Sunday, March 02, 2008

New unmounted stamp storage

Ok, it's not really that new. I've had my unmounted stamps in CD cases for a while. But they got icky in there. And whatever that ick is, my stamps won't stick to it after a while. See:

And I sell stamps all the time and wanted to reuse the cases so the spines would get all funky from layers of lables and ripping them off and all. See:

My good friend Anita's stamp cases look perfect. She puts the stamps on these glossy sheets, stamps the image on the back of it and then slides that into the case! Then I read somewhere *no telling where now* that instead of sticking your lable on the outside of the case, to use a tiny bit of adhesive and stick it on the INSIDE. Like you put clear adhesive on the TOP where the writing is, then stick it inside the little lip thing so you look through the plastic at the label.
So that's what I did. See:
You can't really tell but the lable is inside the plastic. So it won't get dirty or rub or anything. :)
Then I stamped the images on the back of a sheet of glossy cardstock. I had precut them to size. I did 4.75inches by 4.25. It should have been a bit wider than the 4.25, but by keeping it at that size I could get 4 from a sheet of glossy white cardstock. *ps, if you buy anything from The Angel Company, consider their glossy white, it's really affordable, less than five dollars for 25 sheets and it's great quality. That's what I'm using here.*

And this shows that the stamps are actually sticking to the glossy white cardstock.

So if I ever sell these bunny stamps (probably won't sell these, as they are stinking adorable) I can just take the cardstock sheet out, carefully remove the lable and the case will be in good condition to use over again!

I bought all new CD cases. I got 100 of them for $25.99 and free shipping from THIS SITE. *that link should take you to the item if I did it right*. They are just regular 10mm jewl cases, They come with a black insert thingie I had to pop out. I counted before I ordered just in case I needed 200 I rekon. I had 70. So I'd have room to grow my stamp collection and replace all mine. Turns out some of mine are fine. I rekon the stuff in those hasn't been in there long enough to give the case the ick, and I never got around to making lables for them so the spines are clean. So I'll have plenty, which is good, I find these 10mm cases are getting harder to find.


Kim H. said...

WOW that is a good deal on CD cases! I like the glossy card stock idea! I have been thinking of trying the boards in the binder- but I am afraid they would fall off and I would lose some!

Anonymous said...

tahnks for sharing Erin..this isa great help to me!!! Now maybe I can get mine in order!!

Jan~logcab said...

This is terrific Erin! Thanks for the demonstration. I tried cataloging my TAC stamps in a different way suggested by someone else, and I just couldn't get her method to work for me.

Lauri said...

Wow This is great! Thanks for sharing this. I agree, the 10mm are getting tougher to find!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Erin! Now I want to do this-I'm glad you posted about the ick-I was wondering if I was the only one that ended up with that. REALLY nice storage solution-prolly will CASE it.

Juliana said...


THANK YOU!! (I especially like the glossy cs tip--I have a ton of it!)