Friday, March 13, 2009


So I still don't have a paper trimmer. I decided I HAD to make cards though. So all these layers are cut with scissors. I know, they are all wonky, ignore that ok? Also remember, I have a broken wrist... so pity...

Ok this first one I love. But I don't know who makes the stamp. I had this image laying around. You know, that happens... I feel badly I cannot credit the amazing artist, so if anyone knows for sure who makes this stamp let me know. :) I colored with copic markers, then shimmery paints, then stickles. The three black dots are just stickles. How's that for cheap embelishment? This one is my response to the OUTSTANDING samples I'm seeing with Stampin' Up!'s Upsy Daisy set. I love that set, but have boatloads of silhouette floral stuff so I'm resisting. This uses stamps by Cornish Heritage Farms. (the leaves are Kim Hughes, I have a super stamper crush on her) I stamped and embossed them on the patern paper, then stamped the background up.
Here is the inside. A slice of the patern paper and a "Friend"
I got a very cool package of wedding favors at Michels. I bought them because I love the cream and orange embossing. I used them to make these three cards. I was playing around to decide if I like them with black, brown or navy. I'm WAY into navy right now.
Here is the packaging on the favors. They were in a bin in the clearance isle. They were not very expensive full price either. I think I'm going to have to add the wedding section to my hitlist at Michaels.


runningonink said...

OMG these are all FAB but you know I am in love with the orange ones!

Karen said...

Erin, these are all great! I cannot believe you did these with one hand and scissors!!!! The silhouette card is GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder that I do not require Upsy Daisy!!! :>
(TiikkiStars @ theShack)

Sara said...

Wow, one handed AND with scissors? Hats off to you because I would have never been able to!

Great cards, they are beautiful!