Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little edgy

A few weeks back I stumbled across the Stampotique Originals website. Under the category Jill Penny and Daniel Torrente are some of the most unique stamps ever. They are definately on my wishlist. My good friend Chris ordered them right away, and when hers came in she sent ime images.

And this is what I made:

The first one uses a lovely fairy. She is really cute I think. She wanted to have lots of glitter on her wings and skirt, so I, of course, agreed. Oh and her hair is wicked cute! Do you think I could rock this hair style?
Next is one of the more edgy stamps from the same line. Now I saw these and fell in love. I emailed Tracey who I tell everything to and said, "TJ, do you love these? I could use them with my "Do I look like I care?" stamp!" She responded with "They are scary, You need an "I will kill you and eat your children" stamp for them." HAHAHA. I don't have any stamps about killing people, but I can see how these might not be for everyone. Lucky for me they ARE for me! This is actually one of the less scary ones in the line. There are a few that even I'm not sure I'm going to be loving. This girl has a definate Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas) vibe to her I think. The phrase stamp is by Missy B Designs.

I've got some non-stamping stuff *but fun* going on so I might not post for a few days again.
OH here's more rambling from me:
So my cool LSS had their Garage Sale today, you bring your crap in advance all priced and with your special number on it and then they sell it. You pick up a check the following week. Anyhow I usually make around $50 and try to spend less than I make at it. Well I don't know what I made yet, but I only spent $3.25! It was shocking. No one could understand it. I got a huge gallon bag of those stamping sponges, all quartered for me already, and three stamps. There just wasn't a ton of stuff I felt like I needed.
I've gotten fun stuff lately. I'll tell about it now.
First is stamps from Red Eowyn. My mom bought them for me, one of the Alice in Wonderland plates. They are great! Mom said they came in like 3 business days, she got an email right away saying they were being shipped. The stamps are really nice quality. They are a red rubber sheet and really deeply etched, thick rubber too. I don't know that thick rubber really is better, but it feels nice. I'm going to definately order from them again, I think I want their Freaks, which arn't really my cutsie normal, but I still like them a bunch.
I also ordered from a new-to-me store, Croppin' Paradise. I got a few paper pads, they were the only place I found that had the new Cosmo Cricket, the new Basic Grey and the new Making Memories all in one place. So I ordered some of that on Wednesday an it arrived today. Packaged perfectly and super quick. Reasonable shipping too. There was also a very short survey I could do and get a coupon code for 10% off my next order, so that's cool. They are mainly a scrapbook company, but we all need cute papers!
I also caved and ordered the new Ladies Dancing kit from justjohanna. I wasn't going to get it, but the other Design Team members keep making the most adorable stuff. I also love the mix and match, build a bird, element to it. And seriously it's a GREAT value. I got the Vintage option, but there is also a Bright option. These are actually second runs, the first kits sold out fast. I'm hoping we see more kits with unmounted sheets in the future, I love a collection of closely related stamps. :)
I'll be honest, I've ordered other stuff lately too. I don't want to go on about it, in fear of making myself look like some sort of a shopaholic. teeheehee

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scene stamping with justjohanna *and published!*

This afternoon I decided to do some scene stamping with my justjohanna stamps.

This is what I came up with.

I painted the blue and green background with watercolor paints. I also used my stamp-a-majig a lot on this. Then I colored the scene with both watercolor pencils and copic markers. I also added glitter on the clouds, inspired by the clouds Lim does with glitter. (side note, Lim is new to me and AWESOME. You should check out her blog here. ) I left Priscilla white again, I'm still really liking her white.

This next pic is of some of the stuff I used to make the card. Note the yellow post it on the tree stamp. I use this stamp a BUNCH and often want to mask it, so I just keep this mask right on the wood of the stamp. Then I don't have to cut it out each time. I also have this on a bunch of other stamps. Also see on the grid paper how I stamped the animal grouping out? I do that when I'm making a brand new to me scene to make sure it really works. The owl on the tail was an afterthought but I tried it out on the gird paper and it made me happy so it got to go on the card. You can also see my stamp-a-majig here, I use it a LOT. Like a super freak out ton, lot. I thought they were totally silly before I got mine but now I use it every time I stamp almost. In other news I have 9 cards published in the current Just Cards! magazine. Here is the cover. AND look in the top left corner. That cute bird card with the two birds and the heart? That's by my friend Awana and it uses justjohanna stamps too!

Here is a close up of Awana's card. Too cute!

It's a cute magazine, I always like Just Cards because, well, it's just cards. It is card/directions, card/directions. Over and over. Tons of them. *says right on the cover, "over 300"*

Ok, I rekon that's all I have for today. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tracey I love you!

First of all nods to Debbie who was the first person I saw make the submarine stamp into a rocket HERE.

Today my good friend Tracey says to me, "Erin you know that blimpmarine stamp you use all the time? You should make that into a rocket, I'm sure you can, cut something off, add something..." Now Tracey had not seen Debbie's rocket (she has now I showed her). But I had to make a rocket because I make all the cards Tracey suggests because she's wicked clever. The shredded ribbon flame trail was her suggestion as well. There is also a totally different rocket take she wants me to do but I only had time to do this one tonight. :)

all stamps are justjohanna. The rocket is from the submarine. The earth is part of a WCMD limited edition stamp I WON before I was even on the jj design team. It's wicked cute, it has an owl holding the earth up and it's too cute. I just cut the earth part off the stamped image to do this though. The bird is "kim's barette bird" and my friend Kim designed her for justjohanna. Isn't she cute? I used her especially because of the look in her eyes.

I've been busy!

I made a lot of cards yesterday. Let me show them to you.

First I have a cooking card using new stamps from justjohanna *actually all these cards are justjohanna, so I won't say that each time*. Is this owl the most adorable owl you've ever seen? If not please link to the more adorable owl. As a matter of fact, I don't usually link to the stamps, I usually let you look at what you want but HERE is a link right to this owl. So anyhow the owl is cooking. On her new stove. I colored with copic markers. All these stamps are under the "new" section on the jj website, as they are brand spankin new!
Next up is a farm scene. Is this not the bestest barn ever? You know it is! Also, this cow, you can get it facing forward like this or facing right or facing left. I love that! Look forward to a whole herd of cows from me later. This is also colored with copics. These stamps are also new.

Next up is a lime card. Now I'll admit that I've had the lime stamp for months. I only just started using it and all the sudden it's one of my favorite stamps! go figure. For this one I stamped the lime on glossy white cardstock with versamark ink and embossed with clear powder. Then I brayered some versamagic keylime ink over it. For the main image I stamped the lime and masked it and stamped it again. Then drew some stem/sticks. I ment them to look like lime flowers, but they sorta look like some sort of super yummy confection don't they? I colored with watercolor pencil and used the clear stardust glitter pen over them for extra sugary yumminess *by this time I had realized the candy potential*

This one is another submarine as blimp card. It occurs to me that I usually put someone in the window of the sub. Even when it's a blimp. But you don't RIDE in that part, you ride in the basket part. So this time I left it empty. Brian, my DH, suggested that the window part is the... oh heck, what's the word.. omnitron? Anyhow that video message thing they have on blimps, and that I should fit a tiny greeting in there. I colored this scene with watercolor pencils. Did I mention I love owls?

Now for an Easter card. I colored this bunny with white colored pencil. We all know how I feel about white coloring on a colored background.

The next two use the same stamps but look really different if you ask me.

First I have a cupcake on an Alice in Wonderland background. The inside is stamped with the "Life's short, eat cupcakes" greeting.

Next is a much brighter cupcake card. I used the cupcake row over and over on my paper to make custom patern paper. Then I colored it with colors from the dot paper. I used the same dot paper on the "paper" part of the cupcake. Colored the frosting lime green, because, well I have this lime thing going on right now! I added a polkadot brad where the little cherry would go on the cupcake. Can you read the greeting? It is the "Life's short, eat cupcakes" stamp again, this time clear embossed.

Next up is a fairly simple card featuring the intertwined kitties. I love these kitties. I colored them with watercolor pencil. OH this brings up one of my tips. I can't color black animals well. I rarely see it done either. So when I want a black animal I use my watercolor pencils and use the black, but don't apply it all over. The end result is dark gray, but you can still see the stamp lines, and any highlighting I decide to do. I will also use a dark gray marker sometimes. Anyhow the point is that I don't color them black, I do dark gray. :)

Next is a card with the lovely, sometimes naughty Priscilla. This card was really by chance. I wanted to do the cat and use the cat paper. I started coloring her brown. I was doing two of these at once, so when I got to the pink accents part I did that on the uncolored cat too. I LOVED it just white! I've never left priscilla white before, I usually do her the gold color. But I decided to do her in just white this time. I feel it really works on this card, I'm not sure brown would have made me as happy.

And that's all for yesterday. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

I do not have cancer.


I went today for my followup on my bad mamogram. They showed me the spots they were concerned about. They were definately spots and icky, just two of them. Anyhow they did more images with different plates on the machine. Then they printed them *or whatever they do with them* and the Radiologist read them right there while I waited. He had me go in a little room and he said right away that it was all good news. Then we talked about the importance of monthly exams and getting an anual exam and all that good stuff.

One freaky thing is he recomends the genetic test for me. I'm not sure about that yet. I rekon I'll talk to my OBGYN at my next visit.

For right now I'm happy to be healthy! :)

And now back to cards and stamping!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In My Garden - Wednesday Stamper

This card is for this week's challange on Wednesday Stamper. It was "In my garden". In my garden you can find Priscilla the cat, eyeing Alistair the owl. I call it "Desire" haha!

As is often the case with challanges this lead me to make another card featuring some of the same images.
You may or may not know, but I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland freak. Like crazy huge. If you read some of the text on this portion I cut out for my background you will see it is where Alice is falling down the rabbit hole and she wonders if she will come out where people
walk with thier heads downward". That got me thinking of the cat being upside down. Also that goofy Cheshire cat spends time upside down in trees, so I figure that works too.
This is the book I cut the text from. This book has a child's handwriting inside with thier name and the date, the date they claimed it was before I was born! I picked this up at the thrift store for 25 cents! I wanted a book to cut text out of for backgrounds like this and I figured with my love of Alice and the funny lines in the book it would be a great pick for me. *yes, as a fan I was tempted to keep the book, for my collection of Alice in Wonderland books, but it has some funky 70's style artwork and I'm very particlular about the artwork in my Alice books, I only like the Sir John Tenniel art*

all stamps are justjohanna. I colored the "desire" one with copic markers, after stamping with gray palette ink. the Alice in Wonderland one I colored with watercolor pencil and blended with a Dove blender pen.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Random Cards. :)

First I have a card I made with my new TAC stamps. I LOVE this set. You sorta build this tree, there is the grass and flowers too, and some birds. I used my new spring moss paper by Papertrey Ink and black ribbon. Oh the thanks so much phrase is by Papertrey too. :)

Next I have a card using a set by inique boutique. Their stamps are cool, they are just rubber, but with sticky stuff on them you can stick them right on your clear blocks. They are very affordable and packaged neatly and everything. On this one I stamped on some ivory paper then went over some with my versamark pen and then perfect pearls to give it shimmer. I colored the pinkish flowers with copics. The "Live your bliss" is by Papertrey (I just got "Mixed Messages" I think they are GREAT little phrase stamps, so I will probably be using them a lot)
Next we have my son Stephen's birthday party invitation. For some crackheaded reason I decided to make them a little involved. I started by letting Stephen pick the stamp. He wanted the cat, with a balloon added, and also it needed a hat. Then I wanted to make the balloon shiny. Oh Stephen's favorite color is yellow, the theme of his party is "yellow". My friend Christy, *Hi Christy!* convinced him yellow AND balloons would be nice, so now it's yellow and balloons. :) Ok, the cat is colored with watercolor pencils and I cuttlebugged the red stuff.
This is where I lost my mind. The inside has one of those pop out things. It says "It's a party!" Then more balloons and a cake. *I want you to imagine doing these while you have an almost 3 year old saying over and over, "I need a cake on mine birfdayparty cards". Anyhow all these stamps are from some retired Stampin Up! set I don't know it's name. I bought it from someone on The Stamp Shack. If I were doing just one of these cards I would have matted the cat on the front on something, and for sure would have done something cuter with the "It's a party!" part, but I had a stack of these to make and I was tired of doing extra stuff so I threw these together. Stephen said they are "supercute" so it works for me.

Now is the part where I'm going to ramble about some stuff. Stamping related, but you can skip it, I'll never know.

I love this trend of people putting videos on their blogs! I don't have a video thingie, but if I get one I'll do some. Mine won't be rock star quality, but whatever! Anyhow, to all you video bloggers thanks!

I still love my copics. I still love my ATG. And my Scor Pal.

I think I'm going to get subscriptions to VSN "Vamp Stamp News" and maybe Rubber Stamp Madness too. Now I never met a stamping magazine I didn't love, but I like these two because there is a lot of stuff to actually READ in them. Some have lovely photos and I like that, but I also like to curl up and actually read stuff. VSN is sort of like reading all the technique posts on all message boards. At least that's the feel I get when I read it. Also the editor of VSN is really nice. I don't know the RSM people, but I picked up a copy today and it was really good too.

My LSS which is awesome by the way, is having it's Yard Sale event on the 29th. How it works at this store is I get my vendor number, then price all my stuff and put my number on it too. Then I bring it all in and leave it. On that day they have the sale. There will be tons of junk for people to look at. Whenever someone buys MY number of stuff they make a note of it and at the end I get a check for all the stuff I sold, less 10%. I think its 10%, maybe it's 15%, whatever. Anyhow I love it because stuff sells pretty well and I don't have to deal with it at all. And it's cool to get a check, some do it but you get store credit. So I got that all together today and I dropped it off tonight. I had tons of paper, a huge stack of magazines, a handful of stamps *I sell most of my stamps on The Stamp Shack* and a few other random things. A few years ago I did it for the first time and made over $200! course it was the first time, so I had TONS of junk to sell. I think I'll make around $50 this time. Which is good, because I usually spend around $50! hahahaha

I just placed an order with justjohanna. You know there are new stamps right? THIS link should take you right to them. Anyhow I couldn't get everything, but I got a good amount. I already did another order recently too so that should get here any day. OH I almost forgot, under the new stuff there is a "priscilla mini" It's the same cute cat as before, only a tiny one! We all know I got that. I can't remember what all else, a bunch of stuff. Like a BUNCH.

I also ordered the swiss dot cuttlebug folder! I'm excited. I have this thing for polkdot stuffs right now. I can't stop myself! Anyhow I got the folder from It was only $5 and they have free shipping on $10 *yea, It's cool, I don't know how they do it* so I got some ribbons too. They have may arts ribbon, it's really nice. I tried to go on the May Arts site and order huge spools, but they seem to only sell wholesale. The nerve! Oh speaking of ribbon, my awesome LSS sells May Arts and many others, and all ribbon is just 50cent a yard! I don't know how they do that either.

Ok, that's enough rambling. There is more I could say, I love the new Gina K stuff, none of the PTI stuff was for me *which is a releif because i'm stinking broke!*, I'm excited about the new Cornish Heritage stuff coming out soon, those Frindly Kritters, or whatever their names are... anyhow enough rambling! hugs,e

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feeling Fruity

I made these cards for a Virtual Swap hosted by Debbie over on the justjohanna forum. The theme was "Feeling Fruity" I'm having sort of a lime week here so that's what I did. *also any excuse to use super bright green!*

all stamps are justjohanna all black ink is palette noir, the green ink is versamagic keylime, the patern paper is bo bunny

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I went on Colleen's blog today and saw the most lovely card with one of my favorite Eat Cake Grpahic stamps. Look at it! Then I remembered that I did a card with this stamp in January. I did it in hopes of a publication but wasn't selected. It's been a while past the notification date so I'm going to go ahead and show it to ya!

I know some of yall know your SU colors I THINK this is blush, guava and rust. The ribbon is from my stash. I stamped in Versafine Vintage Sepia ink and colored with copics. I colored the butterflies white with colored pencil. I love that you can do that.

Lemon/Lime Cupcakes

Ok these were a bit more fancy and less fancy looking.Cake is just yellow cake mix prepared as per directions, be SURE to underfill the papers. *I did mini cupcakes*

The yellow layer is this
1 of those larger cartons of extra heavy whipping cream, it was close to 2 cups of it.
about 3/4 cup of lemmon juice
1 box instant vanilla pudding (although I should have used lemon maybe)
2 cups powdered sugar

Whip the cream WITH the pudding until it is firm, add the lemon, if you want to color it add that too and whip more. Slowly add 2 cups powdered sugar and whip till it's all mixed in. Stick it in the fridge.

Green layer
1 can of Betty Crocker whipped fluffy white frosting
the juice from two limes and as much of the zest as I could get off of one of them.
green food color

Stir up the frosting, I had to put it in a seperate bowl. Add the other stuff, stir more. Refridgerate. When the cakes are cool top with the yellow, then the green. The yellow is really creamy. It does taste like lemon, but it's not tart at all. The green is also creamy, but really tart. It's not to where you can't just eat it, I managed to lick the spoon, but it's definately puckery. With the creamy layer and the cake though it is just perfect!

The whole recipe is an alteration of this one:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I almost forgot my review of the new Papertrey paper.

I like it. A lot. Not any more than Stampin' Up! paper. I can't really see a difference in weight. I mean it feels about the same. It's not too heavy. I had heard people saying it might be too heavy to layer and that's not the case. It might be stiffer though. It folded fine with my scor pal, but it seems a bit stiffer than SU. It might be a little smoother too. It's hard to say.

Anyhow, for me it's the same level of quality. Which is good because we all know I buy about 50lbs of SU a year so I have a stockpile! *I'm Mormon, we belive in having a year's supply of necessities, I can only imagine they ment stamping paper too right?* But it's nice paper. I will definately buy any color I like.

That's saying something, I'm VERY snobby about paper.

I also tried the satin ribbon. I like it. I will admit I like the satin I get from Ribbons and Bows Oh My better. The PTI satin is only single sided. The back side is VERY nice too though, if you tie a knot and that side shows it will NOT look junky. *like the back side of the satin at Michaels in the dollar spot, that stuff looks junky on the back, but it's cheap so you just deal with it* The colors are super yummy. They are nice in paper, but somehow in satin I love them more. So I'm really glad I got them. That's the only ribbon I tried.

I've been a longtime supporter of the Papertrey White paper. It's DELISH. I really don't like coloring on any other paper. And I don't even consider making a white base out of anything else. When they make it in ivory I will buy 5 packs of that on the spot. :)

Playing with Papertrey

I received my Papertrey order on Thursday. (less than a week for shipping!) I got a few stamp sets, the new paper, the "old" white paper and some of the ribbon. Of course I had to start stamping right away.

This first card I really like. I hope I don't have to use it anytime soon. I stamped with versafine ink, then colored the leaves with tombow markers. This set is Out on a Limb. I love that there are extra leaves, or flowers or those berry thingies. Then you can do the limb and have whatever it is falling off too.

Next I got out my new Polka Dot Basics set. This set, by the way, is what pushed me to finally do a PTI order. I had some things on my list, but this set I had to have so I sucked it up and did a big order.

Ok, so I stamped the large open circles. I did a full sheet of paper, over and over and over. They really do line up nice so it wasn't hard or anything. I knew I wanted to color in the circles to make my own patern paper. Then I decided to put the black dot inside. I did it sorta random. After that I cut the sheet into 4 sheets so I could color them all different and play.

First up is a card with one of my all time favorite The Angel Company stamps. I don't know what the name of this set was, I have it labled as "Snarky Cats and accessories" But that's not the real name. Also it's retired. :( The phrase comes from the Haute Coture set I think. *I got it in a grab bag I bought from TAC* The dots and the cat are colored with copic markers. I used the cool shadow marker to outline the cat.

While I was coloring Stephen said "Mommy, you color those eyes?" and I thought, "Hey, they DO look like eyes." Another of my favorite TAC sets is this Creepy Crawlie set. So I colored one sheet like it was creepy eyes. You can't see in this photo, but I also stamped "Have a creepy good day" and also some really creepy small bugs over and over on the black background. I did it in black ink, but in person you can see it. I colored with copic markers again. Added some googlie eyes on the monster and some glossy accents on the teeth and claw thingies.

I have two more sheets I will work with later. :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

March Special

Here is the March Special for justjohanna.

The Stamps

And the info

And CLICK HERE if you are interested in ordering this special.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Oh look! a card, bet you thought I forgot how to do that.

These images are by CC Designs. You can get them at I colored with copic markers and I stamped with versafine vintage sepia ink. This card is all about playing with new toys, it's new paper, the background stamp is new, the corner punch is new and the mat pack I used for the piercing is new. I love new stuffs. :)

Oh this is funny. My trimmer was not cutting straight. I looked at it sternly to figure out why and realized the guide part is actually a seperate piece. So I stood it up on it's end and smacked the guide. It works fine now. Sometimes you just need to show a trimmer who is boss. If any of you other craft items act up I'll spank you too!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sneak Peek!

One of the best things about being on a design team is sneak peeks! And this time I get to share one with you!

This is a brand spankin new image by justjohanna! You can see even more new images by clicking THIS link. *there are farm animals, just sayin...*

Also a lot of the other DT members will be sneak peeking you images so if you want to check out their blogs *side bar has a list of them* you can see even more! I just saw a cow on The Tamarisk blog! MOOOOO!



Want some free stamps?

Sure you do!

Ok, Melanie who designed the adorable Just so Hippy and Just so Hoppy sets for Gina K is having a drawing. You can win whatever it is she does next. If you know the first two you know the next will be stinking cute. I love her cute animals. She won me over for life when she put the spots on a giraffe as hearts instead of spots. CUTE!

So go to THIS POST on Melanie's blog and leave a comment to enter her drawing. You know you wanna!

*sorry I don't have anything to show. I made two cute cards, but DH went to sports things and took the camera! The NERVE!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

New unmounted stamp storage

Ok, it's not really that new. I've had my unmounted stamps in CD cases for a while. But they got icky in there. And whatever that ick is, my stamps won't stick to it after a while. See:

And I sell stamps all the time and wanted to reuse the cases so the spines would get all funky from layers of lables and ripping them off and all. See:

My good friend Anita's stamp cases look perfect. She puts the stamps on these glossy sheets, stamps the image on the back of it and then slides that into the case! Then I read somewhere *no telling where now* that instead of sticking your lable on the outside of the case, to use a tiny bit of adhesive and stick it on the INSIDE. Like you put clear adhesive on the TOP where the writing is, then stick it inside the little lip thing so you look through the plastic at the label.
So that's what I did. See:
You can't really tell but the lable is inside the plastic. So it won't get dirty or rub or anything. :)
Then I stamped the images on the back of a sheet of glossy cardstock. I had precut them to size. I did 4.75inches by 4.25. It should have been a bit wider than the 4.25, but by keeping it at that size I could get 4 from a sheet of glossy white cardstock. *ps, if you buy anything from The Angel Company, consider their glossy white, it's really affordable, less than five dollars for 25 sheets and it's great quality. That's what I'm using here.*

And this shows that the stamps are actually sticking to the glossy white cardstock.

So if I ever sell these bunny stamps (probably won't sell these, as they are stinking adorable) I can just take the cardstock sheet out, carefully remove the lable and the case will be in good condition to use over again!

I bought all new CD cases. I got 100 of them for $25.99 and free shipping from THIS SITE. *that link should take you to the item if I did it right*. They are just regular 10mm jewl cases, They come with a black insert thingie I had to pop out. I counted before I ordered just in case I needed 200 I rekon. I had 70. So I'd have room to grow my stamp collection and replace all mine. Turns out some of mine are fine. I rekon the stuff in those hasn't been in there long enough to give the case the ick, and I never got around to making lables for them so the spines are clean. So I'll have plenty, which is good, I find these 10mm cases are getting harder to find.

A handful of other justjohanna projects.

This first pic is a bit blurry, I'm sorry for that. The card is simple really. I stamped the mug on the patern paper, colored in the inside part *it's hot cocoa in there* and did the phrase. Added a little button and that's about it.
Next we have a cupcake card. YUM. Again I stamped on patern paper (I was feeling that technique the other day when I made all these) and stamped again on regular paper and colored the frosting and strawberry. Then cut out the paper part. This is yummy paper too.
Next is a "non-card" item. I made a chocolate box. This box actually originally housed my Martha Stewart craft knife *which I like by the way*, it had a foam form in it that would hold your knife so I took that out and put chocolates inside instead. I stamped the dot background stamp in brown stazon and then colored with souffle pen.

I love this next card, these are some of my favorite justjohanna stamps. It's a pretty basic design. I stamped on Making Memories patern paper, and colored with colored pencils.
Next I did the stamping on patern paper again. This paper is some yummy Asian themed paper I've had for about a year. I love the paper, but never seem to make Asian themed cards. I thought it would be fun for this though.
Here is a close up. to get a SLIGHT lift on the flower I layered it with some thick cardstock intead of glueing it directly to the card or using a pop dot. See how it's just a bit off the page. I also colored shading right over the patern paper.
For this next card I stamped the image on the back of some vellum. Then colored it with pencils on the back as well. So the front which you can touch is totally smooth. I then cut the vellum to the size of the front of my card and attached it with my ATG. Turns you you can barely see ATG adhesive under vellum, but I wanted it to look totally finished so I put the ribbon on as well, it's covering all the adhesive. If you read here regularly you already know, but this flower is actually the bottom of a birdcage stand. :)

This one might be my very favorite. It's the submarine stamp, done upside down with part cut off to make a blimp. Then an owl is inside there and there are clouds.
In this close up you can see that I put glossy accents all over the blimp to give it some dimension and shine. The blimp is also on pop dots over the clouds.

Now for the best part. I did ALL these cards plus one other I can't show yet in one sitting. And because they are design team cards I did two of most of them. I don't nomally do quite that much stamping at once, I was sick for a while and got behind, this super night of stamping let me catch up. OH and also this was all Tuesday night, right before I went to Disney World! Brian thought I was nuts staying up late making cards. But look how cute they are, totally worth it!
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