Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fifth Avenue Floral. Simple colors

I have been trying to save up cards so I could do a post every day. I'm getting either the flu or a cold though. So I'm going to post tonight, as I may not have the gumption to do it tomorrow.

Here is another card with my current favorite color, yellow. I stamped the flowers in white ink on the yellow, then in yellow ink on the white. Stamped the phrase right over the yellow. My friend Roniece had a super awesome card she did in all black/white/gray. I tried to do one too, but found I just had to add some red.
The flower is from the Fifth Avenue Floral SU set. LOVE that set. The saying is from a set called "Friendship Centers" by Cornish Heritage Farms. Not only does CHF have the Kim Hughes line, which I love, and the great background stamps I love, they also have the Mona Lisa Moments like. This line has super FANTASTIC greetings. REALLY nice. I'm a greeting FREAK. Another note, the white ink I think it's something about snow, that Papertrey Ink sell is FANTASTIC. It's what I used on these. No embossing and it's a WHITE WHITE. I love that. I have about 5 white ink pads and none of them really work great except for this one.

Shifted layout with Pink Persimmion

Today I have two cards with basicly the same layout to share with you. It is one of my favorite layouts.
First is this puppy card that will be for my son Ethan's 3rd birthday. He loves dogs. I added glitter to the bows with copic's specia glitter pens. You can't tell in the pic, but they shimmer. And this one I've actually done before. I love this color scheme and card.
The dog stamps are both by Pink Persimmion. The background stamp on the yellow card is by Cornish Heritage Farms. The birthday phrase is by Greengrass Rubberstamps and the happy phrase is by Stampin' UP!
In othe news:
Today I'm doing something I think is fun but I bet yall think is nerdy and lame. I'm taking a notebook to Costco and writing down the prices and quantities/weights of all the stuff we buy. Not just there, but stuff we currently get from the regular grocery store or Emergency Essentials. Another day I'll do it at the grocery store. I'm gonna make a whole price comparision notebook.
The dog is still great. I'm working on training. It's REALLY fun. This animal loves me, cuddles me AND does what I tell it. No one in my life really does what I tell them. It's amazing. haha.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with Gina K.

I have some new Gina K. Designs stamps so of course I wanted to play.

First up I colored these trees with colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits. A technique I've done before but after watching the videos on Stamp TV I wanted to work with again. Then I watched the bleaching videos at Stamp TV and decided to get my bleach back out. Again, done this before, but revisiting it was fun. I bleached the bird with a paintbrush, then added color with colored pencil. Stamped the snowflakes with bleach. I love how this card came out.
This next card is a bit of a mess. Basicly it is a bunch of stuff I wanted to use, all on one card. Borrowed the background stamp from my friend Roniece, ribbon from my Aussie friend Sarah. Stamped on an index page from an atlas for the "patern paper" Anyhow this is a lot of stuff going on for my tastes, but it was really fun to make.
This is playing with bleach again. I love how you can have a nicely colored image on a dark background with the bleach. I painted the deer, he came out super light brown, then I used colored pencil to add back some color for him.
These stamps are by Gina K. Designs. Inspirational videos found HERE on Stamp TV.
ETA I have a trimmer. I didn't get the other one, it's lost in the mail, I did a return with Joannes on that one and bought a Making Memories trimmer in the store. With a coupon, saved $20. I am very happy with it. So that's over.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on the Trimmer

Ok yall. It's MY FAULT the trimmer is not here.
I transposed two numbers in my zip code. The lady at the post office today was so nice to figure all this out. My package is currently in Datona. She does not know when it will come here. One of two things will happen, either someone will say, "Hey that's not the right zip code" and look it up, or it will get returned to sender. Then I guess Joannes will resend it.
I feel terrible that it's all this extra work for my mistake.
I wish they had a thing where next time it was scanned (gets scanned every few days) it would say, "Wrong zip, send it to Erin at this zip xxxxx" But I guess not.
I guess I just wait now.
IN other news I got a dog! His name is Wilbur, got him at the Animal Shelter.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

still no trimmer

I'm sure you realize how TICKED OFF I am about this. I hereby will NOT shop at Joannes Online or anywhere that uses FEDEX Smart Post. EVER.

And I was going to go to a crop tonight. But I can't CROP stuff with no danged trimmer.

*I'll just go socialize*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bunch of Cards. :)

Here are some bee cards with my new bee set from Stampin' UP! I colored both with watercolor crayons.
I got stamps again today! This time from Gina K. Designs. I also got some of her Pure Luxury cardstock, both the layering weight and the base weight.

First of all, ohmyheck, that cardstock is outstanding. I've long been a fan of Papertrey's cardstock, and I do still like it, but this Gina K cardstock is EVEN BETTER. I know, why would I need better cardstock than the much loved Papertrey, but yeah, it's really that much better. A bit thicker, brighter white, smoother, and Copics don't bleed through the heavyweight one. So I can now make single layer copic cards. the stamp on this card is from the Fifth Avenue Floral set by Stampin' Up!
I also am participating in a challange on StampTV. It's a sketch challange, you can find it HERE. And here are my cards for it. *all the stamps for these are Gina K.

This next one is my favorite.

And I also played around with sponges and brayers and direct to paper. I'm not so sure about this card but thought I'd share it. Still no paper trimmer. I HATE FEDEX SMART POST. I thought it was my trimmer when my Gina K box came because that only shipped yesterday and the trimmer shipped two weeks ago. Course I'm always happy to get a box of stamps. But seriously WHERE IS MY TRIMMER. I am sick and tired of cutting with scissors. Which with a broken arm isn't all that easy anyhow.

In other news I might get a dog! Probably not, but if so it will rock.

A card, a rant and a ramble.

I got some stamps and made this card. Using Fifth Avenue Floral By Stampin up. Also still no paper trimmer, so hand cut layers. (more on that in a moment) I am happy with the card. I need more yellow cardstock, I can't get enough lately. Ok you can just click your next blog if you want to skip the rant and ramble.

FedEX Smart Post is CRAP. I ordered a new paper trimmer from Joannes Online like 16 days ago. (Tonic 12 inch) It's not here. So I have been tracking it. It's been in town sense the 14th. Today is the 20th people. So I call them today. Turns out Smart Post is this, Fedex picks it up and brings it to town. They then deliver it to the Post Office. Then the Post Office processes the package and will deliver it to me. How on EARTH is that "Smart". They should call it "Stupid Post" or even more to the point, "Piss Erin Off Post" *sorry if that language is strong for some folks*. I mean SERIOUSLY??? So my package left the main post office yesterday. I assume it went to my post office, where it was processed. I may get it today, probably tomorrow. I've almost mastered cutting with scissors. Maybe I don't even WANT the danged thing. *kidding, I DO want it, very much*

So I have two "followers" I don't know much about that. I read my blogs in google reader, so I don't follow anyone. But I see a little link to "2 Followers" whenever I log into my account to post. Whoever you are you 2 folks always cheer me up. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flickr Mosaic

I'm trying out making mosaics with my flickr photos. I used http://bighugelabs.com/. I'm still tryign to figure out how to hand pick what I show. (So I can bring back, Cute Monday) But here are some randomly from my favorites.
1. Zig zag mini quilt, 2. The Snow Ball Mini Quilt, 3. Calamity Kim's Tea with Alice, 4. Circuits Quilt Front After Quilting, 5. Bee Quilt Out of the Box- October, 6. Sept. Mini Quilt Swap Owl Theme, 7. Illustration, 8. DQS5 - Another Peek, 9. Gray Elephant, 10. birdy, 11. disappearing nine patch completed, 12. dqs5 getting started, 13. doll quilt wall, 14. Child Quilt, 15. doll quilt, 16. Doll Quilt Wall


So I still don't have a paper trimmer. I decided I HAD to make cards though. So all these layers are cut with scissors. I know, they are all wonky, ignore that ok? Also remember, I have a broken wrist... so pity...

Ok this first one I love. But I don't know who makes the stamp. I had this image laying around. You know, that happens... I feel badly I cannot credit the amazing artist, so if anyone knows for sure who makes this stamp let me know. :) I colored with copic markers, then shimmery paints, then stickles. The three black dots are just stickles. How's that for cheap embelishment? This one is my response to the OUTSTANDING samples I'm seeing with Stampin' Up!'s Upsy Daisy set. I love that set, but have boatloads of silhouette floral stuff so I'm resisting. This uses stamps by Cornish Heritage Farms. (the leaves are Kim Hughes, I have a super stamper crush on her) I stamped and embossed them on the patern paper, then stamped the background up.
Here is the inside. A slice of the patern paper and a "Friend"
I got a very cool package of wedding favors at Michels. I bought them because I love the cream and orange embossing. I used them to make these three cards. I was playing around to decide if I like them with black, brown or navy. I'm WAY into navy right now.
Here is the packaging on the favors. They were in a bin in the clearance isle. They were not very expensive full price either. I think I'm going to have to add the wedding section to my hitlist at Michaels.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I did it! Made a skirt

So I'm over the broken wrist. I did a TON of chores today. I also made the skirt!

It's lined with a linen table cloth I got at a thrift store for fifty cents. It had some light stains on it, not on the part I used for the skirt though. It has a zipper. I love it. The zipper is not one of those fancy pants invisible ones, but my shirts cover it.
What can I wear with it? Just black? The black is black black, but the white is a little offwhite. So no white. Can I wear another solid color?

Think I'm gonna try to sew.

Look at this awesome Get Well card my friend Chris sent me! It's the best get well card EVER. See this awesome fabric? I got it months ago at Anthropology. I think I'm going to try to make a skirt out of it. Like now. Right now.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Don't let that cast stop your spending.

So while I wait for my hospital and orthopedic surgeon bills I thought it would be smart to buy some things...


So I was low on my ATG refill. I got it from The Tape Depot. HERE is a link. For heavens sake change it to 12 roll sub pack or you will be buying a CASE which is like a million of the things. Anyhow they shipped SO fast! I LOVE fast shipping, gives me a happy feeling. Also there was a funky computer issue putting my order in so I had to call and a real live person (Ralph) answered and talked to me like I was a valued customer and emailed me the details we talked about after and so on. LOVE them. Their tape is WAY cheaper than the 3M and I've heard fantastic reviews on Splitcoast. If the ladies of Splitcoast all agree something is worth having I don't worry one bit about buying it.

Which brings me to my next purchase. Did I mention that I broke my trimmer? I had a Dahle trimmer. It was expensive. It did last a long time. I dropped it about a year ago and it didn't cut quite straight. Then the other day I was trying to clean something out of it and broke it. So I threw it out. After consulting The Stamp Shack and Splitcoast I decided to get the 12 inch base Tonic trimmer. I got it on Joannes online. I spent $6 on shipping, only to get a free shipping coupon the next day but let's not talk about that ok? I did get a great price on the trimmer.

And finally my SU order. Can you belive I'm still fussing with that? Well I am. I think I'm just getting that adorable bee set and fifth ave floral. Maybe Lovely as a Tree as well. I've ignored that set for a while because it's so hyped, but sheesh if it really isn't a great set. And I never have anything for cards for men. So I may have gotten that in under the wire on my SU order. Or my demo may have started ignoreing me because of me changing my order every few hours. haha.

The best news is I'm not in pain anymore. Well a tiny bit of dull pain, but I can really function. Which means no more nightime Vicoden. I'll miss you drug induced evenings. And I think everyone will miss my lack of inhibitions.

Oh I'm still hand sewing on that hex quilt. It takes forever though, no new pics yet.

Friday, March 06, 2009

altered cast

The rub ons did not want to stick, but I have flowers on my cast now. :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

more one handed crafts

So it's going to be 6 weeks in the cast. I can't NOT craft for that long.

I broke my paper trimmer on that card. It can't be fixed. I ordered the tonic one SU sells, I hear great reviews. Until then I tried some hand sewing.

I have hundreds of these little English Paper Piecing hexagons so I started sewing them together. It works. It's slow but it works.

Did I tell you my TV is broken too? Bad timing as I'd love to just curl up and watch movies. but we are blessed to be getting a second hand TV in a few weeks. So for now it's me, hand sewing and books.

AND your blogs! Please blog a lot in the next 6 weeks so I can feel I'm still part of the craft community!

one handed card

one hand used to make this. took forever. image stamped and colored on clear cardstock. All images Cornish Heritage Farms.
The base is actually greener... i suck at pictures.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wanna see my cast?

got a new cast today. kid drew on it. it's heavy. but i feel safer.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

it hurts

went on vacation. it was wonderful.

broke my wrist hiking though.

it hurts.

my cast won't let me type much.

or sew

or stamp.

so that sucks and is boring.

probably won't blog for a while.