Friday, February 20, 2009

Custom Order!

I have wanted... no needed, a custom address stamp for some time. Kim alterted me to The Star Box shop on Etsy. I loved the seahorse stamp she has, but we all know I'm an octopus girl. I looked in her sold items and saw some customs. Also she hand carves each stamp. So I wondered if she would do a custom stamp for me? With an octopus?

She said YES. Here is my octopus. I had two done, one has my home address, but I bet if I posted that one my mom would say, "Don't post the address of my grandbabies on the internet for everyone to see." So here is this one. I love it! All I told her was what I wanted it to say and that it needed to have an octopus. She chose the font and all that goodness. I think it's the coolest stamp ever. The address stamp looks more like this one. Of course mine has an octopus instead of the seahorse. (although that seahorse is beautiful too!)

They were a STEAL at $10 each. I cannot believe it! I have MANY stamps of this size I paid $10 for and they are not even custom! And those boring address stamps you get from the office place cost more than that and they don't even come in octopus.

What would you have on yours? I mean ALL you cardmakers need a custom stamp for the backs of your cards. Your own image and such. (or that seahorse... why didn't I get the seahorse in addition?)

Kim got an awesome one too! I'll let her tell you about hers.


Linda B said...

They are great Erin, and perfect for you, and you are so right about me going nutty if you posted your home address. Good girl.
Love, Mom

Marina said...

tht's a REALLY cool stamp!!!
[love your mom's comment! :-)]