Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Admit it.. it was YOU!

So I have been reading this funny blog Not Always Right. It is about funny things customers say. Well mostly stupid things they say but stupid is the new funny. Anyhow it's bringing me no end of joy.

Until I get to this post:
Craft Store Post

You guys... I think I've done that! Thank heavens I can attest it's not me, I do NOT buy candles. (I detest the things)

Tell me I'm not the only one! Or if you haven't DONE it you've considered it right?

At least I can say I knew ahead of time I'd need to do it and sent my 3 year old to the register with a bottle of glitter, a five spot and a coupon, but still.


Cat said...

thanks for the funny! honestly, my "little one" is 27 - don't even remember if Mike's or Jo's even did coupons back when she was little ;)

seriously tho - is that a crazy policy or what?

janaz said...

LOL! It was me - just kidding! I have two kids so I do this to them all the time. :) Although, like you, I am usually ready and send them to the cashier first. One of the managers at Michaels here actually told me to go out and come back in again to use the other coupon ... seems kinda silly that they won't just take it on two separate orders if they suggest you do that!