Wednesday, April 25, 2007

They say it's my birthday... (blog candy)

Ok, It's NOT my birthday yet! But I want you to get a present from me on my birthday so I'd better start now! (Mine is May 9)

I will be giving away this:

These are some of my favorite things. Or represent my favorite things.. I left some out too, so bare with me here. Lets see:

The stamp a majig I use on almost every card. Even if I'm not doing a cutsie scene I use it to make sure my phrase is straight or what not.

The ribbon is mostly May Arts and I love, love, love them. Some SU ribbon and Ribbons and Bows Oh My ribbon too. I love ribbon.

The small unmounted stamp set is a spring set by The Angel Company. It's really cute.

Stickles, of course there had to be stickles!

Two sheets of each of my two very favorite SU colors! :) Also punchies of the round tab punch from the sheets.

Accordian album. Even if you are not a big scrapbooker I promise you can slap together an accoridan album in two hours and it will make the BEST gift! (grandparents LOVE them)

My special adhesive I always talk about. You will get the dispenser too. I LOVE this stuff! It's 36 YARDS on a roll and super sticky. It will even hold beads they tell me. (I don't mess with beads)

4 Prismacolor pencils. (I'll try to come back and tell you what shades)

Not shown (once I get all the stuff I'll do a new pic)

Black versafine inkpad. (it's opened but hardly used, I accidentally bought it thinking I lost mine then found mine...

Gamsol kit. This kit has a bottle of gamsol, stumps and the sanding thingie. (they did have it and I got it, so it's in the box now)

I think that's all, I'll update if I find more cool stuff to put in.

How do you win you ask?

Just post here with a LINK to anything inspiring. Try to post new links, different than I have on my lists and different than people before you. Of course you will NOT get disqualified if you post a double. But the main thing is I want us all to be exposed to NEW sources of inspiration. (at the very least new to me right?) I'll draw a name and that person wins. Only one entry per person please.

So that's not too hard right? I'll draw the name on May 1st.

As usual, you do NOT have to live in the US to win, I'm happy to ship anywhere. :)

Oh it does not HAVE to be a craft/art site, although that's what I had in mind. Whatever you feel is inspiring. :)


CAKVD said...

Hello! I'm sure when you said that you wanted something inspiring, you meant something crafty. Well, my link isn't crafy, but it is inspiring. Have you heard of You can choose a charity and every time you do a search, 1 cent will go to that charity. There are thousands of charities to choose from and the search engine works just as well and yahoo or google. Anyways, it is a great way to give to a charity without actually giving money! (Especially if you do as many searches as I do in a day!!!) Thanks!
Cheryl KVD

Little One said...

Here is an inspiring place for me. They actually have microbeads AND other stuff. Be sure to check out the gallery and artists (I am a past artist of the wek :D ) Anyway, check it out. Since the owner is a microbead "Queen" most stuff is done with microbeads, but they can be adapted to other things. There are classes and all as well. If you really get into it, there is a Yahoo! group called Pennywise Arts. Come check us out. Be sure to tell them I referred you. No, I don't get anything, but they will know how you found them.


Mary said...

Here is a blog I check in on regulary. I really like her sense of humor, and she is inspiring too! Over at splitcoast she is jantink

Beth (Canadian, eh) said...

I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration, so this blog contest is right up my alley. Very intriguing work. It is interesting to see the outcome of cards and scrapbook layouts from crafters in other countries. This is a definite "favourite" site.

trulycanadiangirl said...

when i need an inspiration jolt i head over to SCS and do a challenge or two
or i just read thru my blog roll and see what everyone has... happy bday erin oh and i tagged u so ur it. chelsey

Anonymous said...

HI Happy Early Birthday I hope you have an EXTRA special day. :) i found this website for card sketches and thought it had some pretty good ideas. hope you can use this. thanks for adding me :)

Dana Vitek said...

This link is to an indoor color guard group that I helped create almost ten years ago. We started with 15 members, and now have fifty young men and women performing in three different groups! These members come from many places and have many different skill levels, and each one brings their own unique experiences to the table. They inspire me every day!

Allison said...

Erin...your site rocks (and no hyperbole, but yours is inspirational). I love a lot of blogger sites and feature them here:

I also like to track down sketch sites (since I need all the help I can):

There are so many people out there who rock and have great ideas so I simply highlight them (too bad I ain't one of 'em!)

chelemom said...

Ok, this will sound very self-serving, but how about my blog? I am new to the blogging world...about 6 weeks. I am sure you haven't visited me before!

Michelle328 said...

Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite spots is

Not only does it have tons of interesting techniques, it has an amazing gallery. Of course, it's primarily Asian-flavored but color combinations, layout and design are used with every "type" of stamping. Hope you'll visit and enjoy :)


lois lane said...

Here is a blog that if found just recently. This girl is talented!!!

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

I get the most insperation from Jeannas blog! She makes such amazing cards!

Cheryl said...
Karla is an amazing artist and wait til you see the roses she has painted. She is awesome. Visiting her site is like visiting a bed and breakfast for a mini vacation.
What an awesome birthday gift you are giving to us. Your birthday and we get the gifts. I hope I win. I love everything. Thank you so much.
Cheryl Sims

Aunt T said...

Here is one of my most inspiring links. Debi is one of the most creative, inspiring people I know! Follow the link to her Deco Debi on the Web and read about her Visual Design business as well.

Have fun!


Angel said...

Hmmm...I posted an altoid tin that I made into a punch holder. That might be something different.
I am a blog addict though and just love all of the creative blogs out there. I'm sure there are many more inspiring than mine.

doverdi said...

Happy upcoming birthday. My niece's birthday is on the 8th of May & I have an aunt who's birthday is the 9th. How generous is that, it's your birthday & some lucky view gets the "presents". lol

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is Beate is always doing tutorials on SCS and has so much to offer on her blog.

Denise said...

I have gotten a few cool ideas for layouts from looking at the t-shirts on this can even make your own!

Candisue said...

I just found a new place today.

Have a happy Birthday.

Oh here is my blog:

Its new but maybe you can get some inspiration.

Jackie said...

This woman is a regular on the Gingerwood Bulletin Board and has some really good samples on her site:

She has them categorized as well!

Peggy S said...

Wow- great birthday blog candy!!!

I am pretty sure I don't read blogs not on your blogroll-so I will suggest some other types of links on my Reader that inspire me. I used to just look at these for pure eye candy and dream about how my future house could look!! But now, I try to use these blogs to inspire me for cardmaking!! These 3 women have such an eye for "pretty" and things that appeal to women. Also, looking at the posts, you can see how stamp designs mirror what's going on in home decorating and accessories!

Nicki Lundeen said...

There are so many sites that inspire me, but I absolutely love Ali Edward's blog. She is amazing.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite spots, and I hate to be an enabler here is actually an online store.
She has Soooooooo much stuff and I always get inspiration looking at the goodies and thinking about what I could do with them.

Dawn Griffith said...

Hi sweetie pie : I think one of my favorite links is to Lori Lynns site sooo many great things on there and she is such a sweet gal too ..
here is her link
P.S Great Blog candy too girlie :-)
Dawn Griffith

Cat said...

Erin-VERY cool blog candy! I was worried because you have so many links on your blog, I surely couldn't find something different to share. But, I came across this blog recently. It's not stamping related, but I get great color and design inspiration from it. LOVE all the other ideas listed.TFS all.

gremhog said...

wondering if your request for sites has to be about stamping. Here are a few:

That last one is a dear friend of mine. She is amazing...

Thanx for the change to win. Love your blog.

Susan Hatch

Bettina said...

When I am in need of inspiration to try something new, I like to look at sketches. I love this website for scrapbook and card layouts - and the best part is they show you pages made with the sketches to help get your mind going!

tikkelperi said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland. I find Regina's blog very inspiring:
Happy Birthday!

Cheryl K said...


When I need some inspiration I check out Debbie's blog (okay I check it every day too because it is great). It is beautiful and full of wonderful, wonderful ideas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Linda SS said...

Hi Birthday girl:) I get inspiration spiritually & artistically from

Gina Wrona said...

Well then, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Layouts with Pizazz

jodene said...

My suggestion are some of my favorite blogs.First is my close friend Kim at , then you have to visit Allison at and last I enjoy Sorry I don't know how to link I'm still learning.

Lilian said...

thank u for sharing ur favorite things! ribbons are one of my favorite things too! :)

some of my favorite blogs are: prairie paper and ink, taylored expression, and capture the moment. =)

Cindy Keery said...

I find this blog really inspires my creativity:

Amy said...

That is amazing blog candy. Wow! You are being very generous.

I am a Christian and the Bible inspires me and so I wanted to post a link to a great Bible resource

Have a great day! and pick me! pick me!

Rosella said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for sharing with us.
At you can basically get everything you want to supplement your addiction to stamping. Enjoy!

Sandra L-M said...

I hope your birthday is full of blessings! I like these sites, they are from the same person but different content:
Sandra Lew-Moll

Dawn Mercedes said...

I get inspired when I think about the recipient...and make my color/image/project choices based on what he/she will like. I don't have any websites. I do enjoy going through everyone's blogs. A while ago, I got some card making books out from the library. It was nice to browse those to get soem ideas about card folds and such.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Panda photo of my friend

Jan Scholl said...

I am ahuge sports fan-most anything if its not violent (so boxing is out) I love the WNBA-something I neve r thought I would ever see-a professional team for women that is just as athletic as any men's sports and that PAYS!!! We have been truly blessed with a wonderful bunch of women in the Detroit Shock. I have been to the NBA finals, the world series and other major events but I had the BEST time at the WNBA finals and I saved the confetti that fell from the sky that day!

Yosha said...

Happy Birthday!

I had intended to post a link to a craft blog, but you have all the blogs I visit (and more!) So I thought I'd post the link to the hunger site.

All you need to do is go to this sie and click the yellow button everyday. It's FREE.

In the same site there are tabs for Breast cancer, child health literacy, rainforest, and animal rescue and all people have to do is click the button and the charities get money/food from the sponsors.

Julie said...

I am interested and inspired by a "better than Ebay" site for artists to sell their wares:

Happy burthday! Thanks for the chance... pick me!

scfranson said...

Here is the gallery of a woman who does the most awesome scrapbook pages and altered items. She's really inspiring.

Claudia F.

leenda said...

WOW! This is some awesome b-day candy! One blog of inspiration is mamadinis.blogspot. Another great place is This group is also known as the Technique Junkies. We learn different techniques & share them w/each other.

maxiesmom said...

I really love this one, she is a regular on the Gingerwood board as well. Donna, aka Mrs. C. I love all her stuff and great tips as well.

Wife2TJ said...

One of MY biggest sources of inspirations is-

They are a wonderful group of ladies who inspire me each and every week!

Kraftin' Kimmie said...

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I go to this site. It has awesome sketches for any size scrapbook pages and cards! If I'm stuck for a layout, I go here!!

Carolyn S. said...

I just found your blog and looked back at your archives and it is great to see scrapbooking on a blog. Thanks for sharing. I have found one blog that I seem to save to reread and ooh and ahh over again when I get home from work each night and that is Kelly Sampson's Diaries of a Stamper. She is amazing and her cards are awesome, plus she LOVES Chocolate, gotta love that. Check out her blog, I know you will love it, too.

Monika Thiessen said...

Hello. I always like seeing differnt people layouts for scrapbooking.
Enjoy, thanks for a chance of winning great blog candy.

Connie said...

Hope you have a great birthday! I just discovered your blog tonight and have really been enjoying your posts with your new Prismacolor markers. I have also just bought some, and I am eager to learn to use them better. Anyway, I am very often inspired by this blog (which I didn't see listed in your list or by anyone):
It is the blog of Anna Wight who is a member at SCS and designs for Whipper Snapper. She also uses markers a lot. I also just discovered this blog recently:
She posts at SCS also, and I think she does phenomenal work.
Hope this inspires you!

dini said...

I love Inge's site - - she has wonderful layouts, colors, and cutie stamps!

dini from SCS

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Okay, here's a new one for you:
She's got some neat cards here. That blog candy looks pretty special and extremely generous.

............Aimeslee said...

Hi, Erin, thanks for the chance at an awesome array of candy! Well, here are some awesome sites I've been amazed at lately:

1. Bety's awesome card blog, iralamija:
2. Just about any template you would be looking for:
3. Nathalie Kalbach: incredible, colorful, hilarious:
4. Leslie Rich's Running with Scissors blog:
%. Then, there's mine! LOL :
Come visit me!


Alex said...

Finally, I have managed to find a site that I love that you haven't got on your blog!!!! phrewph that took some doing he he

I visit Kendra's blog, she does gorgeous work and is also having a blog candy moment!!! and of course there is mine, he he

Happy Visiting xx

Heidi said...

One of my fave blogs is Heartfelt Greetings by Amy Westerman. That girl can take a pile of scraps and turn it into something beyond amazing! She is so talented! She also has challenges regularly.

You never know where you might find inspiration. Sometimes just checking vintage sites or Pottery Barn or Target online (or even catalogs) help jump start your brain.

If you're looking for heartwarming stuff though and just cute beyond belief check out Love that site!

Heather said...

Happy early birthday, Erin!

A non-crafting site I find quite inspirational is the photoblog, Points of Light. Some of his photographs are absolutely breathtaking!