Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Enabler Alert! justjohanna

Ok, mail came! I was on the fence fora while about the Ladies Dancing kit from justjohanna. Finally, after seeing the cute cards the other Design Team members made I decided I must have it. So I ordered it of course. It arrived today and I'm thrilled with the contents. I wanted to show you a photo.

Note the full sheet of rubber images. The white thing over them is an index of them so you can know what all is on the sheet. It's parts and pieces to build your own super fancy bird ladies. There are some completed ladies too in case you don't feel like building. And of course you can use the parts and pieces in that type of stamping where you put a vintage head on a body you stamp, you know what I mean right? There are a few other tricks I'll be showing you soon that you can do too, this set is very versatile. *also that ribbon is YUM, although please note other than the stamps your goodies will vary with each order, they will be stuff like this, but not necessarly this very same stuff*

There are choices for the kit. I purchased the Vintage Ladies Dancing Kit hence the vintage looking color scheme and papers and such. If you choose the Bright Ladies Dancing Kit you will get the exact same stamps but totally different accents and papers, bright ones, go figure.

Ok, soon I'll post projects. I'll give you a hint, I have an idea for some vellum layered flowers with this kit. Yes, flowers.


Heather Grow said...

Wow. Your kit stuff is TOTALLY different than mine. I got the bright kit the first time around. But, then again, I got to see it in person so I knew it was amazing. Tee hee.

Debbie, said...

Isn't the kit fantastic? I love it. I need to get those stamps out again and make some more cards. They are so fun to use. One thing I did when I first got them was to stamp each image and make it a mask, then when I started putting images together to make stuff, I already had the mask. Did that make sense? That's just me being weird. I do stuff like that. I also save the masks in an envelope with the stamps so it's all together.

Kathi Rerek said...

Yum. I can't wait to see what you do with this kit.

I ordered the bright kit and it's not here yet. :(