Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Mail Art

Here is more mail art. I love stamping on envelopes. It's funny, it's almost destined to end up in the trash, but whatever! It will be a lot of fun in the mailbox. I always hope it arrives on the same day as either a bunch of junk or bills. You know to balance out the boring box syndrome.

All the stamps are justjohanna. I colored with copics. Oh this is a tip, I have a cut down piece of cardstock that I put in the envelope when I'm stamping and coloring. Then my stamped images don't get lines from the folds and flaps on the back and my marker ink doesn't end up on the back either. Because copic will make short work of bleeding through envelopes. Clouds and cat are glittered. :)


Kim H. said...

Gorgeous mail art! I love the the frames!

Kathi Rerek said...

That's freakin' adorable. I'd so love to get something cheerful like that in my mailbox instead of junkmail, charity mailings, and bills.

Cathrine StClair said...

Oh My!! This is awesome! (can you send me some mail??)

Beth Norman said...

My heavens, this is fabulous. I am so intimidated by mail art. You make it look easy.

Jane said...

Love your mail art! I'm usually happy if I remember to stamp a coordinating stamp on the envie. This is way above and beyond the call of "duty"!

When I met my dh he lived 3000 miles away. And he loved to draw. So, when he sent me letters he'd draw on the envelopes. I'll have to dig those out some time. They were really cool.

I'm sure your recipient will love this just as much as I did mine from hubby.