Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun with Cornish Heritage Farms

All week at Cornish Heritage Farms they are having backgrounder challanges. I loves me some background stamps! There are different theme challanges each day.

This first card is for a challange "Anything BUT paper" where we are to stamp a backgrounder stamp on anything but paper. *see how clever that title is* I stamped on some chipboard. Before stamping the chipboard letters I inked them with chalk ink, then let them dry.
Another challange was a sketch challange. It was a cool sketch that allowed us to really focus on the background image. I made this baked treat card. I bake a lot of treats, I need a stack of these. Also, the words, heart and treat here are by Kim Hughes, who you may know I'm obsessed with.
Next we have one that is to make anything other than a card. I don't always mount my stamps. I like the storage of having them in the CD cases. So when I get a new set from Stampin' UP! sometimes I don't mount them, leaving me totally clean wood blocks. I then stamp on them and chuck them in my kid's toy box. They play with them for a while, then leave them out on the floor. At this point I step on them and mumble somethings I shouldn't. After that I usually throw them away in discust. But for NOW I've made a cute block with the dot backgrounder and this adorable turtle. *three guesses as to who drew the turtle, first two don't count* Please note the toenail polish on the turtle.
I hope to do a few more challanges this week, but we all know how lazy I am. Oh and I do have other CHF backgrounders, but it looks like I only have one... I might have to buy more so it looks like I have more?

I am getting my hair cut today. I am tempted to do a total chop off, but I know Brian wouldn't love that. I'm thinking of layers, but the longest being JUST above my sholders, the shortest acting like wispy bangs. I'll have to let Jennifer advise me though. Jennifer is my hair girl. She did my last cut and won me as a client for life. Well for until she gets noticed by a great expensive salon and they steal her from the place in the mall and her rates go up 1000% and I can't afford her. At least until then!


Kim H. said...

Super duper cute turtle! Happy Hair cut day!

Angie said...

LOL! I just read this post and maybe you jinxed Jennifer! Maybe that's why she's MIA; she got stolen by an expensive salon! BTW, when you don't mount your SU! stamps, how do you use them? Do you take the sticky stuff off the cling mount stuff? I would love to un-mount a bunch of my stamps because I'm moving at the end of the year, and the block take up so much space and weight. Thanks!