Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mess and Work

Look at my craft area: I share the room with the kids, and then all the sports garbage on the walls belongs to Brian (and this is NOT all his sports garbage either) And look how clean the kid's craft area is:
So someone (Erin) needs to get her crap cleaned up tonight. SHEESH. How can I be expected to create in that mess. Really I don't have room for all my junk. But that doesn't mean I need more room. I need less junk. I mean seriously I have WAY more stuff than I could ever use. Like cardstock. You can see I have about three feet of cardstock on that shelf behind my desk. What you don't know is there is that much again inside the black cabinet. And we all know I'm going to buy the new SU In Colors. *sigh* haha. So anyhow I have to clean so I can fit it all in. Might have to get rid of some too. *gasp*
Onto some stuff I made. So I ordered that fabric for my quilt. Then I made these blocks. I LOVE them.

I'm totally healthy now. Back to my morning walks and everything. I'm so grateful. It felt like I was going to be sick forever. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. :)


dana said...

Do you know how much I LOVED seeing that room? OMG!! I have one like that BUT it's even messier!! So, don't you feel lots better, now? :) When we built this house (ranch with full basement) four years ago, we delegated one huge area for my work room. It was like a cave at first, but I have slowly been able to cram it full of items I use or "might" use!! Now I have trouble walking through it--let alone finding something when I need it!! It's OK--I love my space. Dana

Thanh said...

Erin, this is so awesome! (no, not your messy room lol) But I didnt know that you had fully embraced sewing! Cant wait to see more.