Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty neat

So this card. I could not get a good picture of it. It looks really cool in real life. I stamped background stamps on glossy,t hen stamped the black stars and cut them out. Very simple, but cool. In real life. In this photo it looses a lot of it's umph. Also I'm sharing this sneek peek. I worked last week on making cards inspired by this paint color combo idea book I got. (I need to paint my bedroom.) I said, "Erin you HAVE to make at least one card with each and every color combo in there." That sounded cool until the first one was PURPLE. SHEESH.
So over the next few days I'll share more photos of these cards and tell about how I made them and all. I really like all of them and found the challange to be super fun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

93 bottles of beer on the wall...

I'm finally healthy. I'm taking it easy one more day, then tomorrow I'm back to full activity. I DID go to the wedding I was wanting to go to. I was very tired, but I had a fantastic time.
Here is an apron I made for a darling little girl I know. She likes pink.
And I made more squares for my quilt. I do NOT like the top left square in this first pic.

I'm up to 93 squares now. I need about 150 of them. So it's coming right along, but there is plenty more to go.
I want to do a lot of stamping this week. I just have a hankering for some nice stamping sessions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pneumonia and bronchitis

Past few days I've been feeling sick again. Downward spiral. I went back to the dr today. It's still Pneumoni and Bronchitis but it's antibiotic resistant. So I now have a super strong $150 antibiotic that is just five pills. My insurance did cover some and the Dr gave me a coupon, so I didn't PAY $150, but the idea that each pill is $30 makes my head spin. Or maybe that's just lack of oxygen because I can't breathe.

It really stinks because I have a wedding this weekend that will have family that I've not seen in 20 years. I'm going to be really bummed if I can't see them.

I had a point in telling you guys this...

well I forgot it.

But in good news Marcia got her quilted kitty cat laptop bag today and she loved it.
Oh and here is a fun picture of Stephen. He's such a preppy rockstar! He was so proud of this outfit, he put it together by himself. Right down to tucking in the shirt. So we had to do a photo shoot and this is what I got:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fish and a Shameless CASE

First of all have I ever showed you guys my cool halmark embosser? I got it at Swoozies. It's a little stationary and other high end crap store. Very cute in there, pretty expensive. Anyhow this thing was a small fortune, but my father felt that I needed it. I didn't argue. *wink* I've had it for over a year but I'm not sure I've showed you. Today I made two cards. This first one uses Gina K stamps. Have I mentioned I really like Gina K? Really I have not? How odd...
I stamped the scene and colored with copics and the glitter pens by copic. Then covered it all with embossing powder. I used watercolor crayons to color the background. It didn't look vivid enough for me, so I did direct to paper inking with my turquoise ink pad. Then wiped off the embossed images and here you go:
The orange tissue paper has been in my stash for over a year. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a single sheet of orange tissue paper totally flat in a mess like mine for an entire year? I seriously love that paper though. So I punched some circles from it for the inside then stitched them on. *to punch from tissue paper you set it on some regular thin cardstock and then punch through both layers. Works like a charm and doesn't tear the tissue.*
Ok this next card is a shameless CASE. I like to browse the Splictoaststampers galleries in the morning while my kids eat breakfast. I saw THIS card by Gretchen Belknap and knew I'd make the same card today. I usually don't make a whole exact case like this but seriously! I HAD to do it. So if you love this, go tell Gretchen because it's her idea. And also she has better kraft cardstock than me! Where does she get that? DRATS. Oh she has a blog HERE. No shortage of cute in her world.
I did this for the inside.
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mess and Work

Look at my craft area: I share the room with the kids, and then all the sports garbage on the walls belongs to Brian (and this is NOT all his sports garbage either) And look how clean the kid's craft area is:
So someone (Erin) needs to get her crap cleaned up tonight. SHEESH. How can I be expected to create in that mess. Really I don't have room for all my junk. But that doesn't mean I need more room. I need less junk. I mean seriously I have WAY more stuff than I could ever use. Like cardstock. You can see I have about three feet of cardstock on that shelf behind my desk. What you don't know is there is that much again inside the black cabinet. And we all know I'm going to buy the new SU In Colors. *sigh* haha. So anyhow I have to clean so I can fit it all in. Might have to get rid of some too. *gasp*
Onto some stuff I made. So I ordered that fabric for my quilt. Then I made these blocks. I LOVE them.

I'm totally healthy now. Back to my morning walks and everything. I'm so grateful. It felt like I was going to be sick forever. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fun stuff.

First of all I'm FINALLY feeling better. I'm sleeping all night and not coughing tons. I'm still tired easily, but WAY better.

So Marcia picked out this cat print ages ago. I was going to make a simple little bag. Then she got a laptop and decided she wanted a custom tote that would hold her laptop, her cords and mouse and maybe a bit more. The whole outside of the bag is quilted with a meander pattern. The bag is large, she didn't want it snug on the laptop. There is a quilted divider inside that will protect the actual computer from the cords and such. Also two inside pockets for whatever. And a magnetic snap closure.
In other fun news I ordered two Neptune charm packs. I LOVE the Neptune line. I got these for a song at Pink Chalk Studio. I highly recomend them for fabrics, also their patterns are unique and fun. I am going to make a baby quilt with these.
I also ordered 18 fat eights from Fabric Closet on Etsy. Besides having a FAB selection of fabrics she will cut you a fat eights of anything she has! Which is perfect for my ongoing 9 patch for my bed. I wanted all these fabrics, but not necessarly whole fat quarters ya know? SIGH fabric bliss. Actually I'm already thinking of ordering more from her.
Both Pink Chalk and Fabric Closet shipped super quick. I had ordered from Pink Chalk before so no suprise there, but I'm so happy to have found a new seller that I can trust too. *for the record I have had nothing but great experiences from Etsy*

So it looks like I have some sewing to do!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Not mine this time.

Ok remember when I made Kim's quilt? That fabric line I LOVE. It's called Katie's Jump Rope.

The Fabric Shopper is giving away a huge set of fat quarters from that line! It's such a fun line to work with. I hope I win it and can work with it again. If not I hope YOU win it. :)

click HERE to enter.