Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farms and Food

So I've been trying to loose weight. As usual. But good thing is made this amazing salad:
 I also finally placed a Papertrey order. I wanted to, then read that they were falling apart on Customer Service, which concerned me. Then one of the main stamp sets I wanted was out of stock for over a month. Sigh. But then they made a farm set and I'm a sucker for a farm set so I finally ordered. I'm happy to say it got here in 3 working days and all was well. Hurray.
 Made a cute duck card.
And this chicken card, which I FREAKING LOVE.

So in other news:
Calvin is growing up too fast for me. He's crazy and into trouble and climbs all over absolutely everything. But he's stinking cute for days and very loving and so all is forgiven.
The other boys are excited that there is only a week of school left. We have several different memberships for the summer to keep us busy and out of Brian's hair. (Brian is working from home more and more.)
Ethan's Birthday is this Saturday. He got to pick the restaurant of  his choice... He picked McDonald's. We don't go there much, so I guess in his mind it's a treat. So that will be awesome I guess.
We are getting a fancy new computer. It comes tomorrow. It is the most we have spent on pretty much anything so I'm hoping it is fantastic. We do use our computer a TON so we sorta splurged.
I got a bike. It's a red schwinn cruiser. I love it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More rejects

Here are some more publication rejects. 

It's a funny thing with magazines. Some cards that I thought were stinking awesome got no interest, while projects that I thought were just ok made the cut. You never know what editors are looking for. Which goes back to my earlier point, Send a lot in.

Apparently I'm giving advice like I'm some sort of publication expert. I'm totally not. But I will say that I used to be terrified of the rejection, and think I could never do it and now I have. And I'm totally normal. I'm not one of these mega amazing girls, with perfect blogs and outstanding photography and shiny hair. (actually I have pretty awesome hair.) So you can do it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

thanks. (Pub Reject)

This card is a publication reject. I just love it though. And I LOVE the matching envelope. So FINE I'll just keep it then! LOL.

Actually for me, all my publication has been after sending TONS of stuff in. I have one little project in the next issue of Papercrafts Magazine. It's a sweet little thing, you'll see it soon. But I sent in about 30 projects to get that one chosen. I know girls who make a handful of things and they mostly get picked up. Not for me. But that's ok, I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I've had and feedback I get. I'm very thankful for a fun and rewarding hobby.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OLW 88 and a new vanity

First here is my new vanity table. I found the child's desk at a yard sale for $20 and painted it SUPER PINK. I need a little stool for it still but I love it. :) 
 Next I have not made cards in forever! I've been really busy, happy busy but still busy. But I saw this week's OLW88 and HAD to make a few.
 This flower is in one of my favorite cards I've made in a really long time. Masked with post-it notes, stamped, colored, sentiment under. Simple and sweet.
I like this octopus one. A lot. But I'm not sure I love it. I think it maybe is too dark? I'm also not sure the font really works with the image. But I still will call it a useable card. :)

It felt good to get crafty again.