Sunday, April 06, 2008

Get Busy!

I've been busy today! FUN stuff too.

I further organized my craft area. Love it now. I mean I loved it before too.

Then I made this envelope. It's inspired by the awesome envelopes that my friend Kim is always doing and making me jealous. *kim, you DO have my address right???*
Next I have a card I made Brian who was having a stinky afternoon. He's ok now though because he knows owl always love him! :)
After that I made this simple card with this dancing lady. I love her all in pink. If I had a super fancy dress like that I'd want it all in shades of pink.
I tried a large art envelope too, but it wasn't as great as the small. I did put about a poud of glitter on it though. I'm sure the lady at the post office will love it.
I think I got enough glitter on it!

all images by justjohanna. all colored with copics. glittered with stickles


spicy said...

Ohhhh, I love the glitter! You DO have my addy, don't you? *winks*

Heather Grow said...

You were busy today. Love all your projects today. Lots of sparkle.

Kim H. said...

ohhhh sparkle and shine! I do have your address! Be on the look out next this coming week :wink: Your envelope turned out great! Great card too!

Eleanor said...

Oh my gosh! I love your cards! Awesome.

Kathi Rerek said...

Whoa. That's a lot of glitter, but it looks great. In fact, they all look great. I think my favorite is the top one. Or maybe the one under it. Ah heck. I love them all.

You've got the mojo!

Rina said...

Wonderful Cards and envelope!!!