Thursday, February 14, 2008


I love the summertime stamps by Eat Cake Graphics. I think the boys look a little like my boys. (you can see my boys on my Family Blog.) Stephen thinks they look like them too, but also that they like Calliou. Calliou is a very annoying children's show. It's actually a little cute, but Calliou says EVERYTHING in a whine. I cannot stand whines.

Anyhow, sorry, back to the card here it is:
close up:

I colored with copic markers. I used my stamp-a-ma-jig for placement, as it's all seperate stamps. I used a fine point pen to draw in the water l ine under the jumping boy.

It was all warm yesterday when I made this, but it's cold again today.

Oh and I'm all uncomfortable, I have a mamogram today and I can't wear moisturizer or deordorant. It's not that I stink, I'm just sitting here, I just FEEL funny you know? And I'm a moisturizer freak so that's odd too. I feel dry and icky. It's best to be totally demoralized BEFORE they slam your boobie between those vice thingies. I don't know if it's like a vice really, this is my first. Wish me luck! *Oh and I'm only 29, don't start thinking I'm all OLD like, in my 40's or something ok? I'm starting early because of family history and a lump I have, which they think is fine, but i'm NOT old! teeheehee*

ETA: the boobie smashing went fine. I wrote all about it on the Family blog HERE.


Suzi said...

40 is NOT OLD!!!! And I can say that 'cause I'm only 22! (Watch out for lightening strikes!)

Anonymous said...

Who you calling OLD girl! 40 is NOT OLD. :) God you two are just little chickie-poos. I hope the squish went well. I had a squish two years ago at the old age of 42 cuz I found a lump. Lump went away and the mammo and sono said I was cool beans. Glad you got checked.

G (My3Ds at The Shack)

Anonymous said...

That should say age 40 - I just turned 42. (Age 6 in my mind though).

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

Your card is GREAT! Great colors and supercute stamps!

About Hello Kitty:

You can download free stuff from the SANRIO website. You can also look at EBAY and ETSY. You can also search for KAWAII-themed online stores, because they also sell Hello Kitty often. And....I have downloaded a Hello Kitty font, but I don't know anymore where I got it from. Maybe you can search for it on the net??

Hope this helps a bit!


Lauren (mytime) said...

I LOVE the eat cake things-WAY CUTE!!!!
Your stuff is so adorable :D
I also enjoyed your Just Johanna Stuff. Sorry I dont have time to comment on all if it.Oh yeah your scrap page is nice too. I cant scrap to save my life-and envy those who can :D