Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lim, Magnolia, Not FAIR!!!

Yall know Lim right? HERE is her blog. So I LOVED her elephant card. I really, really, really loved it. I told her so on her blog. So you know what she did? She sent it to me! TO ME!!! Oh and it's huge look:
The adorable cat card is from my friend Debbie and the green/orange card is by my friend Lori who has passed away. This board also features an ultrasound from Stephen and Ethan in a Santa hat. I rearrange the stuff all the time, putting different things on top.

Lim didn't stop there, she sent me a LOT of Magnolia stamp images. So I decided to turn a few into cards, inspired by Lim's awesomeness. (most noteworthy, her use of glitter)

First we have these two girls. I imagine they are sisters. The one in the green shirt is a bit of a tomboy and has things to do, but she's not really minding having to take her girly sister along with her. Even though she knows little sister will probably be no help, and pick flowers to make a diasy chain while she does the actual work of gardening.
This next image just felt a tiny bit sad to me. I'm not sure why, anyone with that kind of floating hair MUST be happy. It's hard to tell when you don't have a mouth of course. So I think she's not sad, just missing someone. This card I also used the lots of piercing that was on my elephant card, love it!
Finally we reach the "NOT FAIR" part! Sherri are you reading this? Ok, look at what Lim put the card in so it wouldn't get damaged! This is the packaging from the ADORABLE Panduro stamps that Lim is trying to enable us to buy in THIS post. So now I even know exactly how big the rubber sheet is and get to see more samples and such. My jealousy reaches new heights! See, Sherri and I are trying not to spend a bunch of money, so we have decided to put off purchasing these stamps for a while. And you should know ths is a huge sacrafice, it's BOTH our birthdays next month, and we really feel we DESERVE stamps of course. *based on our procurement of the past few months, maybe we don't really deserve any! haha* So I'm going to have to look for something to package in this thing and send it to Sherri, then I wonder if we can resist?
Oh this is most random, but look at the sample card on the Panduro packaging. See how that is cut out so some white on the edges show, but it stilll looks totally clean and adorable? I CANNOT get that look! EVER. I see it and every single time I think, "grumble grumble, jealous, jealous, how do they do that?" Mine never looks even and nice, it always looks like a botched cutting job. I can cut an image out entirely, see the card with the two sisters? Just not with that white border! :(


flipflops4sherri said...

Oh my cuteness!! Love all this stuff you did and I am loving these Panduro stamps too. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! How many days till MY birthday!??!?!?!??! lol

Mandy said...

What a cool card she sent you! And I love your cards with these images! :)

Lim said...

Hi my crazy friend !!! Here I am LOL because you are so funny..
Listen, you don't have to spend money. I have the Panduro stamps ( the girls and the wedding set) and of course, I will stamped them for you. I'm waiting for an order from SU with more cardstock and once I receive it I will send you the images. :))

I'm glad that you like the elephant card and I'm so honored that you found such special place to have it!...
The cards with the Magnolia's ROCKS!! And your explanation about the cards .. I can't stand it!!.. hahahaha. Your are too much for me ... You're defenitely the craziest and funniest person I know.

The comment about my fish card on my blog was hilarious, I'm cracking up!!!! Thanks!

Big Hugs,

Lauri said...

Wow!!! I have been looking at these Panduro stamps for are so good! so disciplied not to buy anything!!! Great cards!

Heather Grow said...

This just goes to show that leaving comments is a good thing. What a fun surprise.

Oh, and I LOVE your ribbon woven cards. I am totally going to try that. Thanks for the tips.

Jessica said...

Great cards, that elephant card is fabulous!

Beth Norman said...

Aren't you luck. That elephant card truly is adorable. Have fun with your images.

Hanne said...

Hi Erin,

I found your blog because I had to do what Lim told me to; check it out! I'm very obedient you see :)
And this time my obedience had the lucky consequence that I found sooo many lovely cards in here!
I will have to come back, so can I please put a link from my blog to yours? (you see, politely as well) haha.

Hugs from Norway :))

Deb said...

You have a lot of fabulous cards on here, love your blog!! I found it through the awards Ahilim gave you and I'm glad I looked!! Hope you get the stamps you want for your birthday!!

Lim said...

Hey, missing lady!!.
I'm looking for you all over, I hope everything is Ok. With never know hahahaha..
You have something in my blog for you... Big Hugs,