Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is what the necklace I made the other day looks like on. I can adjust the length of the cord to different lengths. Ilike how it turned out.
The stamp is Pretty Patern backgrounder stamp by Cornish Heritage Farms. I stamped it into the clay before baking it.

Oh my friend Joanne said my neck looks "long and thin" in this photo! I'm gonna change all my photos on the whole internets to be this one! haha. Anything to look "long and thin". HUGS

More Mail Art

Here is more mail art. I love stamping on envelopes. It's funny, it's almost destined to end up in the trash, but whatever! It will be a lot of fun in the mailbox. I always hope it arrives on the same day as either a bunch of junk or bills. You know to balance out the boring box syndrome.

All the stamps are justjohanna. I colored with copics. Oh this is a tip, I have a cut down piece of cardstock that I put in the envelope when I'm stamping and coloring. Then my stamped images don't get lines from the folds and flaps on the back and my marker ink doesn't end up on the back either. Because copic will make short work of bleeding through envelopes. Clouds and cat are glittered. :)

Sad Ethan

There is a new scrap layout challange over at the Cornish Heritage Farms Forum. HERE. I LOVE the sketch this time. (I've loved them all honestly) So you know I had to do it!

I totally changed the photo placement, I put accents where they had photos and a big ole photo where they had a circle of paper. I had to make it work with my photos. I love sketches but I do usually like to change them up, whatever I need to to make them work for me.

So here is what I did:

Supplies: paper, unknown It's from one of those horrible stacks that I keep buying then not using, cardstock, SU. Flowers by Prima. Floss by DMC. Stamps are all by Cornish Heritage Farms, it's lined paper backgrounder, large polkadot backgrounder, polkadot backgrounder and Kim Hughes Silhouette Blooms II.

I thought I'd share something else that I love. This is my photo wall. We plan to go almost floor to ceiling later, but as my boys are young enough to tear it all down now we are doing just the center for now. It's GREAT to see all those photos out in one place. The only unifiying element is that all the frames have to be black. Now my mom has one, and hers the frames are mixed, whatever she likes and it looks GREAT. Our old house though had a modern feel so we went with black.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home Made Buttons

So I played with my clay more. Oh this is funny Stephen is used to Play-Doh, so for a few days he called the clay "Play" but I keep saying "It's Clay, with a Ca, "C" sound" so now he calls it "Ca-Play"

In any event I tried again on the neclace and also made some buttons.

Then I made a card with one of the buttons.
close up of button/flower action.
I pressed the Pretty Patern background stamp into the cut button. I did the holes with a toothpick. Then stitched it on with some linen thread. Easy peasy.

Supplies: clay by sculpy, perfect pearls (brushed on clay before baking), Pretty Patern Backgrounder and sentiment from Frienship Centers by Cornish Heritage Farms. And I don't have any idea where the rest came from. The flower is one of those open stock ones I get at my LSS and don't know where else to get them, the paper and ribbon all came in a kit I got with stamps a few months ago.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Gift Set

So in my last post I mentioned that was the hostess this month at a card club and only a handful of people came. I had pre embossed a stack of these white pieces with the black scroll and also cut the black mats for them. So I decided to make a gift set of cards with what I already had cut.

Almost all the stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms, but the ones that are not I will tell you who they are by. And if you ever want to know more, like what set a stamp is from or anything please ask and I'll let you know.
This "Birthday Wishes" stamp is by Green Grass Rubber Stamps. Also this one card I'm using myself, not putting in the set.
This "Thank you so much" is also by Green Grass Rubber Stamps.
This "With Sympathy" is by Gina K.

This "I'm here for you" is by Gina K.
And here they are all boxed up.

I hope you enjoy! It took almost NO time to put these together. I do know who they are for of course, but that person has been known to read my blog so I won't say. *WINK*
Source on the clear box is Papertrey Ink. HERE *under "tools" not "packaging" which confused me and sent me into a panic! haha.* ~Thanks Beth for asking.

not so much with the jewerly.

Ok go HERE to see my inspiration. Is that stunning or what? So I really wanted one too!

And this is what I made. It's not fantastic. I need to work harder on not messing up the patern in the clay before I bake it. Also I think I should have made the edges somehow look more finished. But whatever the case it's not terrible for a first time! I did make a loop on the back for a chain to go through but I made it too small for any of my chains. I'm a mess! haha. The awesome stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms. I rubbed some perfect pearls over it for shimmer.
Also this is just a teaser. I did a stamp club *not a home party one, just a one for fun with local stampers here* this week and it was my turn to be the hostess. Well not very many people came. RONIECE WHAT THE HECK? I EVEN MADE CAKE! So I had all these cut pieces left over. I'm gonna make something rocking with them, just you wait! I've already added flowers and fancy brads/stickers to them. Oh and does anyone know where to get these flowers in bulk? I bought all the ones at the LSS. I like the ones with 5 petals shown here best. I need some huge bag of 100 mixed colors. "need" is of couse a state of mind on this one.

Eat Cake, it's yummy and good for you.

Well maybe not good for you, but if you use Eat Cake Graphics stamps it can't hurt a bit!

I pulled out my ECG stamps to make a few ATC's and a card this week.

First is this cupcake ATC. There is glitter on both the cakes and the phrase. I LOVE this phrase by the way. If it's too small to read it says, "Cupcakes oh what yum!". How cute is that? The cake is a brand new stamp for Eat Cake Graphics. I decided to have the cake piece spin up to reveal the saying because, honestly, I wanted it on a circle and I wanted the phrase AND ribbon, so I didn't have room on the ATC. So I decided this card had to have a hidden message. I made a stack of them because it's for a swap.
Next is one of my very favorite stamps in my whole collection. This kid is just maxed out! Even the kitty thinks so. Poor guy. I watercolored him with WC pencils, I did the candy wrappers with glittery pens. Then ribbon and decorative brad and it's done.
I have this thing with my stamps. Whenever there is a window I want to do a card where I'm showing something THROUGH the window. This stamp actually has the girl looking at a beautiful sunset. I love that, but wanted to do something different. So I carefully cut out the sunset and then stamped the large flower/fairy scene and put it inside the card. So now the girl is daydreaming this scene instead. I drew the baseboard and floor in for her to stand on something.
Inside view here. LOTS Of glitter added, because it's a magical daydream afterall.
close up of the fairy here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Forget!

Tomorrow *May 20th* is the day you can BUY the set I worked with Gina K on. The Comfort and Peace stamp set. It has been avaliable only as "One free with three" where if you purchased three other Gina K sets you could get that one free. If that didn't work for you and you wished you could just plain old purchase it tomorrow evening *after Gina hosts a cute party and gets everyone all pumped* you can purchase just that set.

I will come back when it's up and put a link so you can find it. Of course there will be a bunch of other new must have stamps released so you'll want to look around after you grab the Comfort and Peace set.


HERE is the link to the Comfort and Peace set. hugs,e

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something's missing

"Something's missing" is a Stephenism. He will seriously look at a page I've made and put his cute little finger to his chin and say, "Something's missing". Well this time he's right. This page is about my friend Tracey. Tracey, send a photo!

Ok on to the actual page design. This is from a sketch challange at the Cornish Heritage Farms Forum. I love sketches. I think I could do nothing but sketches and be totally happy. The papers are from the Making Memories Noteworthy collection. I also used the Pretty Patern and Notebook Paper backgrounders from Cornish Heritage Farms. The flower I recieved in the mail from Mona Lisa! I won the Pretty Patern backgrounder as blog candy from her and she tucked in some goodies too. The little jewel brad Gina K gave me! *yes, I know I'm very blessed*

In other news, did yall see the new Papertrey release? I have NO use for those baby stamps but they are stinking adorable! Everyone who has to make baby stuff go look RONIECE, HERE. If you do order I'll say it again, I love their paper the best. Although purple? Eck.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Caught up. *super post*

I read somewhere recently that it's classier to only do one project or even a few related things per blog post. I think maybe that IS nicer. So that's my goal. But with a computer down for a week I have a bunch of stuff to show you and I don't have the organizational skills to keep track of stuff I want to post in the future. So this is a huge bunch of stuff catch up post.

First is a VERY smiple card I made. I actually ment this flower to be paired with a cute turtle, but that didn't work out. So I made the very simple flower card you see here. Flower is stamped, phrase is stamped. That's about it.
Supplies: All stamps Cornish Heritage Farms. The flower I believe is from the "Pritties Kit" by SU, I steal most of my flowers from my girlfriend Roniece. The paper is also SU. The ribbon is really nice. I actually won it as Blog Candy from my friend Mandy She's opening up an online store soon and sent me a sampler of some of the ribbons she will have.

Next are two related cards. I started by stamping the background stamp with versamark ink on glossy and embossing it with black powder. Oh and random Erin tip, after YEARS of thinking that the embossing buddy was useless I read somewhere not to pounce it but to just swipe it. You are not trying to deposit that powder stuff on your project. Well anyhow now it works great. Thanks to whoever you are that said that. The I brayerd the blue ink over half of it. matted it on black, stamped another flower I stole from Roniece, added a sticker and that's about it. Oh and a stamped phrase of course.
For the second one I let me son Stephen choose any of my flowers for it. He picked pink because I love pink. This is also a stolen from Roniece flower. Roniece I bet you didn't know you had SUCH awesome flowers when you said, "oh take whatever you want from in there". Anyhow this one is made the same way only I didn't stamp on the flower and left the stamped part white. These came together really fast. I bet a set of these would make a nice gift too.

Supplies: background stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms. Glossy cardstock (all the white is glossy) is by TAC, Black is SU. The stickers are from dollar bins at Michaels. "Birthday Wishes" is by Gina K, and the Hostess sentiment is by Papertrey. Oh and there is foam tape under the flowers and then again under the embossed part.

Next are two projects that are inspired by cool things I saw.

First we have a mini note card inspired by a coaster at Chilli's resturant. This didn't turn out super cute for me. But it was fun and I would never have worked with these stamps together if I didn't have the coaster to inspire me. See how cool the coaster looks? I think I'd need a much bolder word stamp and maybe even another size of fruit to pull this off.

Supplies, Fruit stamp is SU, words are all Green Grass *and discontinued*, woodgrain stamp is TAC.

The next one I really like. I like it a lot actually. *Roniece here is the "purse card"* Ok, it starts with this purse I carry. I love it. Side note, I love Chococat. Don't know who Chococat is? Shame on you! She's Hello Kitty's black friend. She is named Chococat for her chocolate brown nose. Her birthday is the day after mine. She rocks. Here's the purse:

And here is the card. I used the colors and also the neat looking flowers. I don't embroider stuff, or I would have done the edges and the stems like on the bag. I did faux stitching instead. I also embossed white dots on some layers. I love me some dots.

Supplies: I don't know who made all this paper, I got it off racks at the LSS. The pink and coral are textured so I assume they are Bazzill. The dot background stamp and the phrase stamp are by Cornish Heritage Farms. White pen is the one you can get from Stampin' Up.

Ok and last but not least I really did do a whole scrapbook. I need a photo of TRACEY to finish it out, and maybe I'll even add more pages later, but I wanted to prove I did it. This particular album is all personal and more about the journaling than the scrabook artistry. Also I'll admit right off the bat that I'm not a super crazy skilled scrapbooker. I feel good about my cardmaking, but my scrapbooking is more about having fun and just getting it done. I'm ok with that.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Been a long time

Ugh yall. So on Saturday morning my old computer died. I say old but I only purchased it in Feb of '07 so it was NOT old. It sure was dead though. It had been trying to die for a few months. Unfortunately the first thing to die was the disk burner thingie so I couldn't back up my photos. You may remember this crap happened to me back in Feb of 07 without a backup. I should not have gotten caught. I stink. Luckily we have a friend at church who used to be on the Geek Squad and is generally a computer geek and will recover whatever I want from BOTH hard drives for me. *saved the older one just in case I got friendly with a computer geek* So all will be well.

In the mean time I've been offline and so no blogging. :( It was terrible. Turns out I have a full on internet addiction. I had withdrawl and everything. Brian found us a new computer Monday morning, but he found it online and it had to be shipped! HORROR. It took until yesterday morning to get here. Then there were issues with setting it up. Seems our power cord/surge protector is what killed our computer. It killed our wireless broadband too. So I had to go all over town for a new one of those and also a new boadband thingie. Anyhow I'm back online now and with new stuff that shouldn't die in a year.

What did I do while I was gone you ask? Well I'll tell you. I read the entire book "Clean and Simple Scrapbooking, the Sequel" and I got off my butt and made myself an ENTIRE scrapbook album! It's called "Private Collection, my favorite people, photos and stories" and it's just for me. I let some family see it, but I'm not blogging it. It's not super fancy, you are not missing much. The journaling is nice though.

I did also make this envelope for a letter to my friend Kim. *all stamps Eat Cake Graphics, colored with marker ink and water brush.

I wanted to make one for Kim because she sent me this inspiring piece!
Front View Inside/back view, pleas note the edging on the flap.
And if that wasn't enough the card!
I also made a scrapbook page. It's based on a sketch challange from the Cornish Heritage farms forums. I am way past the date you were suposed to post these but my computer was dead ya know. Anyhow I hate taking photos of 12x12 scrapbook pages. I actually thought this was pretty good, but it's not that great. You are going to have to just believe me that it's pretty in person and be proud that I actually scrapbooked something. :)

And finally, I turned 30. Today. It was the best birthday ever. I went out last night with girls from church for ice cream and we talked all night. Then today my boys slept in until 8:30. I got to go to Costco. I had a HUGE justjohanna order and also a stamp I won on Mona Lisa's blog. The stamp turned out to be a backgrounder from CHF that I was really wanting! I also got blog candy from Mandy's blog in the mail today! And about a million birthday cards *I hope to blog those in the next few days* My mother-in-law watched the kids and Brian and I went to dinner. Also she gave me a super cupcake themed pile of presents, cookbooks, stickers, punches, all sorts of stuff. My own mom gave me SEVEN vintage aprons! I'm going to blog them on our thrift blog tomorrow or Sunday and I'll be sure to leave yall a link. So all that is super exciting. :) Oh my baby Ethan who is almost 2 kept giving me random things he'd find and saying, "your birthday" and handing them to me! AWWW.