Monday, November 23, 2009

Blighted Ovum

Well bad news everyone.

Turns out my pregnancy is not well. I have what is called a blighted ovum. Basicly an egg gets fertalized, implants, and grows a sac. Then nothing. I mean the sac is growing and I will grow a placenta, but no baby in there. When the placenta tries to attach to the baby and finds there is not one I will have a miscarriage. In about two weeks.

It pretty much sucks. I don't know what else to say about that. I'm kinda pissed that I have HORRIBLE morning sickness (all day) and that won't be ending right away. It doesn't seem fair to be this sick and not have a baby. Of course what is fair about miscarriage?

Ok, thanks for listening.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on the Gift Bow

The gift bow I posted yesterday that I didn't know where I got the idea is from THIS tutorial on How About Orange. It's really easy but does take a bit of time. Perfect for a special gift, probably too much for all your gifts.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally getting some stuff done.

Over the past week or so I've gotten a few things done.
Today I made 10 of this baby card. It will be "thank you" cards for a friend who recently had a baby shower. She loves cream/orange/brown as a color combo. I LOVE babies to wear anything other than pink and blue, so I was on board. This is a really simple Christmas card. I actually made it from scraps from another Christmas card I made. (Which Roniece is borrowing to make a similar card off of so I'll show you later)
I especially like the glitter negative image snowflake.
This one uses a varitety of stamps and sets. Several from Cornish Heritage Farms' Scene It line, and one tree set from Flourishes. I did it all on shimmery paper. I think it's festive.
And finally I don't know who to credit this with, but I found a tutorial online somewhere on how to do this bow. If you know let me know. I love it.

In Other News:
I've had some scare with this pregnancy. It's been ups and downs. I'm still not SURE that everything is ok. It looks ok, but I won't know for sure until Monday. So if you are the praying type send one up for me. In related news I've had the WORST week of morning sickness ever. I am INSANE with the sickness.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Tired lately

I've just not been crafting like I'd like to latey. I have a perfectly clean craft room, all the supplies for a fun quilt waiting to be made, and endless card challange/blog inspirations. And yet I just want to stare into space. I'm not even reading blogs like I used to. And my DVR is getting all backed up because even watching TV seems like a lot to ask. What on earth could it be?

Oh, this:Well that pretty much explains everything. :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few random things

First these are mock-ups for some thank you cards Roniece and I had to make. (Fifty of them, with limited time and a demanding, non-paying client LOL.) We ended up doing pretty much these, but in white. The white looks much better. (So there you have it Heather Nichols, not EVERYTHING looks best on Kraft. Kidding! I love Heather Nichols) And here is a quickie I made with my new Flourishes set. You know, the one with the koi.
I also got the Flourishes tree set. I have this thing with tree sets. It's rather obscene. I've purchased probably 10 tree sets, trying to get the look and versatility of Stampin' Up!'s Lovely as a Tree. I refuse to pay the price of Lovely as a Tree. Course I've spent probably $100 NOT buying it ya know? So here's to hoping that the Flourishes one is a good substitute. I think Roniece wanted to B Slap me when I bought ANOTHER tree set. Faith assures me that the Flourishes one will bring me great joy. So we can blame her if not. *wink*

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Splitcoast Challanges

I'm trying to be more active on the Splitcoast Challanges.

Here is my card for this week's Clean and Simple Challange (perhaps my favorite challange). It was a sketch; And here is my card for today's color challange. It was to use all neutrals, but then with a pop of color.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Faith's Retreat

This past weekend I went with my friend Roniece to Faith's retreat. It really was a ton of fun! We all made cards until we were catatonic. Piles and piles of projects. I definately recomend the retreat. Actually there is one in March that I'm thinking of signing up for.

Here are some of the projects we did:

These next are from the shoebox swaps! See what talented girls I was with.
More shoebox swaps. I didn't get a chance to make them all either. It was the last thing we did and I was zombee tired so I had to leave some undone.