Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's not HERE yet. My awesome demo lives in ATL and she had a huge order herself so we combined ours to get more goodies because I'm seeing her next week. But this stuff is all mine! MINE ALL MINE!!! *giddies*

I KNOW I don't buy enough stamps, people always say that! I really, REALLY love paper.
Oh and FYI apparently SU's envelopes and notecards are super nice. I had no idea. Tracey showed a pic that had her stuff too and I was all, "What are those little packages, I don't have any of those, I want some!" And she was all, "They are notecards and envelopes, they are super nice" and I was all, "Why didn't anyone tell me! Notecards and envelopes are paper!" Whaaaa! *TOTALLY kidding I'm super happy with all my goodies and I'm not THAT much of a brat!* So anyhow I'm gonna check them out when I go up there next week, I'll let you know if they rock. *then the four of you who read and not just look at pics will know*


Tejal said...

holy smokes..that's some stash! I love paper too...and love hoarding it actually!!
P.s. did you get my card..I've posted it on jan 14th..hopefully you get it soon!


Linzy said...

I'm one of those four. ;) Love you, E!

Aunt T said...

Pssst - you've been nominated for the 'E is for Excellent' blogging award!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography skills... ;)

Can't wait to see you in a FEW DAYS!!!!

Kathy said...

Great order!!!!! I'm totally rofl that the only stamp sets you got were SAB sets which are freebies! I just placed a mondo SU order myself tonight and got mainly ribbon and accessories. . .and a few stamp sets but then I'm done for several months.

Enjoy your goodies!