Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok yall Sorry it's been a few days, I have some throat thing. coughing a lot and so on.

Anyhow the winner of the emmerson set is:

christy b., that's me! said...
Your cards are great, but a stamp with an Emerson quote on it...C'mon, that's like eating icing from the container when no one is around. :o)

Friday, 28 May, 2010

Christy B please email me your info to and I will get your goodies right out to you!

There will be more giveaways in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fourth Friday Challange Start to finish

So this week is the Fourth Friday Challange with the Paper Garden Projects Blog. Click HERE to enter the challange and see all the deets. Basicly make a girly card, upload it, use the frog likn on that post I gave you and whammo you are entered to win a super duper cute stamp!

On to my project! The first step for me is usually flipping through my idea book or magazines and getting an inspiration. It could be a sketch or colors or just an idea. The paper pieced girl with the umbrella here is my inspiration. I liked the colors on kraft and the paper piecing. Then I pull some products for the card. Kraft cardstock, fun print paper and a cute girl stamp. I know I'll need these scissors too!
Stamp the girl a few times on print papers. I figured I'd need all three prints to really dress her the way I wanted to. Then the one on the cream is for the parts of her I will color.
Color the girl and arrange the paper piecing. It's not glued down yet, I'm checking to make sure I like it. I also drew in a grass line and sponged in clouds.
This next step is the longest for me. If I have a sketch it's easy I just use the sketch. If I don't like this card I put my stuff I want to use in a little pile and stare at it for a while.
Got some more stuff out and stared at it some more.
Stamped a sentiment. More staring. (Did really dig that sentiment with this girl though.)
Then whipped it up into a card. Here is another close up of the piecing. I really like it. I want this dress.
Here is a cute little button accent I made for it.
And here is the finished card. Ta-DA!!!
Ok here's all what I used:
Thrift Shop Print paper by October Afternoon *Which is on sale 20% off this very moment!
Everything else is random stuff I found in my stash. :)
Ok Don't forget to go enter the giveaway contest. We all love to make frilly girly cards so it's EASY. The prize is THIS super cute stamp. Hey! I want that stamp! Can I enter? haha kidding
PS, the winner for my stamp set giveaway will be tomorrow, I forgot that I'd want to keep this post on top all day and not put the stamp set thing on there too. So it will be one more day, and I'll add a treat to the package for the winner!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Black and white floral and FREE STAMPS

Isn't this card cute? I really love this black on white polkadot paper. I've had it for years, I bought like 10 sheets. I'm down to just the smallest scraps now. It's by Making Memories, has some weird red and pink flowers on the other side. The card is super simple. Just some Papertrey flowers peeking in and a sentiment, bit of ribbon and a border punch. Easy goes to Peasy. You know what else is Easy Goes to Peasy? Winning free stamps from me. Over the next month or so I'm going to be randomly giving away some stamps and sets. I did a clean out of my stamp room. Some stuff I sold. Some I'm going to just give away. Roniece got a pile last night.

Today I'm giving away this cute little Stampin' Up! set. (not the just perfect alpha, I thought I was doing that then realized Roniece took it last night! opps!) The little quote stamp on this says, "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. -Ralph Waldo Emerson" There is a super cool silhouette flower, a negative image bird and a butterfly attacking a flower. There is almost no evidence of use on these stamps. I think I used them once. They might be from hostess rewards? I'm not sure. Anyhow one of the commentors on this post will be getting this in the mail. Anywhere in the world. I'll pick the winner sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This card I made with one of the Papertrey Year in Flowers sets. I really really like flowers. It's a funny thing because I read online that there are so many flower sets and no one should make anymore, but whenever I get really excited about a set it's usually flowers! The flower stamps on this set are HUGE. Love it. I've also been digging this turquoise and brown color scheme. And lightly stamping an image then stamping the greeting over it.

Watch the blog if you like free stamps. That's all I have to say about that. Oh wait, especially if you like free Stampin' Up stamps. THAT'S all I have to say about that.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello card

This is another Go To Sketches card, I like how this turned out. The flower tag thing is actually the product tag from the Liberty of London basket thing I got (seen in the background of this photo). I colored the flower with copice and white embossed the "hello" on it. Easy goes to peasy. Also I don't think I've shared these yet. I got the most amazing embelishments from My Button Boutique Etsy store:
They are hadmade flatback "buttons". I mean for embelishment there is not a way to sew them to a sweater or anything. But perfect for papercrafters! I used one on a scrapbook page for Stephen's school, but it was kinda silly, I pretty much just let Stephen use it.

I don't know if you recognize any, but she uses print papers to make them, they are covered or laminated with some thin plastic too so they are not frail like a paper button. I totally love them. I bought the bulk supply in multi and black/white. She shipped super quick too! I love getting stuff on Etsy. Gives me warm fuzzies. :)
Tomorrow is Stephen's last day of VPK. he says it doesn't really count either because it's a party all day. I'm so excited because I've been having to wake him up every day, which means he will most likely sleep a bit later. So I'll get to sleep in. I lately look forward to sleep like other folks look forward to trips to Disney World. I feel totally fine now in the pregnancy, except TIRED. The school was great, he learned tons and had a super fun time with friends, but he's looking forward to summer and then Kindergarden.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

stinking shaped cards

Ok I'm kidding. Sorta... I don't love shaped cards. I SEE them and they rock but it's like any skill I have leaves me when there is a shape other than square/rectangle. So here are some of the shaped sketches from Go To Sketches: Went way simple on this "hello" card. I have lusty feelings about these felt letter stickers by the way.
I couldn't do it with the moon. Then I saw one of the samples put the shape ON a normal card! (theirs was clear and cooler than mine, but let's leave that be) I actually love this card in the end.

And the Star Card. It took me WEEKS to get past this sketch. I don't love it. It's super duper simple. But I don't know what else to do with a shape like this. So here it is. I dedicate it to just getting by. haha.
In Other News:
I went to the Dr the other day. My Dr's office is a practice and when you are pregnant they encourage you to see everyone because who knows who will be on call and avaliable to deliver when it's time. I have three favorite Dr's there. I love them all but these three are like family. This week I saw one of them Dr Slade. She was totally agast that I went through so much trouble. She was astounded that no one gave me medicine for all that throwing up. She said if it comes back at all call her and she will get me fixed up. She did give me meds for the terrible headaches. And I took some. And it worked. But it makes me really high feeling. So I'm definately using it sparingly, but it's good to have. The baby sounded great. It was an appointment where we just heard the heartbeat.
June 24th we should find out the gender of the baby. I think it's a girl. I don't know why. I'm good with whatever though. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fill this day

So, funny thing about this card. It opens on the left side! I happily designed it, with the scallop thing on one end, based on a sketch from Go To Sketches. Loved the funky huge flower and the fun handmade button. Loved the BRIGHT reds on the black and white. I was thrilled with it.

Then I realized it opened wrong.It was the scallop edge that messed me up. It's on the sketch. I have never put a scallop edge on the fold edge so I just made that an open edge. I still really like the card, but it's super weird. haha.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New-ish Papertrey

I got a new to me Papertrey order for my birthday a few weeks ago. I know there is another new release after that but this stuff is still new to me! :) Super simple masculine card. The dot is from that set you could earn by buying enough over the previous year. The whole set is pretty cute but I LOVE this dot row. :) The other stuff is from a set called masculine motifs I think. I have SUCH a hard time with masculine cards, I hope this helps.
The woodgrain here is not papertrey, they have some fine looking woodgrain stamps, but this is my Hero Arts one that I'm in LOVE with. The dahlia and sentiments are papertrey though. I really like this turquoise/brown combo. :)
In Other News:
In about an hour I go to the Dr for a baby checkup. Oh this will come as a SHOCK to those who know us well but if the baby is a girl we think we may not name her Megan, we have been feeling like she's a Lily! And that doesn't end in an "n" so we think we will do Lilyann, pronounced "Lily Ann" not "Lily En". I've even been calling the baby in the tummy "the LilyBean" I don't know what brought all this on. Just in the past few weeks. I don't even know yet if it's a girl. If it's a boy we promise NOT to name him Lily ok? haha. I mostly feel fine, I get headaches and I get dizzy/black out pretty easy. It was super hot in Sacrament meeting at church yesterday and I blacked out. Gross. But mostly I'm good.
My hair is still weird. I tried to bleach it lighter with some medium gold blonde, but it turned DARKER. Way darker. So weird. I'm leaving it now though, enough's enough.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dads, Lads, and Grads Blog Hop

Welcome to the Paper Garden Projects Lads, Dads and Grads Garden Walk
Take a stroll through the blogs of all the Paper Gardeners and enjoy some friendly inspiration. This month we are focusing on the all the men, boys and graduates out there.

While you visit, subscribe to each Gardener's blog and take note of each designer's name and their special garden walk word in their blog post. Once you finish your garden tour, send an E-mail to with the list of designers and their garden walk word.

Everyone who sends the correct list of designers and words will be entered in a random drawing to win a prize. You need to send an e-mail to the address above; please don't leave your list as a comment. You have until midnight (EST) on Tuesday, May18 to send your list.

And the prize? How about these cute little lads form Eat Cake Graphics:
So enjoy the garden tour (feel free to bring along a lad, Dad or Grad!). Here is the garden tour guide list:
Erin You are Here!
Here is my project for the hop:

I did a back to basics card using the adorable Boyhood Adventures set by Eat Cake Graphics. I love how sweet this boy is in his hardboard plane. My kids are always making stuff like this. I used the "Thinking Happy Thoughts of You" sentiment from Anytime Sentiments, but cut it so I could have it arranged differently. This long card fits in a business envelope. I love to send cards that are a bit of a different size sometimes.

Thanks for coming to my stop on the blog hop!

ps, my secret special word is "Dads" *wink*.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still in order... sorta.

I am still doing the Go To Sketches cards in order. But I've grown tired of trying to figure out which order to show them to you. And some I already gave away. And some really stunk. So I'm doing them in order for myself, but showingyou in whatever order I want. On this one (using a ton of product from the Joy Ride collection by Cosmo Cricket) I decided to use one of those slider thingies on. It took forever to get it to work right, it wanted to be a spinner, I wanted it to stay flat, we argued for sometime, but I finally got it right.
I think it's really super duper cute. Now to actually SEND it to someone!
Also did you guys see on Facebook that I won the Cards Magazine Unity Stamps giveaway? I don't have any Unity stamps either so it's double plus fun. Suzi told us all over on Stamp Shack to enter. THANKS Suzi! Apparently Unity stamps are very addicitve. I hope I don't get TOO hooked! haha.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More crazy red hair photos

Ok Tracey said that last picture I'm so angry looking in that it makes it look worse. So here are new shots:

Well that's not at all what I had in mind.

I tried for light natural red. You know... strawberry blonde? Um... Also you can't see this but there are patches in the back that stayed blonde. And also it was a double process so I can't do ANYTHING about it for a few weeks.

And I have a new leadership calling at church. people leave their kids in my care for hours... would YOU leave your kids with someone who dyed their hair THIS color?

It does make my eyes look REALLY blue though doesn't it?

Let's laugh about this. The other option is tears and I'm not in the mood.

Monday, May 10, 2010


When I saw the set Darling Sisters I knew right away I'd be pairing them up with October Afternoon's Thrift Shop line of papers. I love the sweet old fashioned style of both of these. I added some actual thrift shop trim to the bottom of the card too. The girl is colored with copic markers.

In Other News:
I'm better! It's been a week now. I'm really truly better! Hurray! Good thing too because I got called yesterday as the Primary President at church. (Primary is the kid's program.) I'm nervous, but excited. I go back and forth on which one I'm more of.
I had a great Mother's Day/Birthday. Brian and the boys made me cards, Brian did dinner, I just rested and went to church pretty much.
Stephen has hives again. I'm going to try to get him into the Dr's this time, it's freaking me out.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I don't want to jinx it but...

It's been two days that I've NOT been sick! I'm tired as all get out and I rekon that will continue until the baby is about 6 months old but I'm not sick. I don't even feel queezy. I feel pretty much normal but for the tiredness.

I can't tell you how exciting this is. It's like the world was black and now it's in full color again. I'm trying VERY hard not to overdo it, to take it easy still, but I'm SO excited.

I think I might try to get back into the gym tomorrow. Maybe.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Just For You

I made this super simple card by Paper Piecing the Sketched Flowers stamps then putting them onto the kraft cardstock. It really was easy and quick. Sometimes that's just the thing. :) In Other News:
Still sick, still loosing weight, still tired of being sick.