Sunday, April 06, 2008

Garage Sale Find

Yesterday me, my mom, Jack, Brian, Stepen and Ethan went garage sale shopping. We got a TON of stuff. TONS. But what I'm going to show you is this shelf, it's for CD's.
I painted it the same color as the walls in my craft room.
Then I cleaned up a bit and put my unmounted stamps on it. I had plenty of room so I put all my Stampin' Up! stuff on there too. I'm thinking about unmounting all my other random mounted stamps too. But not my justjohanna ones, I have a special thing for them and they are happy there. So how cool is that? It cost me $5, I had to sand it a bit and paint it of course. I've been wanting something, my CD cases were just sorta piled in my huge black cabinet with doors. Now they are right beside where I sit. OH and the sun never comes right here, I hear that is bad for stamps to be in the sun, but these are protected.
Also I realize I only have 16 SU sets! I knew I mostly bought their stuff more than stamps but I thought I had more than that.

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Pearlann66 said...

Great Garage sale find!!
gotta love the trash to treasure concept!
I live in an apartment complex with one main dumpster and most people who are moving will just put their good stuff outside the dumpster for some one to take.
I got my stepdaughter a larger version of your shelf it was awesome!!!