Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Caught up. *super post*

I read somewhere recently that it's classier to only do one project or even a few related things per blog post. I think maybe that IS nicer. So that's my goal. But with a computer down for a week I have a bunch of stuff to show you and I don't have the organizational skills to keep track of stuff I want to post in the future. So this is a huge bunch of stuff catch up post.

First is a VERY smiple card I made. I actually ment this flower to be paired with a cute turtle, but that didn't work out. So I made the very simple flower card you see here. Flower is stamped, phrase is stamped. That's about it.
Supplies: All stamps Cornish Heritage Farms. The flower I believe is from the "Pritties Kit" by SU, I steal most of my flowers from my girlfriend Roniece. The paper is also SU. The ribbon is really nice. I actually won it as Blog Candy from my friend Mandy She's opening up an online store soon and sent me a sampler of some of the ribbons she will have.

Next are two related cards. I started by stamping the background stamp with versamark ink on glossy and embossing it with black powder. Oh and random Erin tip, after YEARS of thinking that the embossing buddy was useless I read somewhere not to pounce it but to just swipe it. You are not trying to deposit that powder stuff on your project. Well anyhow now it works great. Thanks to whoever you are that said that. The I brayerd the blue ink over half of it. matted it on black, stamped another flower I stole from Roniece, added a sticker and that's about it. Oh and a stamped phrase of course.
For the second one I let me son Stephen choose any of my flowers for it. He picked pink because I love pink. This is also a stolen from Roniece flower. Roniece I bet you didn't know you had SUCH awesome flowers when you said, "oh take whatever you want from in there". Anyhow this one is made the same way only I didn't stamp on the flower and left the stamped part white. These came together really fast. I bet a set of these would make a nice gift too.

Supplies: background stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms. Glossy cardstock (all the white is glossy) is by TAC, Black is SU. The stickers are from dollar bins at Michaels. "Birthday Wishes" is by Gina K, and the Hostess sentiment is by Papertrey. Oh and there is foam tape under the flowers and then again under the embossed part.

Next are two projects that are inspired by cool things I saw.

First we have a mini note card inspired by a coaster at Chilli's resturant. This didn't turn out super cute for me. But it was fun and I would never have worked with these stamps together if I didn't have the coaster to inspire me. See how cool the coaster looks? I think I'd need a much bolder word stamp and maybe even another size of fruit to pull this off.

Supplies, Fruit stamp is SU, words are all Green Grass *and discontinued*, woodgrain stamp is TAC.

The next one I really like. I like it a lot actually. *Roniece here is the "purse card"* Ok, it starts with this purse I carry. I love it. Side note, I love Chococat. Don't know who Chococat is? Shame on you! She's Hello Kitty's black friend. She is named Chococat for her chocolate brown nose. Her birthday is the day after mine. She rocks. Here's the purse:

And here is the card. I used the colors and also the neat looking flowers. I don't embroider stuff, or I would have done the edges and the stems like on the bag. I did faux stitching instead. I also embossed white dots on some layers. I love me some dots.

Supplies: I don't know who made all this paper, I got it off racks at the LSS. The pink and coral are textured so I assume they are Bazzill. The dot background stamp and the phrase stamp are by Cornish Heritage Farms. White pen is the one you can get from Stampin' Up.

Ok and last but not least I really did do a whole scrapbook. I need a photo of TRACEY to finish it out, and maybe I'll even add more pages later, but I wanted to prove I did it. This particular album is all personal and more about the journaling than the scrabook artistry. Also I'll admit right off the bat that I'm not a super crazy skilled scrapbooker. I feel good about my cardmaking, but my scrapbooking is more about having fun and just getting it done. I'm ok with that.


Kim H. said...

WOW what a super post! I love the card that is inspired by you purse! So cool!

Wife2TJ said...

I love chococat. I have the cutest little chococat stickers somewhere. I just love hello kitty stuff. I love your card that you made what great inspiration from the purse. TFS!

TJ said...

Everything is SUPER cute but I realllly love the pink one w/the big flower! You've been BUSY!

Marnie said...

I don't know I like catch up posts too! And it looks like you worked hard so why not show it off! Everything looks wonderful!

Kathi Rerek said...

Erin, you just crack me up. I love reading your blog. It almost always makes me smile.

OK. That being said, the cards are great. I especially like the one inspired by the coaster.

Your bag is really cute too with the little flower stem and chococat. Anything that has a cat is good.

I'd love to see your scrapbook. From what I can tell, you DO have some mad skillz at that too!

And I think your friend, Roneice, is a sweetie.

Roniece said...

since you are always helping me out, whata few flowers between friends?! Luv Ya!!

Mandy said...

Beautiful cards, etc. I love everything you posted! Look at those lovely flowers! :)

Bee said...

I LOVE chococat too!♥ ;-)