Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Quilt

Well first of all, lest you think I'm too serious, I wanted to show you the makeup I wore to Brian's Work's Christmas party. A clown did it for me when Ethan wanted a Tiger Face but was afraid of the clown. So I made a quilt this past month for my Step-Father Jack. He's really into rock music and has a cool music room/study that is all black. So I made him this quilt:
The guitar and circle design is from a pattern by Banafana. I changed it some to make the overal design simpler.
I wish you could really see the quilting. I did a meander quilting but with some spirals in it too. The spirals are new to me so that was fun.
He really liked it so that is great. :)

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janaz said...

What a stunning quilt! I am glad your step-father liked it. :)