

I'd be calling the doctor if I were you!! Take care of yourself, please!!