Friday, February 20, 2009

Custom Order!

I have wanted... no needed, a custom address stamp for some time. Kim alterted me to The Star Box shop on Etsy. I loved the seahorse stamp she has, but we all know I'm an octopus girl. I looked in her sold items and saw some customs. Also she hand carves each stamp. So I wondered if she would do a custom stamp for me? With an octopus?

She said YES. Here is my octopus. I had two done, one has my home address, but I bet if I posted that one my mom would say, "Don't post the address of my grandbabies on the internet for everyone to see." So here is this one. I love it! All I told her was what I wanted it to say and that it needed to have an octopus. She chose the font and all that goodness. I think it's the coolest stamp ever. The address stamp looks more like this one. Of course mine has an octopus instead of the seahorse. (although that seahorse is beautiful too!)

They were a STEAL at $10 each. I cannot believe it! I have MANY stamps of this size I paid $10 for and they are not even custom! And those boring address stamps you get from the office place cost more than that and they don't even come in octopus.

What would you have on yours? I mean ALL you cardmakers need a custom stamp for the backs of your cards. Your own image and such. (or that seahorse... why didn't I get the seahorse in addition?)

Kim got an awesome one too! I'll let her tell you about hers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skip to my Lou Fabric Notebook Cover

This is actually the second time I've made this. the first time I added it to the purse and zippie giveaway I did a few weeks back.

I made a notepad cover today using THIS pattern I purchased from Skip to my Lou. I love the pattern, it cuts and sews really easily. The one comment is on the final sewing when it says "scant 1/4 inch" she means SCANT. Not EXACTLY. I had a brand new 1/4 inch foot the first time and so I used it and was so proud of my exact 1/4 inch, and it was way snug. It worked out, but today I did do a scant 1/4 and it was a much nicer fit. The pattern was cheap. It was only $1.99. I plan to make a bunch for gifts.

This is for Kim. She picked out the fabric and bought it and had it sent here. It's like my own version of sewing for hire, she buys extra of the fabric, I get the leftovers! :)

Ok Outside view, featuring pencil/pen pocket.
Back view. The band of contrast fabric on the top is not part of the pattern, it's because I had directional fabric and wanted the back to be right side up too so I did that to turn the fabric. I also think it's snazzy.
And the inside. The inside is a smidge boring, but it does the job. The elastic thingie wraps to hold it all closed. You do NOT need this fat of elastic, but I only had this and WAY skinny and the way skinny didn't work. So fat it was. I'm sure someone super clever will cover the elastic with contrast fabric and make it DELUX cute.
Yup, there is crayon on my dining room table. Doesn't bother me a bit either.

Variation on a theme

First I'll share the Valentines Day card I made my wonderful Brian. I was inspired by THIS card I saw on Etsy. ( I LOVE the Etsy card and I hinted all over the place but no one got it for me! *sad* JK) Then I got an order from Cornish Heritage Farms and made a TON of cards. I used the Ranger Paint Daubers a lot.
These are not new stamps on the proud card, but the paint was new.

I love this open dot backgrounder stamp.
Same open dot, still loving it.
This dot circle backgrounder looks totally different with the paint. I thought it was fun.
More paint and a lot of glitter. I painted the letters with paint first, then painted them with glue then dumped tons of glitter. I did the "e" and "o" on foam tape so it would rise above the "h" and "ll".

And that's what I've made lately. I know I've been a slacker blogger. I'm gonna bout to slack more because we are going on vacation. Sorry about that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First of all I can't believe it's been TEN DAYS since my last blog post! Sheesh.

I've been stamping a lot but I'm entering almost all of it in a contest so I can't share.

I can share this. I got new lotion. I LOVE it. I'm about to go online and see what else I can get in this fragrance. Because it's my goal to smell like this every second of every day. Brian loves it too, although he keeps asking me to make lemon bars now. haha. *might go get some stuff and suprise him with some today*

I love the lotion so much, I love the bottle almost as much. The white on yellow with touches of black, I adore it! So I got out of bed last night to make a card with those colors.

Liked it so much I made two.
My original plan was to stamp the white with paint, but it just didn't show up great on the yellow. I tried white ink, and embossing power, none made me happy. I then tried stamping the white with white stazon on clear and layering that. I loved the look. So I stamped the black with black stazon too and that's pretty much the whole card. Put the clear piece over yellow cardstock, attached with black brads. whippa wam wam wazzle, it's done.
I don't know who makes the three dandilioin stamp, but all the other stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms.
I'm off to to see what else they are willing to sell me that smells like lemon cream. I'm hoping for purfume, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent... generally anything.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

And the winner is...

Mrs. Fence said...
Love your purse Erin. You always make great stuff!

Mrs. Fence please send me your mailing information to my email at and I will get your stuff out to you!

ETA: I'm so bad connecting people's online names with real names. Tracey You do not have to mail me your info, as of course I have it. :)