Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Bird, a lady and a cat.

I got a chance to make more cards today and last night. :)
This stamp is Viva Las Vegastamps I am loving flamingoes lately. I colored with prismacolor markers and used stickles and tulip fasion bead paint for accents. Oh and also Glossy Accents (clear shiny stuff) by Ranger. This is the first card where I cuttlebugged the patern paper. I'm still undecided about that.
These stamps are Pink Cat Studio. I colored with markers and prismacolor pencil and used gamsol for blending out the pencil marks. The paper is actually "barely bananna" SU cardstock, it looks more cream than it really is. This is a SCS sketch. (I'll try to come back and put a link to the one)
I'm loving this quick card. It is also a SCS sketch (link soon) The stamps are Pink Cat Studio. I LOVE this patern paper, it's from the new My Minds Eye stack thingie I got at Costco.

And don't forget to enter for Birthday Blog Candy!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saddest card you've ever seen.. and more delight

Brian said this is "The saddest card I've ever seen."
This is part of the Virtual Swap over at the Stamp Shack. One girl sent everyone who wanted them images of this fairy girl with the flowers, then you make cards and post them in the gallery there. I colored her and felt that she had to be doing something with the flowers and I just was sure that this is what she was doing, so I drew the tombstone. It made me sad but I'm pretty sure that's what she is doing... I'm thinking of "Angels Weep" for the inside although she seems to be a fairy, not an angel. Does anyone have a better sentiment?

More quickie delight cards. I can't get over this color combo I just love it, so crisp and fresh.
Apparently my icky mood is strong because Brian said to me, "Isn't there a crop or something you can go to?" I was totally offended of course,but he said he ment to cheer me up, I believe him, he's a friendly guy. So I'm over it but TRYING to act friendlier.

Faking the Word Window punch

So I LOVE the look of the Word Window punch but don't have it. I decided to just make my own little dohickes like those you get with the punch.
And here's how:

Cut a strip of cardstock the width and length you want. (see this way you have choices)
Here it is. (interesting note, that dark spot on my thumb knuckle is a burn from weeks ago that you cannot see in real life, but can see in the pic!)
Then you take your corner rounder and center your cut end in it. It is important to center it or it looks funky.
repeat on other end and there you have it. (sorry this one is blurry, not sure why, I tried and tried though)

I used it on the cards in this post.

I know it's not quite as cool as the actual Word Window punch, but I can't buy every cute thing and I think I'm gonna make this work for me for a while.

Ok, still sick I gotta go.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Swirly Stamps!

Ethel sent me a birthday present today of the awesome Rhonda Farrer Swirls Stamps! I've wanted them for ages but they never, ever have them in stock at AC Moore and I heard they are at Walmart, but I refuse to shop there, and I never decide it's worth paying full price and shipping... Anyhow when people started getting them at Stinkin Walmart I was bummed and all ready to fork over whatever I had to just to get my hands on them! Well what comes in the mail today? The stamps! Hurray!!! It was a total suprise and I LOVE them! Of course I had to make cards today even though I'm sick.
This one has circles punched from the index sheet on the My Minds Eye pattern paper I got at costco. You know that thingie in the front that shows a tiny bit of each paper? It was too pretty to throw away. I stuck those all down then stamped one of the swirls and a Just Johanna bird standing on top of that. "Thanks" is a Purple Onion stamp and I colored the bird with prismacolor markers.

This one is a bit much really, I just wanted to use as many swirls as possible. I love them so much. I stamped them all twice, once with brown then offset them a bit with cool caribbean ink. Bird and words are Just Johanna and Purple Onion again. The pattern paper is TAC. This one is actually one of the Split Coast Sketches but I don't know which one right now. I will try to come update this post with a link later. (I'm sick remember, you can't ask me to go dig that up.)
I have good medicine and a great DH taking care of me, I'm feeling much better already.
I have gotten two other birthday cards already too! It's fun.
oh and today I shopped for YOU! I got the gamsol for the Birthday Blog Candy, so be sure to enter!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I delight in cool caribbean.

My SU order came! Hurray. I was out of my favorite pink and cool caribbean. I got the inkpad and the reinker too.

I wanted to make this black and white patern paper into cool caribbean and black and white paper so I took the reinker and used it to ink up this "fantatik" empty pen thingie. Then I colored the paper with my new CC marker! :) It worked pretty good. I've never used this SU set. April gave it to me and I love it, but never pull it out. That ribbon is from Ribbons and Bows Oh My and it matches so well. I may have to go on there and buy a spool, I have mine from a ribbon share.

Don't forget to play my Birthday Blog Candy!

They say it's my birthday... (blog candy)

Ok, It's NOT my birthday yet! But I want you to get a present from me on my birthday so I'd better start now! (Mine is May 9)

I will be giving away this:

These are some of my favorite things. Or represent my favorite things.. I left some out too, so bare with me here. Lets see:

The stamp a majig I use on almost every card. Even if I'm not doing a cutsie scene I use it to make sure my phrase is straight or what not.

The ribbon is mostly May Arts and I love, love, love them. Some SU ribbon and Ribbons and Bows Oh My ribbon too. I love ribbon.

The small unmounted stamp set is a spring set by The Angel Company. It's really cute.

Stickles, of course there had to be stickles!

Two sheets of each of my two very favorite SU colors! :) Also punchies of the round tab punch from the sheets.

Accordian album. Even if you are not a big scrapbooker I promise you can slap together an accoridan album in two hours and it will make the BEST gift! (grandparents LOVE them)

My special adhesive I always talk about. You will get the dispenser too. I LOVE this stuff! It's 36 YARDS on a roll and super sticky. It will even hold beads they tell me. (I don't mess with beads)

4 Prismacolor pencils. (I'll try to come back and tell you what shades)

Not shown (once I get all the stuff I'll do a new pic)

Black versafine inkpad. (it's opened but hardly used, I accidentally bought it thinking I lost mine then found mine...

Gamsol kit. This kit has a bottle of gamsol, stumps and the sanding thingie. (they did have it and I got it, so it's in the box now)

I think that's all, I'll update if I find more cool stuff to put in.

How do you win you ask?

Just post here with a LINK to anything inspiring. Try to post new links, different than I have on my lists and different than people before you. Of course you will NOT get disqualified if you post a double. But the main thing is I want us all to be exposed to NEW sources of inspiration. (at the very least new to me right?) I'll draw a name and that person wins. Only one entry per person please.

So that's not too hard right? I'll draw the name on May 1st.

As usual, you do NOT have to live in the US to win, I'm happy to ship anywhere. :)

Oh it does not HAVE to be a craft/art site, although that's what I had in mind. Whatever you feel is inspiring. :)

Child of God

This is the first SU set I ever purchased. I really like these cute kids. If I bought it now though I'd mount the phrases seperate. Live and learn! :)
I just got this new cuttlebug folder today. It's called spots and dots. I love it. I also got traffic jam. I think that's all of them I need for a while. I colored with prismacolor markers, but the gray and pink in the cheeks is done with tombow because I don't have super pale pink or light gray prismacolor. They seem to play well together.
In Michaels I saw the new Martha Stewart line. It's OK. Not exciting but not ugly or anything. I'm mad because I heard that you won't be able to use a coupon on it and that it won't be included in the sales. I think that's stinky. Oh one cool thing though is there are HUGE sheets of paper. That could be cool for some altered project or something. The whole line was underwhelming though. That's just me. I'm sure people will snatch it up and make adorable things with it.
Well I'm just waiting for the UPS guy. He's supposed to bring me my SU order today. He usually does come on the day my demo tells me he will. Every time I hear a truck I jump up. I need to go watch TV or something to stop stalking him!
I just noticed the ribbon on my card looks crooked. I'll go look and if it does in real life I'll fix it. Don't worry! :)

My newest Costco Buy.

I should get a job at Costco, I swear I spend so much time and $$ there!
Ok, see this giant dry erase/magnet board? I love it! I have it covered in cards my friends made me! It's right by where I sit see:
So I can look over and get inspired anytime. I had a blast going through my box of cards looking for things to put up. I share this room with Brian's sports crap collection so it's nice to have something beautiful to look at.

The board was $20 and came with markers, an eraser and magnets. The magnets were strong but tall so they didn't work, they held the cards open ya know? So I had to go out today and get a pack of strong flat magnets. (craft department at Michaels)

Oh see that hat hanging over it? My stepmom is friends with Jack Nicholas and she had him sign that for Brian and you know what? It fell when we were putting the board up! The acrylic broke but Brian said it's not major just a crack so he's not replacing it. It was hard/expensive to find that perfect hat display thingie.

Anyhow that's my newest Costco buy. I plan to change it out regularly! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More sketchy cards.

More cards with my new A Muse stamps and the SCS Sketches. All stamps A Muse and all colored with Prismacolor Markers. Some have pink cheeks or ears from prismacolor pencil. All cardstock is SU.

This first one is for SC20. I sketched the clouds and grass. The bird and cat are seperate stamps. These elephants are so cute together don't you think? This one is for SC38
Here's a whole collection of these cute animals! This isn't really any sketch.
I'm not too sure about this bunny one. Really I'm not too sure about the bunny. Putting a bird on it's head did help though. (I love sticking that bird on things) Anyhow this is for SC70
Can you see the glitter on this one? There is glitter. Anyhow I love the whale but the fish seem strange to me. Maybe because if that's a whale they'd be HUGE goldfish. Duh Erin! ANYHOW this is for SC36

Ok, for the next few days I will put these stamps away and play with some others. I'm thinking maybe some older ones I haven't used in a while. What do you think I should pull out?

Monday, April 23, 2007

How to doodle a simple grass line

Ok, get a pen, it can't be just any pen... I think you can use the pen end of your SU marker in a pinch. but i love the zig pens, I use a .01 tip, or a .05 depending. (HL has them) Ok, got your pen? just use a normal pen if you can't find the fancy ones. Then stamp an image. For this I recomend an animal. We are gonna doodle grass.

got it stamped? Don't color it yet! If you mess up the doodling you will be heartbroken! (believe me I know)

Ok, start with the grass line. this does NOT go right at his feet, that looks funky. it goes about a quarter way up the leg, try to make it go straight even when you have to break the line for the legs, maybe use a ruler or a scrap of any stright paper. Here's how I want you to do it:

1. Start at one end. draw a line, doesn't have to be perfect, then stop, do only like a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch.

2. then three or more dashes going up, don't have to be perfect, can come from the same point or just be all sitting there, whatever makes you happy.
3. now after a slight space start your line again. Do this over and over across the "grass line" of your image. Now everything above that is sky and below it is grass.
You can add some partial grass lines below the grass line for added depth.

Color it green, you can color the whole thing or just right along the lines. This is the very first thing I doodled. I only know this, the clouds and the edges thing. I'm serious, do it right now and show us! You will love it, it's so easy. there are more complicated doodle grasses, but I'm stuck on this easy one.
I am by no means an expert doodler. That's the point! I PROMISE you can do this simple grass business. It's great because then your images are not floating around in limbo.
This cow is an old Michael's Dollar stamp. I don't think he's out anymore.
Ok, so much to share today.

First of all I went shopping and got the most adorable set of A Muse stamps at AC Moore, I used a coupon so they were cheap. Then I went over to Joanne's and got a mega scalloped square, yet another corner rounder (I have corner rounder issues) and some natural sea sponges. I was SURE the sponges were gonna combine with ink and make the coolest background but it was a total flop. Let's not talk about that anymore.

Then mail came and the mailman came up with two packages. One was HUGE, my blood started racing and I tackled him at the door (stamping room has a great view of the street). Alas it was for Brian. His message board does RAK's too and he has no idea what it is but the guy who sent it is "his Sherri" (ie, super good online friend) so it's sure to be good. I bet it's presents for me anyhow I mean MY birthday is coming up, not his!! haha, I'm kidding. It's HUGE though! And a TAC paycheck was in there too. Thanks to my TAC customers! *wink* Oh I almost forgot my other package WAS for me. It was my Viva Las Vegastamps order! I got two cool flamingos and adhesive for my prize box for next month!

So you know I had to stamp! I went and got all the past Split Coast Sketch Challanges and printed them out. I'm trying to do at least one of them a day until I've done them all! This is to get me out of my funk where all my cards look the same. (to me at least) I did go through and cross out 15 that I felt I just could not work with. So if I am posting a Sketch Challange I will post a link to that challange too so you can see.

This one is for SC29. Which I just found when I got you the link is by none other than Asela! Doesn't that not suprise you, the first one I pick is by one of my very favorite artists! Ok, I used the new A Muse stamps, I put the bird on the trunk, he didn't come that way. I drew the clouds and grass. It's all colored with prismacolor markers. Now this is very crazy, I have to give Asela MORE credit on this card than just the sketch! You see those little dohickies the words and crystals are on? Well I'm sure you think they used the SU word window punch. I love that punch but can't bring myself to buy it, (although what a great birthday present that would make?) Well remember when Asela told us how to make a cool lable with our scalloped square punches? LINK Well I just cut one notch closer in and BAM! it's just like the word window punch.
This card is for SC02. This stamp is Hambo and the little extras are from the SU Crab & Co. set. (Don't make me tell you again to get this set!) Colored with prismacolor markers. I don't really deal with embelishments and the sketch called for one, which is why I put the little cut outs. :)

This one is for SC07. I used one of my brand spankin' new Viva Las Vegastamps flamingo stamps for it. The "Hello!" is an old Hero Arts stamp, one of the first I ever bought. I colored with prismacolor markers and added some stickles and glossy accents by Ranger on it. As I colored this I was actually a bit jealous of this bird! I mean he's reading and in a laying around on the beach and he has pink lemonade! But then I remembered I'm stamping and he's not.

Why do I always think flamingos are boys?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scrapbook Pages!

Did you know I scrapbook too. Well in theory I do but that involves a trip out to get film developed and I'm soooo lazy about that. I take thousands of pics and put them on the net and in my other blog but I hardly actually make pages. Anyhow I'm gonna get back on track with that! So today I made this two page layout for the family album. (the boy's baby albums are actually caught up, I just do the first year in there, then they go in the big family album)

The tiny handwritten journaling says, "We just love this little park. This was the first time Ethan was able to play." Or something like that, I forget now! I LOVE the look of handwritten journaling, but I always think mine is so stinky that it will ruin my pages. So I started with just a bit of it.

Patern paper is American Crafts from the "Play" line. Brown cardstock is bazzil and the gold is Stampin' Up! Letter stamps are those Karen Foster snap together ones.

Sorry you have to see my ugly desk! Like how I have those half stamped flowers on there! I don't bother with that craft sheet stuff or anything to protect the desk! It's even burned in places. I don't care one bit!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Basket ball inspired this card.

DH is watching some basketball right now. I noticed again how the little end zone thingie looks like it would make a cool card design. I asked Brian what the part witht he circle and the lines, where they shoot the free throws from is called. He said it's the "key". Here's a link to a pic of the whole court. I'm talking about the circle part down to the end... Anyhow look at that, then look at my card and you will see what I mean.

So... I decided today was the day to make the card inspired by the basketball key. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks. I started by cutting my cool caribbean cardstock to 4.25x11 and folding it in half, like a normal top fold card. Then I took my coluzzle and cut a circle whose diameter was less than the width of the card. I adhered that circle so half of it stuck up. Now I had a cool looking card that would not fit in any envelopes I have so I cut a few inches off so that from the top of the circle to the bottom of the card would be 5.5 inches. Turned out for my card that made the blue folded part 4 inches tall. So I cut two quarter inch by four inch strips (ribbon would have been cooler I just realized!) and adhered them down the sides. Slapped some prima flowers (which have you noticed I almost never use) with a brad onto a white giga scalloped circle (thanks Linzy again!) and did the doodles with a marker. I used the words from the Delight In Life SU Sell-A-Bration set and added another prima with a brad over the little flower on the phrase. And that's the whole story about this card.

I made something else, but it's a gift for someone who reads this blog so I can't show you for a while. ;)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tag... I'm an idiot!

Ok, I somehow have missed the boat on tagging! I was tagged a few times and said, "Ohhhh, that's so cool and nice" and deleted the email or post and moved on... I had NO IDEA I was supposed to DO something about it! So I'm gonna first thank those who tagged me..

My first tag came from Sherri. Sherri has been my good friend for geez like three years now! We've met in person which makes it even more special. She is the queen of pattern paper, I stink at using it and she just makes it so easy. You may know her as Flipflopsforsherri or moosetracksforsherri or cheermom. (Girl gets around the net I tells ya!)

I was also tagged by Angie. She's Shuggy, it's pronounced like Sugar, not like shrug your sholders. OK, Angie is a great cardmaker! She also designed my cool title thingie on my blog. AND she has the most dificult job in the world and seriously is a person I pray for every day and I might cry if I think about her too much she's so sweet.

I was then tagged by Jovi. Her stamping, coloring and photography are outstanding.

Also a girl named Rhonda put in a post that she tagged me. She didn't put a link and I can't place the name with a blog right now. Rhonda please give me a link I'd love to see your blog!

If I'm missing someone please forgive me, but also email me and tell me to fix it by adding you to the list!

OK, on to my tag list...
(I'm gonna tag different people, I already told you about those people)

Amy R's blog is the first craft blog I ever saw! I LOVE it and check several times a day. I'm signed up for the emials but I STILL check and you know sometimes I see stuff BEFORE I get the email and that's cool. She is a big time enabler, do NOT go there with an empty checking account! I joke that it would work just fine for her to order 2 of everything and just have one shipped here then bill me once a month!

Asela is an outstanding artist and cardmaker. Very soon she will have her own drawings as stamps and I can't wait! And guess what?? She's moving to my own town in just a few months! It makes me want to do a little jig when I think of it!

Debbie is an outstanding artist. Her coloring is just astounding. I could look at her colorings all day. She also puts things together with a touch of humor that I love.

Gina K, now I barely know this girl at all, we've emailed like twice. But her blog always inspires me. Recently you know what she did? She took a chicken, stamped and colored it then stamped the chicken wire background OVER TOP of it and embossed it with silver powder... looks just like a chicken in it's pen. LOOK

Pam, Now you may know Pam, she's "smilecollector" on a number of message boards. Because of this I ALWAYS think her stuff is going to be yellow! It's that funny? Anyhow Pam uses a variety of colors, go figure, to make OUTSTANDING cards!

Ok, yall, it was painful to name just a few, I seriously check every post on all the blogs on my roll! Not every day, but when I do I read back until there is nothing new to me. So you are not getting away with a single entry I don't see! (so don't you go badmouthing me!)...

Ok, what do I do? email these folks and tell them they are tagged? Is my obligation to the tagging game fullfilled now?


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Silly Cards

It's really late so I'm gonna be quick. Always feel free to post questions or even email me. I check my comments like a million times a day!
I'm not sure why I put the party hats, I just felt it needed to be done. The seal is Hambo Stamps, the boy and his hat are Eat Cake Graphics and the hat on the Seal is SU from the Crab and Co set. I colored all these with Prismacolor markers.
This one was Brian's idea. He was SURE the seal stand would make the boy just high enough to put water on the seal's head. Of course he was right! The seal and the stand are Hambo, boy with hose is Eat Cake Graphics. Patern paper and ribbon are American Crafts.
These are all Hambo Stamps. I'm SURE they didn't intend me to put that seal and his stand on the truck but just look... Also they were all on the same sale page so it seemed obvious to me.
All these stamps are Eat Cake Graphics. I LOVE having a balloon tied to an animal's tail.
The main image is Hambo Stamps. I LOVE this stamp, it might be one of my all time favorites. I put some glitter on the image, not sure if it shows. The words are from the Crab and Company SU set.

Birthday Thank You's

I saw this paper at the No-So-Local Scrapbook Store (ie, the big one over in Manderine) today and knew I had to use it to make Stephen's Birthday Thank You cards. I think they turned out pretty cute don't you?
All the pattern paper is by Daisy D's and the ribbon is from Ribbons and Bows Oh My. Kerry over at The Stamp Shack did a share with it. I'm almost out! You should be proud because the cardstock is all random cardstock I dug out of my stacks. So it only cost me $1 in new supplies to make these cards! That's pretty cool. (And no I don't want anyone to figure out how much the stamp, ink, paper trimmer, cardstocks I had on hand and adhesive cost!) The stamp I believe I got at the dollar store AGES ago. It was one of the first stamps I ever owned!
Oh Daisy D's has really pretty floral paper that goes with the red dot paper as well and I made more of these with that. They are cool but not quite as cute as these with the airplanes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The full story of the boy with the hose!

Once there was a little boy with a garden hose. Don't ask me why they gave him a garden hose, you will have to take that up with the artists at Eat Cake Graphics! I KNEW it would be a bad idea...
First thing he does is give his doggie a bone to keep it still while he stood on it's head to water the couch. He was trying to help by cleaning, but as you can tell by the look on his face he was a little naughty too...
He got sent outside with is hose (a good idea if you ask me!) where he watered the dog. Poor doggie didn't seem to like it...
The dog ran away and the little boy was trying so very hard to be good. He decided to water the yard instead.
A few days of that and flowers sprung up!
Now there is nothing that attacts balancing pigs like a garden hose! This gave the little boy an idea...
And he sure was right! Farm animals love water, just look at this chicken playing in the pool!
And that's the story of the little boy with the garden hose.
These are my creations for the "April Showers" themed swap at the LSS. The flowers are SU from the Loads of Love set, the Doggie is unknown to me (if you know by all means share with the group!) All other stamps are by Eat Cake Graphics. I colored with Prismacolor Markers. I drew in the eyebrows on the little boy and a few of the grass marks and other accent marks as I felt they were needed. I used Glossy Accents by Ranger on the water.

A great cause.

So I was blog surfing today. I did a ton! I saw so many cool projects that for a while I was super inspired, then it got to the overwhelmed point... Anyhow I found this awesome thing. (stay with me while I get the details straight...)

Dawn's this cool woman who'se blog I found (here's the link). Her husband is serving overseas right now. She is collecting greeting cards that she will send to him. Then he will give them to all his buddies over there so they can have nice cards to send home. She is trying to make him "The most wanted man in Iraq". So that's all super cute, and I emailed her and she is excited to collect the cards and I know I will be sending some. THEN I read her blog closer and see that a friend of hers, Angie has a Blog Candy contest on her blog in regards to this collection. (here's THAT link) The person who sends the most cards to Dawn by May 1st will recieve a prize and of all the people who send cards there will be a second prize drawn. So that makes it even more fun.

Anyhow after emailing with Dawn and finding out what a sweetheart she is I decided to encourage all of you to send cards. Any excuse to make cards right?

ATC Swap issues

So there is a swap I want to be in at the LSS for "April Showers" Themed ATC's. I tried my cutsie little rain cloud and I wasn't feeling it so...
I decided to just make it raining on this tree I LOVE by Eat Cake Graphics. That was ok, but in the same case I keep this tree was...
This little guy and I felt that lately we are having such a drought that this was appropriate because it's about all the showers my grass will be getting..


I felt he needed company. So I gave him something to be giving his shower to. I really ment it to be cute, but it just looked mean so I added the eyebrow line in a scowl look so he was a mean kid.

This made me think...

What other trouble could this kid get into... Well this won't be the end of his story, I need to make a total of 6 of these. I may make 3 more with the boy and just have them be a collection. I mean each person will just get one, but I could make a note that they can find the full story here right?

And that's how an innocent swap about rain became a kid standing on a dog spraying a chair with a garden hose...

Doggie stamp - Unknown. All other stamps Eat Cake Graphics. Sky in tree ATC is done with watercolor crayons, all other coloring with prismacolor pencils. All stamped on Bristol Smooth paper. Glossy Accents added to water.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot I promised to tell you what I got at the Garage Sale! I got a TON of magazines, literally like 50 or so! I also got a few stamps, including one SU set I knew was gonna be there and I really wanted, I got like 8 SU inkpads in cool colors (not cool temp colors like blue but cool, neato colors...) I got a pack of watercolor crayons. I'm SURE there is some reason I need those and I'll be prepared next time someone makes something awesome and says they used those. I got a box for my friend Nita that she can store pencils in, a stamp-a-ma-jig for my Birthday Erin's Favorite Things box (ie next month's blog candy), some paper and some other unmounted stamps for a few friends who I KNEW would love these particular stamps. I think that's about it... The store had a sale too and I got the dinosaur from the "You may be old" card at 20% off. I spent a record breaking $90! OUCH. I've already sold $65 of my stuff BEFORE the sale so I only need to make an additional $25 to break even. I'd like to make more of course! :)

You may be old...

I have a friend who has a birthday next week. She's feeling old but has a fantastic sense of humor so I thought this dino would be perfect!
The dinosaur is Whipper Snapper and the letter stamps are Karen Foster. I colored the image with Prismacolor Markers.
I wanted a little bit of decoration on the inside too so I stamped just the head of this cute guy peeking in. I used a computer font to do the words here on the inside.

I'll try to get creating more, I had a terrible weekend and now have sick babies, so we will just see. Oh and somehow my house is a total mess too! I wasn't even HERE this weekend, not sure how that happened.
ETA - My friend DID love the card and thought it was funny and took it with the humor that was intended. :)