Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eat Cake Graphics Cat Card

Lemme talk a bit about Eat Cake Graphics. This company has some really stinkin cute stamps. I love the simple line designs of them, they are just really sweet stamps. It gets better though, these stamps are very affordable. The most expensive one they have is a collection that is actually 6 or 7 animals and it's only a whopping $12 for the unmounted set. Gotta love that! I will not say they have something for everyone though. They only have cute stamps. Funny, sweet and cute stamps. Lots of humor. I mean just look at this silly cat! Also the shipping is very reasonable. I love to order online and have fun packages come in the mail. I will be placing a good sized Eat Cake order first thing Thursday morning. (Me and Sherri have this deal not to buy any craft items in January.)
So there you have it, a cute card (at least I think so!) with stamps from a cute company! I love cute stuff!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mail Call!

Holy cow, just look at all this mail! Well guess what I gotta go do? You got it! Oh and Joanne and Thanh I got your swaps. :) (We are doing a big ole Stamping Bella image swap over at the Shack. That snake thing is my Zoo Member's only magazine. That thing that looks like a SU minicatalog is just a boring BJ's ad. :( I got excited when I saw that. Course SU already gets plenty of my money!

Two posts in one day, is she crazy?

Here is another bright kitty card. This time the stamp is Penny Black who makes some of the most adorable animal stamps ever. I used those jelly roll pens on the balloons and prismacolor pencils and gamsol on the cat and grass. I drew that grass line and outline myself. It's about as far as my doodling has gotten. I'm trying very hard not to have my stamped images just floating around in space. I really don't work with colors quite this bright usually, but it is fun. The inside of this card has "Happy Birthday" stamped. I'm feeling pretty clever to have cut it so that one balloon is trailing out, course I'm not the first person to have thought of that, but still, it's making me feel clever. :)

Welcome to Erin K Creations

Sherri made me do it! I said, "I don't have time to do another blog, I post my cards on The Stamp Shack anyhow, I don't need a blog for cards." But Sherri made her cute one and I said, "Well if Sherri has one I have to have one." Because our friendship kinda goes like that. :)

So I figure one card a day or so and comments on it will suffice right? Probably I'll have other stuff to say over time too.

This card is based on Kerry's Sketch 12. You can see a whole collection of sketches if you are a member of the Shack. This sketch reminded me of a quilt pattern so I right away though of my good friend Jennifer's mother. She is turning 80 next month and Jennifer had mentioned that she enjoys quilting. So I said I must do this for her. I'll be honest, it was not quick. It wasn't hard but it was just long. I'm sure a real quilter would be able to whip it right out though. In any event it was different and a challange for me and that's always good.

See my great photography of my card. (ok, it's just sorta good) Anyhow I used tops from AmyR. She has the most adorable blog I've seen and I plan to read every single word she publishes! Soon I'm sure a book company will be contacting her for an exclusive book deal and then we can all buy her book!

Well that's all for starters. We will see how well I keep up!