Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canton Village Quilt Works goes to Market

So each year there is a Quilt Market. It's in Houston. I try not to think about it too much because I never get to go. (Papercrafter friends, it's like CHA for quilters only bigger.)

But Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works went this year. And not only did she take photos, she brought back goodies!

Goodies that she is giving away on her blog!

Check it out HERE.

I'm letting you know so if you love yummy fabrics you can check it out.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul and Vanessa

This is a story to warm your heard.

My friend Roniece is the sweetest. HER friend, who we will call S recently had a baby. The baby, unfortunately, is special needs. It was a huge shock to S and the family. It has been hard and very sad. S was telling Roniece who each time she goes to the Dr they tell her yet another thing that is wrong, or that the baby won't ever do. She said it's dragging her down so much. Of course it is. Roniece felt the Spirit suggest this idea; Get a journal, write all the stuff the Dr's say the baby won't be able to do, write about it when the baby DOES accomplish those things. Give the journal to the baby when he is an adult and has overcome these challanges. Well S loved the idea, it made her feel hopeful and loved.

So today after going to Roniece's birthday dinner I draged her into Barnes and Noble. Mostly because my kids were not with us and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go in a bookstore without my kids. I had an idea of buying some gift cards while I was in there too. Roniece told me the story I just told you. We decided to look at journals. We hemed and hawed over them. There was a budget issue, the ones we loved most were too costly. Did we want to get a journal that "would do" or keep looking, or bite the bullet and get an expensive one? We got discouraged and decided to look at funny calendars instead. At the end of calendars was a second selection of "budget journals" They were actually lovely, but then we wondered if they were too girly.

Roniece feels randomly inspried to ask the advice of this man who is looking at books around the corner. He says, that they are girly and he would not use them. I ask if he would cherish it from his mom though, if it was what she recorded his early life in. He said maybe. Then he got a thoughtful look and said, "You know, let me show you the journal I really like and use myself, I think it would be perfect." So he takes us to the moleskein journals. I know these journals, they are fantastic. But they were out of our price range. We look at them, commenting on their perfectness. I point out to Roniece that they would hold up well in the purse for Dr visits. The guy asks about that. We tell him about S and her baby and why we think she needs a journal. The guy says, "You know what, you pick any of these you like and I will buy it for your friend." We are shocked of course, but he says we must choose one. We pick up the smallest one of course. Meanwhile his wife who is adorable and pregnant comes up. She doesn't say, "What are you doing talking about buying a journal for random girls you just met" She says, "Oh hello" totally friendly. So we say that we think the small one will work. The wife says, "Oh no, it's hard to write in the small, you need this one" and picks up a larger one that is much more expensive. Then the husband says, "well if it's for the purse, I think the hardcover is best" And voila he picks us out an expensive journal and buys it.

While he's paying we chat up the wife, including me saying, "What's it like to go around with him all the time" referencing the generosity and general awesomeness of her husband. And she say, "It's pretty much awesome" and I squealed. I mean that's right up there with "that's a little hunk of gold I'm holding right there" (America's Next Top Model reference).

Turns out they are Paul and Vanessa, the baby is due in Feburary. They don't know the gender and are not finding until they have the baby. They win my award for most adorable couple today.

Roniece wins my award for listening to the promptings of the Spirit for starting this whole ball rolling. I rekon I can have an award for dragging my friend on HER birthday dinner into a store I want to go into? Nah.. no award for me.

Anyhow that's all I have today but I had to share that story with anyone who would listen. It's my current favorite RAK.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodbye summer

As you may know I live in Florida. Just barely, I mean it's North Florida, which is like a different state. But it is hot here. Or it was. Two weeks ago it was pool weather. But those days are over. It is now delightfully cool here. Windows Open weather. (You may have noticed I divide weather into what it does for me, "Pool Weather" "Windows Open Weather" "Don't need to run the sprinkler weather" "Sweater Weather" and so on)

So goodbye summer. Goodbye snowcone machine, goodbye icecream cones dripping down my arm as I try to eat you before you melt. See you next year!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Four Square

You know that schoolyard game "Four Square"? I've never played that! I didn't even know it existed until one day at a church activity my husband, bishop and two other adults were playing it! I was all, "What is the mystery game?" and they were all, "Were you born yesterday, this is Four Square you ninny!" Anyhow I still don't really understand the rules, but something about four kids, and a ball making a fun game that they would remember fondly into adulthood makes me happy. This card makes me happy too. I rarely work with pattern paper. Surely not often more than one at a time. I never know quite what to do with it. But this time I love what I did. And I believe I've mentioned the deepness of my feelings for this PaperWorks Co. octopus? I've actually been thinking he might make a great tattoo. haha.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little girl

I love the new little girl set I have from The Angel Company. It has these girls holding different cute things. I HAD to get it because 1. the girls are too cute and looked fun to color and 2. I felt that the dresses needed to be paper pieced. On this first one I actually used fabric to make her dress. I backed a scrap of fabric with full sheet adhesive (I get mine in the Miracle Tape line at Viva Las Vegastamps) then stamped the girl on it, cut out the dress and stuck it onto the girl I had stamped on paper. I did NOT color the girl and heart first. That would have been a better idea, as I got a bit of marker on the fabric. Live and learn. I drew in a sidewalk using a turotial I found on Amy R's blog. It is a fun tutorial and expect to see a lot of sidewalks in my future.
Here is the same girl again. This time I did her dress in pattern paper. I used the A Muse oval to make a little place for her to stand.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple cards, inspired by Simplicity

One of my favorite blogs in my Reader is Simplicity by Lateblossom. When I saw THIS POST it was a get up and make a card moment. (A "get up and make a card moment" is when you see something so dang awesome you get right up and make a card that moment inspired by it)

Hers are notecards, and I did make some of those. I made them mostly in sympathy, but I gave them to my mom already. I also made some actual folded cards and have them for you here: This is for a boy I know who recently had his baptism. This set is by Papertrey. So the trick on the Simplicity blog is basicly in making the black line frame. Making it well, and time after time. You really need to go read her blog for the details. It's simple but brilliant.
Then I decided to try it with not drawing the frame, but embossing it with my Score-Pal. This worked well too and I think is a nice look. I'm absolutely in love with this flower set by Papertrey. The greeting is from Friend Centers set by Cornish Heritage Farms.

In other news:
Sorry I've been a bad blogger. My entire family got horribly sick. We should probably have gone to the Dr, I think we may have even had that horrible N1H1. It was the most sick I had been in years. So that was all last week, and the week before we traveled. (Because when I'm about to come down with deathflu I like to travel so I can infect as many people as possible, :( ) Anyhow all that is my excuse for stinking at posting lately. If you are still with me thanks! I have a sketch sitting here that I MUST make a card for today so expect to see me again later.