Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hip to Be Square Valentines

Today in my blog reading I came along this post on Mish Mash. I knew that I'd be doing something with that sketch. I printed it out, you may be seeing me use it again. I made two each of these cards: I'm really happy with them. All the stamps and paper are by Papertrey Ink. The ribbon is from the Wedding section at Target.

Happy New Years!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to make...

How about orange fur pants? Yeah that will do.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Tag

I made this tag for my BFF Roniece's Christmas present. (I got her a TON of Papertrey Cardstock.) I love these little kids, they are by The Angel Company. The Greeting is by Odd Bird Planet. Speaking of this tag, how do you feel about image sets that don't have greetings with them? Everything logical about me says, "who cares, I have tons of greetins already". The thing is I really tend to like it if they do have greetings with them. Then the font always goes with them, and it's right there for me to use. They just seem more valuable to me if they have greetings. What about you?

In other news:
I had a cold last week. No big deal. Mostly just stuffy, runny nose. But I still have the head congestion. Nothing major, but enough to be 1. gross and 2. cause a near constant headache. I saw a special on TLC, I think, one time about a guy who was driven insane by sinus congestion and tried to drill into his sinuses. I'm glad I saw how that went (badly) because if I didn't know better I'd be thinking about it right now. (not really) I think Brian is fed up too, he keeps saying, "isn't that TV loud enough" but honestly it's not! I don't feel sick in any way so I figure I don't need medical attention, but sheesh. Pain in my booty. Do you think that nose teakettle thing will help? I have one of those. Nettykettle I think it's called... I would try but I'm afraid to add anything else wet. It might make my head explode! haha.

Oh Christmas ROCKED! I didn't get any craft stuff to report, but I had a blast.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Quilt

Well first of all, lest you think I'm too serious, I wanted to show you the makeup I wore to Brian's Work's Christmas party. A clown did it for me when Ethan wanted a Tiger Face but was afraid of the clown. So I made a quilt this past month for my Step-Father Jack. He's really into rock music and has a cool music room/study that is all black. So I made him this quilt:
The guitar and circle design is from a pattern by Banafana. I changed it some to make the overal design simpler.
I wish you could really see the quilting. I did a meander quilting but with some spirals in it too. The spirals are new to me so that was fun.
He really liked it so that is great. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Admit it.. it was YOU!

So I have been reading this funny blog Not Always Right. It is about funny things customers say. Well mostly stupid things they say but stupid is the new funny. Anyhow it's bringing me no end of joy.

Until I get to this post:
Craft Store Post

You guys... I think I've done that! Thank heavens I can attest it's not me, I do NOT buy candles. (I detest the things)

Tell me I'm not the only one! Or if you haven't DONE it you've considered it right?

At least I can say I knew ahead of time I'd need to do it and sent my 3 year old to the register with a bottle of glitter, a five spot and a coupon, but still.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A few more

Here are a few more of the Christmas cards I made this year.
This first one I made TONS of. You can see why it's so easy. I stamped the sentiment and snowflakes in a single color then added matching glitter. Easy Goes to Peasy. But I think they came out really nice. The trick to these is to use really nice white cardstock. I use either Papertrey or Gina K. The Gina K is thicker. Sometimes you want it thicker, sometimes you don't. They both stamp up lovely and feel lux in your hand.
This little girl is from The Angel Company. I absolutely love this set. I mostly bought it so I could paper piece her dress, although on this one I colored it with copics. There were 4 different little girls, each holding something else. The greeting is by Cornish Heritage Farms.
These use a background set by Papertrey teamed up with greetings by Cornish Heritage Farms. I love them for the simplicity. I love the red and white only. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Basic Christmas

Here are all the cards I've made with the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses line. Deer stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms.

Some inside punch detail:
Christmas greeting by Cornish Heritage Farms.

These were easy peasy to make. I pulled some cardstocks that I felt went, left out the papers and just kept making cards.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Wishes

I wanted to make a really bold card with these flowers just stamped in black on white. I have had this precut card by Bazzil for probably two years. You know, waiting for just the right project. I stamped on the inside too, then used a black pen to fill in the tin dots in the stamp. Fun stuff.
the black ribbon is from Target's wedding section (for black themed weddings I rekon) the pink ink is Rasberry by Vivid! and the black ink is versafine. White paper and all stamps by Papertrey.
in other news:
Ohmyheck I ordered tons from Papertrey lately. I'm a little in shock but excited.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Thanks for all your support everyone.

I'm feeling much better now. It's been hard, emotionally and health wise. But I think I'm good now.

I have been making projects and stuff but most were for Christmas so I can't show you. poo on that.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get some photos done. I'm finally pretty much done with my Christmas projects and I think I can do some stuff that is just for fun.

Oh in good news I have NINE cards published in the Just Cards! Volume 16 magazine. How fun is that? :)