Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cookie tote.

I made this really simple bag to put cookies in.

There isn't much to tell... It's a lunch bag, cut down so it wasn't so tall. Then paper cut down for it and decorated with some stamping.

The words are Stampin Up and the bug is Papertrey.

OH if you are going to put cookies in yours you should probably put the cookies in a baggie inside the paper bag. The oil from the cookie is sorta staining the bag. I'm not gonna worry about it on this one *read: i'm not remaking this bag just for that* but in the future I'll put the cookies in a baggie. That will also be good for if I end up leaving them on a doorstep. I'm going to make these for some of the people I Visit Teach. Visiting Teaching is a cool program at church. I have a handful of ladies I'm responsible for checking up with each month.
ps, foods that leave grease/oil on paper give me the creeps. I'm so glad I noticed this on the cookies because I make SUPER great cookies and I wanted to eat tons tonight but I'm skeezed out now so I probably won't have anymore.


Elisabeth said...

How cute and simple!! Totally adorable! I've browsed through your other postings and your cards are awesome! May I link to you on my blog?

Tami Bayer said...

Such an adorable little cookie tote. I think those are ribbon are so clever.