Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ding Dong... THUMP

I love that sound! That is the sound of packages!!

Here's what I got today: Look how nicely justjohanna wraps packages! Darling!
And this is what's inside. The submarine is upside down, sorry about that.
This huge wonking thing is for Brian. He has his own online community and message board and they are always RAKing each other. They collect McFarlain sports action figures. And other sports crap. Anyhow I'm sure this huge box has a football helmet or some huge action figure or something like that. I LOVE it when Brian gets a package on the same day as me. Makes me feel lots better about my package!
I'm still expecting a few things. I am really blessed. :)


Sunnymommie said...

oh nice!!! enjoy your gooides!!!

Jen said...

Sweet! And it's cool how they wrap it, very pretty!

Etha said...

Gosh you got the cutest stamps! Your headline, ding dong thump made me laugh out loud, thanks for the chuckle lol