Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big news!

Lots of justjohanna related news today!

First of all there is a new Design Team Call for justjohanna. Would you like to be on this team? Then click HERE for a link to Johanna's blog explaining all the details. I'm loving it on the team, and definately am applying for another round!

Next we have a justjohanna event coming up! If you are so inclined, mark your calendar for the 19th which is next saturday. The design team will be having challanges all day on their blogs with prizes, yes PRIZES. And there will be a Grand Prize, no not a Major Award, a Grand Prize of a $250 gift certificate to shop with justjohanna! I am definately doing a challange and I know already what some of the other girls' challanges are and they are going to be fun, perhaps get you to do something you've not done before! And all this is in honor of Earth Day, which is Tuesday the 22nd. The winner of my individual challange will win an extra special earth day limited edition justjohanna stamp! I don't even know what it looks like yet, it's so ultra insider and cool! teeheehee

Ok and now for a card! Have you hard of Cakespy? There are all these adorable, funny paintings featuring a cute little cupcake having adventures. (you can buy the paintings and they are reasonably priced! I may need one.) I was inspired by him to make the following card:

This stamp is the justjohanna "frosting only" cupcake of course. I used a post it note to cover the line part on the frosting so I could draw this face instead. I'm really happy with how this turned out!
The card layout is based on this month's newsletter sketch. Here's the sketch:

Don't you love it? I think it's the yummiest sketch ever. I have another one I'll be showing later using this sketch. You can see cards made by the team and other justjohanna fans for this sketch and past sketches HERE in the justjohanna gallery.

Ok that's all for this morning I have a whole pile of related projects to show you later, using stickers! But these stickers, they rock, they are not your normal boring stickers.


Kim H. said...

Great job with the sketch. I love the face on the frost only! Just makes me smile to look at it!

Thanh said...

Thanks for the link! Cakespy is adorable. Looking fwd to seeing what you got up your sleeve for the challenge.

Cakespy said...

Aww, cute!! Is that an all night media stamp? (I used to work at a rubber stamp store during college!).

Thank you so much for the shout-out! :-)

Godelieve said...

Fantastic! Love your happy cupcake :)
Thanks for the link!