Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been busy!

I made a lot of cards yesterday. Let me show them to you.

First I have a cooking card using new stamps from justjohanna *actually all these cards are justjohanna, so I won't say that each time*. Is this owl the most adorable owl you've ever seen? If not please link to the more adorable owl. As a matter of fact, I don't usually link to the stamps, I usually let you look at what you want but HERE is a link right to this owl. So anyhow the owl is cooking. On her new stove. I colored with copic markers. All these stamps are under the "new" section on the jj website, as they are brand spankin new!
Next up is a farm scene. Is this not the bestest barn ever? You know it is! Also, this cow, you can get it facing forward like this or facing right or facing left. I love that! Look forward to a whole herd of cows from me later. This is also colored with copics. These stamps are also new.

Next up is a lime card. Now I'll admit that I've had the lime stamp for months. I only just started using it and all the sudden it's one of my favorite stamps! go figure. For this one I stamped the lime on glossy white cardstock with versamark ink and embossed with clear powder. Then I brayered some versamagic keylime ink over it. For the main image I stamped the lime and masked it and stamped it again. Then drew some stem/sticks. I ment them to look like lime flowers, but they sorta look like some sort of super yummy confection don't they? I colored with watercolor pencil and used the clear stardust glitter pen over them for extra sugary yumminess *by this time I had realized the candy potential*

This one is another submarine as blimp card. It occurs to me that I usually put someone in the window of the sub. Even when it's a blimp. But you don't RIDE in that part, you ride in the basket part. So this time I left it empty. Brian, my DH, suggested that the window part is the... oh heck, what's the word.. omnitron? Anyhow that video message thing they have on blimps, and that I should fit a tiny greeting in there. I colored this scene with watercolor pencils. Did I mention I love owls?

Now for an Easter card. I colored this bunny with white colored pencil. We all know how I feel about white coloring on a colored background.

The next two use the same stamps but look really different if you ask me.

First I have a cupcake on an Alice in Wonderland background. The inside is stamped with the "Life's short, eat cupcakes" greeting.

Next is a much brighter cupcake card. I used the cupcake row over and over on my paper to make custom patern paper. Then I colored it with colors from the dot paper. I used the same dot paper on the "paper" part of the cupcake. Colored the frosting lime green, because, well I have this lime thing going on right now! I added a polkadot brad where the little cherry would go on the cupcake. Can you read the greeting? It is the "Life's short, eat cupcakes" stamp again, this time clear embossed.

Next up is a fairly simple card featuring the intertwined kitties. I love these kitties. I colored them with watercolor pencil. OH this brings up one of my tips. I can't color black animals well. I rarely see it done either. So when I want a black animal I use my watercolor pencils and use the black, but don't apply it all over. The end result is dark gray, but you can still see the stamp lines, and any highlighting I decide to do. I will also use a dark gray marker sometimes. Anyhow the point is that I don't color them black, I do dark gray. :)

Next is a card with the lovely, sometimes naughty Priscilla. This card was really by chance. I wanted to do the cat and use the cat paper. I started coloring her brown. I was doing two of these at once, so when I got to the pink accents part I did that on the uncolored cat too. I LOVED it just white! I've never left priscilla white before, I usually do her the gold color. But I decided to do her in just white this time. I feel it really works on this card, I'm not sure brown would have made me as happy.

And that's all for yesterday. :)


Mandy said...

You HAVE been busy! Such cute cards! I especially love the cow by the barn!!

Littlekel90 said...

Wow, I guess you HAVE been busy! I love the kitties with the entwined tails. Too cute!

Cathy said...

Cute cards Erin!

Novell said...

Holy moly! You've been a busy, busy, girl! I love all of them but most specially the cow & barn. Something about cows...I don't know. I just love them. Even though they stink.

Anonymous said...

Everything is super cute as usual! I really like Priscilla in WHITE too!!! She's totally adorable! ~TJ

Heather Grow said...

You have been busy. Great cards today.

Kathi Rerek said...

They're all wonderful.

I'm glad you're not making me choose a favorite because I just can't, though I do love that specific new owl, the stove, the intertwined kitties, and priscilla.

I had a white cat, who was the smartest cat that ever lived. But for some reason, I never think to leave priscilla white. I think it's because my white kitty was a boy.

Suzi said...

Each card is better than the last. All are fabulous! Great work!

Cathrine StClair said...

These are all wonderful cards! And you are right - that is one of the cutest owl's ever. I love how you used it! Great coloring!