Friday, May 09, 2008

Been a long time

Ugh yall. So on Saturday morning my old computer died. I say old but I only purchased it in Feb of '07 so it was NOT old. It sure was dead though. It had been trying to die for a few months. Unfortunately the first thing to die was the disk burner thingie so I couldn't back up my photos. You may remember this crap happened to me back in Feb of 07 without a backup. I should not have gotten caught. I stink. Luckily we have a friend at church who used to be on the Geek Squad and is generally a computer geek and will recover whatever I want from BOTH hard drives for me. *saved the older one just in case I got friendly with a computer geek* So all will be well.

In the mean time I've been offline and so no blogging. :( It was terrible. Turns out I have a full on internet addiction. I had withdrawl and everything. Brian found us a new computer Monday morning, but he found it online and it had to be shipped! HORROR. It took until yesterday morning to get here. Then there were issues with setting it up. Seems our power cord/surge protector is what killed our computer. It killed our wireless broadband too. So I had to go all over town for a new one of those and also a new boadband thingie. Anyhow I'm back online now and with new stuff that shouldn't die in a year.

What did I do while I was gone you ask? Well I'll tell you. I read the entire book "Clean and Simple Scrapbooking, the Sequel" and I got off my butt and made myself an ENTIRE scrapbook album! It's called "Private Collection, my favorite people, photos and stories" and it's just for me. I let some family see it, but I'm not blogging it. It's not super fancy, you are not missing much. The journaling is nice though.

I did also make this envelope for a letter to my friend Kim. *all stamps Eat Cake Graphics, colored with marker ink and water brush.

I wanted to make one for Kim because she sent me this inspiring piece!
Front View Inside/back view, pleas note the edging on the flap.
And if that wasn't enough the card!
I also made a scrapbook page. It's based on a sketch challange from the Cornish Heritage farms forums. I am way past the date you were suposed to post these but my computer was dead ya know. Anyhow I hate taking photos of 12x12 scrapbook pages. I actually thought this was pretty good, but it's not that great. You are going to have to just believe me that it's pretty in person and be proud that I actually scrapbooked something. :)

And finally, I turned 30. Today. It was the best birthday ever. I went out last night with girls from church for ice cream and we talked all night. Then today my boys slept in until 8:30. I got to go to Costco. I had a HUGE justjohanna order and also a stamp I won on Mona Lisa's blog. The stamp turned out to be a backgrounder from CHF that I was really wanting! I also got blog candy from Mandy's blog in the mail today! And about a million birthday cards *I hope to blog those in the next few days* My mother-in-law watched the kids and Brian and I went to dinner. Also she gave me a super cupcake themed pile of presents, cookbooks, stickers, punches, all sorts of stuff. My own mom gave me SEVEN vintage aprons! I'm going to blog them on our thrift blog tomorrow or Sunday and I'll be sure to leave yall a link. So all that is super exciting. :) Oh my baby Ethan who is almost 2 kept giving me random things he'd find and saying, "your birthday" and handing them to me! AWWW.


Kim H. said...

Yippee that you had an awesome Birthday! The mail art that you sent me was way more gorgeous then the photo shows! Cheers to you!

Heather Grow said...

Your envelope looks great. Kim's card and envie are a treasure for sure.

asela said...

Happy Birthday you young thing you!

Kathi Rerek said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! I'm glad you had a great celebration!

Sorry about your computer. I was wondering where you were since you're really good about updating your blog. I know what you mean about internet addiction. I feel for you! {{((hugs))}}