Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little girl

I love the new little girl set I have from The Angel Company. It has these girls holding different cute things. I HAD to get it because 1. the girls are too cute and looked fun to color and 2. I felt that the dresses needed to be paper pieced. On this first one I actually used fabric to make her dress. I backed a scrap of fabric with full sheet adhesive (I get mine in the Miracle Tape line at Viva Las Vegastamps) then stamped the girl on it, cut out the dress and stuck it onto the girl I had stamped on paper. I did NOT color the girl and heart first. That would have been a better idea, as I got a bit of marker on the fabric. Live and learn. I drew in a sidewalk using a turotial I found on Amy R's blog. It is a fun tutorial and expect to see a lot of sidewalks in my future.
Here is the same girl again. This time I did her dress in pattern paper. I used the A Muse oval to make a little place for her to stand.


Anonymous said...

Little girl Little girl with hair of brown! How sweet you look in a pretty pattern dress! These are way to cute! Love the sidewalk!

Thanh said...

Very adorable!! Great sidewalk