Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inspirational Blog

So tell me you all already know the Inspirational Blog right? What? Some of you don't? SHEESH! Ok, go look, then come back.

Cool isn't it? So the team rounds up awesome cards and other crafts from all over during their blog hopping and all. Then they get permission and post their favorites on the Inspirational Blog. And now I'm part of that awesome team.

Now I know, you already read 200 blogs, why do you need this one too? Well let me tell you, because I read 200 blogs and I find new stuff on this one every day. I know it feels like you are reading every blog on earth but you are not. So by reading this one in addition to your favorites you will be getting a huge variety of new inspiration. *hmmm, I bet that's why they call it that?*

So if you get an email from me, or a comment in your blog asking if I can feature you on the Inspirational Blog, please let me!



Julie said...

Welcome to the team Erin :)

Melanie said...

congrats on the team, I'm still floored some people are able to visit 200-300 blogs! incredible!