Friday, May 23, 2008

not so much with the jewerly.

Ok go HERE to see my inspiration. Is that stunning or what? So I really wanted one too!

And this is what I made. It's not fantastic. I need to work harder on not messing up the patern in the clay before I bake it. Also I think I should have made the edges somehow look more finished. But whatever the case it's not terrible for a first time! I did make a loop on the back for a chain to go through but I made it too small for any of my chains. I'm a mess! haha. The awesome stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms. I rubbed some perfect pearls over it for shimmer.
Also this is just a teaser. I did a stamp club *not a home party one, just a one for fun with local stampers here* this week and it was my turn to be the hostess. Well not very many people came. RONIECE WHAT THE HECK? I EVEN MADE CAKE! So I had all these cut pieces left over. I'm gonna make something rocking with them, just you wait! I've already added flowers and fancy brads/stickers to them. Oh and does anyone know where to get these flowers in bulk? I bought all the ones at the LSS. I like the ones with 5 petals shown here best. I need some huge bag of 100 mixed colors. "need" is of couse a state of mind on this one.


Kim H. said...

Clay is so addicting to work with! Your piece looks great!

Bee said...

I love this backgrounder, it's on my wishlist. It looks great on jewelry!! :-)

TJ said...

Super cute clay jewelry EK! I'm proud of you for trying it out... you know I never would. It required a form of cooking and I have issues with that. hehe ... Um, if you hosted a stamp club near me I would for SURE come! I mean, cool EK creations AND cake?? It's a no brainer!