Thursday, February 06, 2014


Random balloons I made recently:

Jazzy January

The first big thing in January was that I went to the Florida Super Jam. I already wrote about that though so I won't bore you. 

Then we went on a cruise. We booked a 5 day cruise to celebrate Calvin being potty trained! Because if you are potty trained you get to go in Camp Carnival and Mommy doesn't have to hold you all day. But guess what? I never ordered my copy of Calvin's Birth Certificate. Didn't realize that until two days before the cruise. As we left on a holiday there was NO chance I could get one. Super stinky bummer, especially as, for months, we had been telling him "If you can go in potty you get to go on cruise ship!" and then, "We are going on cruise ship in X number of days." I felt HORRIBLE. I almost stayed home with him. But that's just silly. So off to my mom's he went. Which is probably good anyhow, he got to super bond with her and my Step-Father more. They had a great time. :) 

here are cruise pics: 
Brian looking totally thrilled, the boys in their sunglasses.

Brian and the boys in Nassau 

Me and the boys in Nassau

This awesome iguana was on the private island. I loved him. 

Brian getting his karaoke on. 

Brian and Stephen at dinner.

I also made balloon animals on the ship. Some just to hand to kids, some I put randomly around on the ship. Then there was a talent show and I made balloons in it. Too much fun.
The cruise was totally relaxing. I took a nap every day. It would have been fun but less relaxing with Calvin, so I guess it worked out OK in the end. I promised him he can come next time though.

I also went to a book club party this month. We read the book Garden Spells. I love that book. We ate food from it. I made an amazing chicken sandwich. One girl made marigold rice that I was IN LOVE with. I could eat it every day. Our next book is The Night Circus. I'm going to make balloon animals, but ALL in black and white and gray with touches of red. (colors in the book) I'm not making food this time. My last two foods cost me a small fortune. LOL.

I also hosted a going away party for my friend Cynthia. She moved to Arizona. That stinks. People should not move, it's awesome here. Thank heavens for Facebook.

I twisted balloons at the martial art school party. Paid gig and all! Woot Woot. It was fun. I love kids and balloons.

My class I teach at church is going well now. I had a few stumbles feeling it out at first, but I think I have it under control now.

I did out taxes, which I like because I'm a huge dork.

It was the coldest month EVER. Our electric bill was TWICE what it was in December. We lucked out here though, the whole country was having crazy snow and single digit temps. Awfully cold out there! Course it's Florida so it was in the 80's the other day.

I guess that's about it for January. It was busy and fun. And I need to take more photos. I don't have any normal photos, just the cruise ones.