Friday, December 27, 2013

Paper Smooches December Design Draft

I was looking around the net for cardmaking inspiration and saw this post:

It is for a sketch type challenge. I love this particular sketch and Paper Smooches is one of my favorite stamp companies. I had to get right up and give it a try.

And this is what I made:
 Please note the matching envelope. I make all my envelopes. I might enjoy that as much as making cards actually. I like to think of the fun of finding these bright, colorful envelopes in your mailbox.

All the stamps are by Paper Smooches and you can get them at the link I put above. I put the word strip and the Earth on pop dots, give them a little depth.

And that is that. I will be posting soon with my December update.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Notable November

This first pic isn't actually from this month, but it was in the November file on my computer and it's stinking adorable: 
So I told you last month that we got a boat. If you look super closely in these next pictures you can see, we keep seeing dolphins from our boat! This is in the St. Johns river near the Cruise Terminal. Awesome! They were so close to the boat and playing in our wake and jumping all over and swimming under the boat. It was amazing. I've never been super into dolphins, but seeing them in the wild from your own boat is amazing. Calvin is sure they were whales and tells everyone that we see whales from our boat. Which would be scary and amazing. I mean, whales are huge.

 Calvin had his birthday. He got a bunch of fun presents. He had a tiny birthday party, he only wanted to invite two friends this year. Easy peasy.
Ethan got his teacher switched on him. It was HARD for me. I had a two hour meeting with the principal about it. I didn't want him to switch, he has had such a hard time with school and his teacher was so very good for him. But eventually I agreed to try it out and the new teacher is great too. I actually really like this school. The principal is awesome, and all the other people I have talked to have been great. It is a good school year.

Brian traveled. Boring.

I did a thing on Facebook where I put what I was thankful for every day. More than half of them were about sleep. I value sleep so much more highly than I used to. I wish Calvin did too.

I finally went to Chamblins book Mine here in town and I hated it. It was huge and all, but so much more expensive than I'm used to paying for used books. I also went to the Friends of the Library book sale and that was AWESOME. Cleaned up there.

I borrowed Napolian Dynamite to show the boys and to give it another chance for myself. Didn't even get through it, that is the most boring movie I've ever seen. I mean really, why do people like it. I truly abhor it.

Ethan is watching me type and he is amazed at how fast I type. I am just about out of content, but I want to keep typing so he can keep being amazed at me.

Oh my friend Laura came down from SC where she moved. We went to a party and the Hunger Games premier with a bunch of friends. We dressed up like people from the movie and all, super, silly fun.

Started a book club. We are reading Garden Spells as our first book. It's awesome, I've read it before, but I'm happy to read it again.

 I loved the mid season finale of Walking Dead. I was kinda hoping they killed off Carl though. I bet he is the psychopath who is doing crap to rats. I get a sketchy feeling about that kid.

Well, I rekon that's all I've got for this month, more stuff happened but I can't remember it all.