Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farms and Food

So I've been trying to loose weight. As usual. But good thing is made this amazing salad:
 I also finally placed a Papertrey order. I wanted to, then read that they were falling apart on Customer Service, which concerned me. Then one of the main stamp sets I wanted was out of stock for over a month. Sigh. But then they made a farm set and I'm a sucker for a farm set so I finally ordered. I'm happy to say it got here in 3 working days and all was well. Hurray.
 Made a cute duck card.
And this chicken card, which I FREAKING LOVE.

So in other news:
Calvin is growing up too fast for me. He's crazy and into trouble and climbs all over absolutely everything. But he's stinking cute for days and very loving and so all is forgiven.
The other boys are excited that there is only a week of school left. We have several different memberships for the summer to keep us busy and out of Brian's hair. (Brian is working from home more and more.)
Ethan's Birthday is this Saturday. He got to pick the restaurant of  his choice... He picked McDonald's. We don't go there much, so I guess in his mind it's a treat. So that will be awesome I guess.
We are getting a fancy new computer. It comes tomorrow. It is the most we have spent on pretty much anything so I'm hoping it is fantastic. We do use our computer a TON so we sorta splurged.
I got a bike. It's a red schwinn cruiser. I love it.


Michelle said...

Erin, these cards are gorgeous!

3 days to receive a PTI order? Wow! I can't wait to see all the new cards you create! Here in Australia we have a minimum 3 week wait, and the worst was 8 weeks (so far). It's frustrating, but the products are lovely. :-)

Post a photo of that shiny new red bike! Sounds lovely! Feeling envious of the new computer. I hope it delivers more than you even hoped for. ;-)

pescbrico said...

I so love the last card also! It's really fun and look amazing :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Thank you SO much for your sweet comment, Erin! I love these farm cards, especially the chicken one. Brilliant colour choices!