Friday, February 22, 2008

Some projects

I'm still sick. Doing much better, but still not good.

I took these pictures days ago, before I got sick, and am just now getting around to showing them.

First we have another cookie bag *because I'm sure there nothing you want more than cookies from my house of illness horror right now*. The stamp is a retired TAC stamp. The paper is Stampin' Up!
And this is a easy St. Patrick's day card. The stamps are one of those little dollar clear sets. I didn't have any ribbon that was just right so I stamped the dot stamp on the white ribbon.

I did stamp today. I might take photos of that stuff soon. I am just super tired and low energy.

I do really appreciate all the well wishes I've gotten. It means a lot. I did make the follow up mamogram and ultrasound and all that stuff appointment. It's not for a few weeks, apparently it's quite the process and they only do a few of them a day. I guess they don't think I'm going to fall over dead of cancer in a few weeks or they would get me in sooner. I don't really think I have cancer though. I just don't think so. But I'll keep you posted! Then you can all make me cards with those adorable bra stamp sets I see and think "who do you use those for?" haahaa


JessicaLynn said...

Great cards. I too have been sick now for 23 days. I hope you feel better.

Jessica Lynn

Emilia said...

these are great cards!! take care of yourself!! :)

Kim H. said...

Great mouse image! Love the way you colored it! Hope you and the boys feel better soon!