Monday, February 04, 2008

Pink Skull.

So first let's talk about grungeboard. I should have known I'd not like a product named grungeboard. I bought a HUGE alphabet kit and I hate it. I was trying to get the chipboard look, but anyhow it's poop. Some peeps love it and that's good for them.

I was talking about this on my Stamp Shack board, and Mary mentioned she had a kit with some skulls in it she didn't plan to use them. Now the skulls are cute. They are the only cute thing in there. (Sorry Tim, you are an artist, but not for me) She said she would send them to me! :)

course I made a card within one hour of them arriving here.

But there is more! Because grungeboard knows I hate it it decided to act totally stupid for me. I tried to ink it pink with an inkpad. Turned PURPLE. Now this was a nice normal shade of pink, I was shocked. If you do not know, I do not like purple, I call it the bastard son of red and blue. So I decide it needs embossing powder. I have some yummy pink shimmer embossing powder so I use that. NOPE, still stupid purple, put another coat, still purple. Decide it needs white first *probably would have been best to start with white* it takes two coats of white to get it white and not purple, then two more pinks to get it pink. You can totally see the white, but it's a skull and it's called "grungeboard" so I figure a bit of grunge is ok. *I'm not sure what caused the little pits of no embossing, there was a TON of ep on this, I think maybe too much? whatever, it's a skull I'm ok with the look*
So in the end I got a look I really like.
I hate grungeboard.


Jen said...

Your pink sparkly skull is ROCKIN'!!!

Love it!

Ali said...

Erin, I'm with you. I also bought grungeboard because everyone was talking about it, but I can't seem to get it to hold any colour, and if I cover it with paper it loses some of its bendyness, which is what I bought it for. Why can't it be white?? Hovever I love your skull - EP here I come!!

Kathy said...

I like grungeboard. . .don't love it yet since chipboard is easier for me to work with. I do love the pink sparkly skull, though!

Philippa said...

ROFL, your pink skull looks great, but I'll join you in not liking the stuff! I just can't stand the smell - puke!

Sunnymommie said...

gorgeous!! love it !!!!

Kathi Rerek said...

It might have taken a lot of work and a lot of embossing powder, but I really like the result!

I have Grungeboard but haven't played with it yet. I've got to remedy that situation since I have quite a bit of it.

I'm hoping that I don't destroy it the way I kill chipboard.