Saturday, March 08, 2008

I almost forgot my review of the new Papertrey paper.

I like it. A lot. Not any more than Stampin' Up! paper. I can't really see a difference in weight. I mean it feels about the same. It's not too heavy. I had heard people saying it might be too heavy to layer and that's not the case. It might be stiffer though. It folded fine with my scor pal, but it seems a bit stiffer than SU. It might be a little smoother too. It's hard to say.

Anyhow, for me it's the same level of quality. Which is good because we all know I buy about 50lbs of SU a year so I have a stockpile! *I'm Mormon, we belive in having a year's supply of necessities, I can only imagine they ment stamping paper too right?* But it's nice paper. I will definately buy any color I like.

That's saying something, I'm VERY snobby about paper.

I also tried the satin ribbon. I like it. I will admit I like the satin I get from Ribbons and Bows Oh My better. The PTI satin is only single sided. The back side is VERY nice too though, if you tie a knot and that side shows it will NOT look junky. *like the back side of the satin at Michaels in the dollar spot, that stuff looks junky on the back, but it's cheap so you just deal with it* The colors are super yummy. They are nice in paper, but somehow in satin I love them more. So I'm really glad I got them. That's the only ribbon I tried.

I've been a longtime supporter of the Papertrey White paper. It's DELISH. I really don't like coloring on any other paper. And I don't even consider making a white base out of anything else. When they make it in ivory I will buy 5 packs of that on the spot. :)


Eleanor said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for sharing this info.

Colleen said...

Great review. I am a paper snob too...and I only use SU...although I have started using Paper Accents pearlized white...and I love it! I'll have to give PT a try.

PS - I tagged you on my if you want.