Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh Baby

I made a neat gift set of Baby Thank You cards. I have some showers coming up (3 girls at church told us they are pregnant all just last Sunday!) and I plan to give these with my gift and the new mom can use the cards as Thank You's and then the box, if she chooses, she can put notes she gets, and cards, or all that wrist band stuff from the hospital. :)

I made this box from a sheet of cardstock. I used the Scor Pal. Then I decorated it with Gina K "Just so Hippy" stamps. I LOVE these stamps.
Here is the giraffe card
Here is the hippo one.

Here is what the box looks like closed. The top flap sorta comes around and tucks in. Let me see if I can show that better:

After I designed it and all I wondered if it would have been more cute to have the flap come on the outside then use a bit of my sticky velcro stuff to hold the flap shut. But I had already done the giraffe and her neck is so long ya know? I will think about that for the next box I do though.

I got the idea for the scorpal box from the No Time To Stamp blog at THIS POST. I changed it up a bit, made it taller, gave it a flap, but that adorable post Sharon made is what made me think I needed to make a box. :)


jpetty said...

How creative Erin, just love this cute project

Kathi Rerek said...

These are wonderful. I especially like the box and the giraffe. He's just way too cute.

Jen said...

These are so wonderful! What a thoughtful gift!

Colleen said...

What a cool box!!! and what a neat way to use it...I'm casing the idea!