Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Tag

I made this tag for my BFF Roniece's Christmas present. (I got her a TON of Papertrey Cardstock.) I love these little kids, they are by The Angel Company. The Greeting is by Odd Bird Planet. Speaking of this tag, how do you feel about image sets that don't have greetings with them? Everything logical about me says, "who cares, I have tons of greetins already". The thing is I really tend to like it if they do have greetings with them. Then the font always goes with them, and it's right there for me to use. They just seem more valuable to me if they have greetings. What about you?

In other news:
I had a cold last week. No big deal. Mostly just stuffy, runny nose. But I still have the head congestion. Nothing major, but enough to be 1. gross and 2. cause a near constant headache. I saw a special on TLC, I think, one time about a guy who was driven insane by sinus congestion and tried to drill into his sinuses. I'm glad I saw how that went (badly) because if I didn't know better I'd be thinking about it right now. (not really) I think Brian is fed up too, he keeps saying, "isn't that TV loud enough" but honestly it's not! I don't feel sick in any way so I figure I don't need medical attention, but sheesh. Pain in my booty. Do you think that nose teakettle thing will help? I have one of those. Nettykettle I think it's called... I would try but I'm afraid to add anything else wet. It might make my head explode! haha.

Oh Christmas ROCKED! I didn't get any craft stuff to report, but I had a blast.

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