Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby and black flowers.

I'm feeling a lot better. The boys are not quite over it yet, which concerns me, but they are much better too.

That means I was back in my stamp room! :)

This first card is really just because I love black and celery together. Then I felt the flowers needed a little bling. This stamp set is a retired SU set that I love. The ribbon is May Arts and I got it from All That Scraps. That little dohickie on the ribbons is from Stampin Up too.
Next we have a baby card. I LOVE this stamp. The rest in the set I could take or leave. It's that So Many Scallops set that you can get free during Sale-A-Bration. Anyhow I really like this baby stamp. In the SAB catalog they have it pieced with what looks like chunky glitter on the moon. I tried doing real glitter on the moon but it didn't make me happy, so I did the Stampin' Up! Irridescent Ice embossing powder. I like this a lot. The patern paper is Stampin' Up! too, it's from the Print Pack pack of paper you can get as a hostess gift. (this card is half free I rekon!) I did the corner punch scallop on the edges, then punched holes in that to make it lacy. I used more of the blue paper on the inside.
I like how when it's closed you can see the blue paper peeking out behind the scallop. Also sense there is a line patern on the blue paper I will find it easier to write a neat note inside.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some projects

I'm still sick. Doing much better, but still not good.

I took these pictures days ago, before I got sick, and am just now getting around to showing them.

First we have another cookie bag *because I'm sure there nothing you want more than cookies from my house of illness horror right now*. The stamp is a retired TAC stamp. The paper is Stampin' Up!
And this is a easy St. Patrick's day card. The stamps are one of those little dollar clear sets. I didn't have any ribbon that was just right so I stamped the dot stamp on the white ribbon.

I did stamp today. I might take photos of that stuff soon. I am just super tired and low energy.

I do really appreciate all the well wishes I've gotten. It means a lot. I did make the follow up mamogram and ultrasound and all that stuff appointment. It's not for a few weeks, apparently it's quite the process and they only do a few of them a day. I guess they don't think I'm going to fall over dead of cancer in a few weeks or they would get me in sooner. I don't really think I have cancer though. I just don't think so. But I'll keep you posted! Then you can all make me cards with those adorable bra stamp sets I see and think "who do you use those for?" haahaa

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Horrible day

If you are interested see my Family blog

It's all kinds of horrible stuff for me today.

No cards. I refuse to inflict my horrible day on my darling craft.

I do want to tell all you bloggers that you are life savers on days like this. I can zone out for an hour and look at blogs and get inspired and happy. I love you all for it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Look, new hair!

got a new hair cut today.
I like it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cookie tote.

I made this really simple bag to put cookies in.

There isn't much to tell... It's a lunch bag, cut down so it wasn't so tall. Then paper cut down for it and decorated with some stamping.

The words are Stampin Up and the bug is Papertrey.

OH if you are going to put cookies in yours you should probably put the cookies in a baggie inside the paper bag. The oil from the cookie is sorta staining the bag. I'm not gonna worry about it on this one *read: i'm not remaking this bag just for that* but in the future I'll put the cookies in a baggie. That will also be good for if I end up leaving them on a doorstep. I'm going to make these for some of the people I Visit Teach. Visiting Teaching is a cool program at church. I have a handful of ladies I'm responsible for checking up with each month.
ps, foods that leave grease/oil on paper give me the creeps. I'm so glad I noticed this on the cookies because I make SUPER great cookies and I wanted to eat tons tonight but I'm skeezed out now so I probably won't have anymore.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A shaker and a quickie.

So I got two packs of retired SU patern paper today. One is the "Loves me" one that is sorta Valentines day themed with pinks and browns. The other is "Notations No. 1" Which is all office looking and has cool caribbean and certainly celery. I had to open "loves me" and use it right away:

The "t" is a shaker, look:
So I made that this afternoon, but I made a card last night too and here it is:
Have I mentioned that I love polkadots? cuz I do. I also love lush ribbon.

The "thanks SO much" stamp is SU, the "Thanks!" stamp is Missy B Designs. I colored the "thanks!" with copic markers.

It's a wonderfully beautiful day, so I gotta run!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Gable Green.

Gable green is a funny color for me. In my book I labled it "Low, and Ugly, do not reorder". Isn't that funny! It is a strange green. Anyhow I ordered it in the multipack, but not on it's own.

I used my last sheet though to make these cards:

... figures! I actually really like these and now I'm out of this paper. I'm also TOTALLY out of brown now, I had these scraps and they even had stuff on their backs.
I'm not out of
brown (all shades)
this funky greenish color
and a few other colors.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I love the summertime stamps by Eat Cake Graphics. I think the boys look a little like my boys. (you can see my boys on my Family Blog.) Stephen thinks they look like them too, but also that they like Calliou. Calliou is a very annoying children's show. It's actually a little cute, but Calliou says EVERYTHING in a whine. I cannot stand whines.

Anyhow, sorry, back to the card here it is:
close up:

I colored with copic markers. I used my stamp-a-ma-jig for placement, as it's all seperate stamps. I used a fine point pen to draw in the water l ine under the jumping boy.

It was all warm yesterday when I made this, but it's cold again today.

Oh and I'm all uncomfortable, I have a mamogram today and I can't wear moisturizer or deordorant. It's not that I stink, I'm just sitting here, I just FEEL funny you know? And I'm a moisturizer freak so that's odd too. I feel dry and icky. It's best to be totally demoralized BEFORE they slam your boobie between those vice thingies. I don't know if it's like a vice really, this is my first. Wish me luck! *Oh and I'm only 29, don't start thinking I'm all OLD like, in my 40's or something ok? I'm starting early because of family history and a lump I have, which they think is fine, but i'm NOT old! teeheehee*

ETA: the boobie smashing went fine. I wrote all about it on the Family blog HERE.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's not HERE yet. My awesome demo lives in ATL and she had a huge order herself so we combined ours to get more goodies because I'm seeing her next week. But this stuff is all mine! MINE ALL MINE!!! *giddies*

I KNOW I don't buy enough stamps, people always say that! I really, REALLY love paper.
Oh and FYI apparently SU's envelopes and notecards are super nice. I had no idea. Tracey showed a pic that had her stuff too and I was all, "What are those little packages, I don't have any of those, I want some!" And she was all, "They are notecards and envelopes, they are super nice" and I was all, "Why didn't anyone tell me! Notecards and envelopes are paper!" Whaaaa! *TOTALLY kidding I'm super happy with all my goodies and I'm not THAT much of a brat!* So anyhow I'm gonna check them out when I go up there next week, I'll let you know if they rock. *then the four of you who read and not just look at pics will know*

Valentine. Wednesday Stamper

The Wednesday Stamper theme this week is Valentine. These cats, they are in love. :)

All stamps are by justjohanna. I colored with colored pencils. It's stamped on a sheet of Making Memories Noteworthy paper.

Love is forever

I am in LOVE with the Noteworthy collection of papers by Making Memories. I mean totally in love. I have another project to show you today that uses them too. Actually I'm in love with all office looking papers and stuff right now. I'm all excited because I purchased a retired Stampin' Up paper pack that has office looking prints. It's not here yet, but I'm excited.

Ok, on to the card. I used the Noteworthy papers. I even stamped my flowers on them. And some stitching on ribbon. The flower stamp is by Stampin' Up from a last year Sell-A-Bration set. The sentiment is by Green Grass Rubberstamps. Cardstock is Stampin Up as well.

Can you see the shimmer on these flowers? *I think you can see it better in the first pic actually* I stamped them on the patern paper with cool caribbean ink, then painted them with a waterbrush and a bit of reinker. Then painted over that with just a smidge of turquoise perfect pearls. Then big fat brads finish them off. The center one is mounted on foam tape.

Oh and in my craft room last night I was SURE that the blue in the patern paper was a cool caribbean type blue, but it looks like it's more of a baby blue. POOP! I mean that's fine, but I didn't use baby blue. I'm gonna act like I don't notice that. Don't tell anyone.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is anyone else really jealous?

Every year at CHA I get all jealous and moody. I'm happy that cool new stuff will be coming out, but I have seriousl jealousy issues with not going! I wanna see everything new in person! I want vendors to give me stuffs! I want to meet famous and well known papercrafting cebrities!

I hope all you bloggers who are at CHA are having a blast! Really. I'm not bitter, I just wish I was there.

Oh and I found this site, Lifetime Moments that has LOTS of pics from CHA. It's all arranged by the booth I rekon. It's a message board I've never been to. Looks pretty cool. the CHA pics are awesome.

Ok, back to me moping around all jealous!

*not really moping, really looking for every photo I can find*

Sunday, February 10, 2008

scrapbook pages

I went to a crop Friday with my friend Nita. I made some pages for the scrapbook. I need to stay on top of that thing, but these are not tooo behind! One from summer, a fall and believe it or not the "Fun" one is from winter. *early winter, and FL winter, but winter none-the-less*

the papers on this Halloween layout are by Making Memories. I got the pack of them at the Target.
The stamps on the title are by Green Grass Rubber Stamps
These papers are SEI. The little tag pulls out so you can read the journaling.
All this paper is from a pack I got in the Target Dollar Spot. :) Love making cool stuff out of cheap paper.
Lots of glitter on the letters.

More glitter here on the tab and "hinges" I made with SU punches. I alos really like that little turn thingie. *oh and yes, that's me in all my bathing suit beached whale glory*

The little turn thing actually turns and then it opens up to show the journaling. I have stinky handwriting but I resolved to handwrite my journaling lately because then it gets done instead of me thinking, "I'll go back and do that" and then it never gets done. I bought a notebook paper backgrounder from Cornish Heritage Farms to help me. :) I also ordered, but don't have yet, the dotted lines jumbo wheel from SU to help me with journaling. :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh Baby

I made a neat gift set of Baby Thank You cards. I have some showers coming up (3 girls at church told us they are pregnant all just last Sunday!) and I plan to give these with my gift and the new mom can use the cards as Thank You's and then the box, if she chooses, she can put notes she gets, and cards, or all that wrist band stuff from the hospital. :)

I made this box from a sheet of cardstock. I used the Scor Pal. Then I decorated it with Gina K "Just so Hippy" stamps. I LOVE these stamps.
Here is the giraffe card
Here is the hippo one.

Here is what the box looks like closed. The top flap sorta comes around and tucks in. Let me see if I can show that better:

After I designed it and all I wondered if it would have been more cute to have the flap come on the outside then use a bit of my sticky velcro stuff to hold the flap shut. But I had already done the giraffe and her neck is so long ya know? I will think about that for the next box I do though.

I got the idea for the scorpal box from the No Time To Stamp blog at THIS POST. I changed it up a bit, made it taller, gave it a flap, but that adorable post Sharon made is what made me think I needed to make a box. :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Playing with my new justjohanna stamps.

the sub upside down without the parascope looks like a blimp! :)
The feather actually is from justjohanna too! It was tied on an order I got a while back. I colored the pink with those souffle pens.
This box had chocolates in it. My MIL had them and gave me the box. I'm going to put new chocolates in it and give it back.

Here are some fun projects with the new justjohanna stamps I got today! :)

Ding Dong... THUMP

I love that sound! That is the sound of packages!!

Here's what I got today: Look how nicely justjohanna wraps packages! Darling!
And this is what's inside. The submarine is upside down, sorry about that.
This huge wonking thing is for Brian. He has his own online community and message board and they are always RAKing each other. They collect McFarlain sports action figures. And other sports crap. Anyhow I'm sure this huge box has a football helmet or some huge action figure or something like that. I LOVE it when Brian gets a package on the same day as me. Makes me feel lots better about my package!
I'm still expecting a few things. I am really blessed. :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Frog Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes I made for Brian to take to work.

Arn't they adorable?

The cake is green, I used margerita jello for flavor, but it doesn't have much taste really. Then the icing is strawberry. Please note the super cute cupcake paper I used. That was the inspiration to do frogs on top.

Happy Birthday

Who wouldn't want a cute little puppy like this for their birthday? Look at the tounge out action!

This color scheme came from this old Idea Sheet thingie my Stampin' Up! demo gave me. You know what I'm talking about? Those sheets that show a bunche of cards with a stamp set. This was an alternate color combo: chocolate chip, barely banana, mint melody and cameo coral.

The polkadot is a backgrounder stamp by Cornish Heritage farms. (and my new favoritest stamp) the girl with the doggie and the "Happy Birthday: by Eat Cake Graphics. I colored with my copics. The brown ribbon is from Ribbons and Bows Oh My.

I want a puppy.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Pink Skull.

So first let's talk about grungeboard. I should have known I'd not like a product named grungeboard. I bought a HUGE alphabet kit and I hate it. I was trying to get the chipboard look, but anyhow it's poop. Some peeps love it and that's good for them.

I was talking about this on my Stamp Shack board, and Mary mentioned she had a kit with some skulls in it she didn't plan to use them. Now the skulls are cute. They are the only cute thing in there. (Sorry Tim, you are an artist, but not for me) She said she would send them to me! :)

course I made a card within one hour of them arriving here.

But there is more! Because grungeboard knows I hate it it decided to act totally stupid for me. I tried to ink it pink with an inkpad. Turned PURPLE. Now this was a nice normal shade of pink, I was shocked. If you do not know, I do not like purple, I call it the bastard son of red and blue. So I decide it needs embossing powder. I have some yummy pink shimmer embossing powder so I use that. NOPE, still stupid purple, put another coat, still purple. Decide it needs white first *probably would have been best to start with white* it takes two coats of white to get it white and not purple, then two more pinks to get it pink. You can totally see the white, but it's a skull and it's called "grungeboard" so I figure a bit of grunge is ok. *I'm not sure what caused the little pits of no embossing, there was a TON of ep on this, I think maybe too much? whatever, it's a skull I'm ok with the look*
So in the end I got a look I really like.
I hate grungeboard.

justjohanna Sketch.

This is the sketch from this month's justjohanna newsletter. Isn't it fun?
So here is what I made with it:
I love pink.

And we have a Winner!!

I drew a winner for the "Show me yours and I'll GIVE you mine" Blog candy and it is...

Sunnymommie said...
so cute stamps! I never see before and thank you for link!!!Katey

Katey I have to run right now for a play date, but when I get back I'll look on your blog to see if I can find your email address, or you can email me at and I can get your address and send your new stamps right out.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Want a Special Deal?

Ok, this month's Special Deal at justjohanna is super YUMMY.

That's all I'm saying.

Well we all know I have more to say than that. But click the link and look at the yummy stamps that could be yours!

I already ordered mine. I have bunches of justjohanna stamps but none of these! I love cupcakes! They are cute and easy and yummy all at the same time.

When I get mine I'll make a boatload of cards for ya!

Go buy the Special Deal, you know you want it.

Oh I almost forgot the little bird is designed by my friend Kim! So the set is just super extra special.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Homeland Security and Cardmaking.

I received this email from my mom today:

I keep forgetting to tell you this. Apparently you made some cards for Sue. *my aunt* And at least one had googly eyes. Which she loves. So she mails it to Ricky out in Colorado. *my uncle* And it takes two weeks. The mailman brings it to him - opened, bent.... and wrapped in clear post office plastic.

Turns out they had to confiscate it and examine it. Homeland Security don't you know.

Who'd a thought googly eyes could be so SUSPICIOUS!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Show me yours, I'll GIVE you mine!

I think it's time for blog candy!

What will you win?
This card:
And these stamps which you can use to make the card:
These are unmounted red rubber stamps by Eat Cake Graphics. I just use some double stick tape on my acrylic block with them, or you can use EZ Mount, or put them on wood blocks if that's the way you like it. :)

Now what do you have to do to win the stamps? You have to go to and pick your favorite stamp. Then tell me here on my blog what your favorite is. *This girl might be my favorite, although it's hard I love them all* That's all. And if you have not been to Eat Cake Graphics you should for sure check it out. All the stamps have a fun illustration quality to them. They are darling. Oh and you don't have to give the item number or anything, you can totally say, "The one with the girl and the dog and the ice cream cone." I don't mind!

I will draw for this prize Monday morning. I don't know what time... I tend to sleep till like 9am, then I get on the internet, check all the blogs in my feed and chat up my Bow Chicka Bow Wow girls, so sometime during all that.

Have fun!

Love Bunny

So yesterday I cleaned my scrap bin. Like totally cleaned it. I made a stack of papers that Stephen can use for his crafting, which he loved. Then I took the scraps I'm still keeping and put them in these categories, "general" "cardstock" *i keep my SU cardstock scraps right will the full sized sheets I find I use them more that way, so this section is other brand cardstock* "Valentines day", "Christmas" and "Halloween" Then one section is white, ivory and black scraps, so I can look there when I need to stamp an image for coloring.

Then I decided to make a card from scraps:

Is this bunny the most adorable thing ever? Look at the head tilt! When I worked at the Animal Shelter and we got an animal in with one stick up ear and one down ear we'd lable that animal's ears "half erect". I found out lately that when it's a bunny it's "Helicopter". That brings to mind images of dropping bunnies to see if they twirl, but whatever.

I colored the bunny with my copic markers. This awesome DP is from my scrap bin. I used my new polkadot backgrounder a bunch. Oh and see that huge brown circle thingie? It's a super huge brad. It's EITHER Making Memories or Joanne's Craft Essentials. I can't remember.

This layout is for the Splitcoaststampers Sketch Challange this week. It's is a super cute sketch if you ask me!